J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Sheep with Lambs & Primestock Tuesday 15th May

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

There was a smaller entry of sheep with lambs at foot this week due to the large entry last week and the second show and sale of Hoggs with Lambs next week. There was a sharper trade for older splitting families, these being in very strong demand and more could easily have been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Topping the trade today were aged Mule ewes with Suffolk lambs selling to £190 from A Cottam of Crossthwaite, with numerous pens selling between £170 and £180 for ewes and twins. Older ewes and singles saw Zwartble and single lambs sell to £138 from RJ & P Metcalfe of Crook and Texel ewes with single lambs to A Cottam of Crossthwaite.

There was a smaller entry of hoggs with lambs at foot but there was certainly plenty of interest and demand ringside. Mule hoggs with Texel lambs at foot from G & KM Atkinson of Colby sold to £188 and £185. Texel hoggs with single Texel lambs sold to £170 from JA Airey of New Hutton.

A larger entry of hill ewes with lambs at foot created plenty of interest and more are required each week to meet the strong demand. Rough Fell ewes with twin Masham lambs sold to £132 from EE Murdock of Kendal with singles from the same home to £85. Broken mouthed Herdwick ewes with single lambs sold to £90 from R & BJ Cleasby of Broughton in Furness.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry of spring lambs to date this season saw an entry of 229 sell to an overall market average of 285p/kg. Plenty of good quality lambs were selling in excess of the 300p/kg mark, selling to a top of 331p/kg twice for Texels from IL Dixon of Cantsfield and Beltex lambs from AE Atkinson of Endmoor. Plenty of good Continental lambs sold in excess of 320p/kg. Texels topped the trade at £153 from Kieran Armer of Kendal, closely followed by IL Dixon selling to £149. Suffolks sold to a top of £147 from R & J Dodgson of Natland with 43kg Beltex lambs selling to £140.

Winner of this week’s £5 for the highest priced pen of 4 or less spring lambs went to Kieran Armer selling 47kg Texels to £153. The winner of the £10 for the highest priced pen of 5 or more went to IL Dixon selling a pen of 10 44kg Texels to £133. Don’t forget this competition is running throughout of the month of May.

Prime Hoggs

A few less hoggs on offer this week saw an extremely mixed entry with many consignments of lean hoggs forward today and many vendors end of season sheep. Well-fleshed Continental hoggs sold in excess of 235p/kg mark with well-fleshed hill bred hoggs selling in excess of 220p/kg. Topping the day’s trade was Beltex hoggs from JG Harryman of Hawkshead selling to 302p/kg and others to 287p/kg and 285p/kg. JG Harryman also topped the price per head trade selling Beltex hoggs to £127 closely followed by Texels to £122 from C head of Kendal.

Cast Sheep

There was a similar number of cast ewes on offer this week selling to a sharper trade for all. There were plenty heavy Continental ewes selling over the £100 mark, topping at £121 and £119 from E Dodgson of Kendal. This was closely followed by Zwartble ewes at £117 from RJ & P Metcalfe of Crook and Suffolk ewes from J & C Airey of Ulverston. Mule ewes topped at £101 from MA Barnes of Whinfell with plenty of big Mule and Masham ewes selling between £85 and £95. Horned ewes saw Rough Fells top at £77 from GI & D Postlethwaite of Howgills with plenty of fit horned ewes selling either side of the seventy pound mark. Lean types of horned ewes were sharper this week with those types of ewes often in the twenties last week, they were easily selling in the thirties this week.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb

Texel - £153 Bowston Hall, £149 Cantsfield Hall, £139 Stubb Farm, £137 Endmoor Farm, £133 Cantsfield Hall. Suffolk - £147 Cracalt Farm, £138 Far Mount Barrow Farm, £135 Low Barrows Green, £129 Hawkrigg End, £127 Cracalt Farm. Beltex - £140 Stubb Farm, £125 Low Barrows Green. Charollais - £122, £114, £110 Warth Sutton Farm, £110, £104 Crabtree Farm. Dorset - £112 Warth Sutton Farm. Hampshire - £109, £108 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hogg

Texel - £127 The Galleon, £122 16 Killington Drive, £118 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £115, £114 The Galleon. Suffolk - £120 Mealrigg, £120 Fox Howe, £104 Long Garth, £95 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £95 Mealrigg. Masham - £118 Holme House Farm, £106 16 Killington Drive, £100 Mealrigg, £97 Cobble Hey Farm. Beltex - £111, £105 The Galleon. Cheviot - £110 Swallowmire, £94.5, £74 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £69 Hartrigg. Mule - £102 Hill Park, £96.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £95 Swallowmire, £94 Holme House Farm. Rough Fell - £100 Mealrigg, £77 16 Killington Drive, £75 Steps Farm, £72 Moss House Farm, £70 16 Killington Drive. Swaledale - £97 Holme House Farm, £91 Catshaw Hall Farm, £88.5, £84.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £82 Holme House Farm. Charollais - £95 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £70 Wall End Farm, £64 Troughton Hall, £63 Hartrigg. Scotch - £86 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £66 Moss House Farm. Continental - £83 Catshaw Hall Farm. Dales Bred - £83 Fell End Farm. Leicester - £81 Holme House Farm. Herdwick - £80 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £71 Moss House Farm, £62.5 Wall End Farm, £59 Bellart Howe. Horned - £75 Troughton Hall, £63 Bellart Howe, £60 Catshaw Hall Farm, £52 Moss House Farm. Zwartble - £70 8 The Cresent. Jacob - £59 10 Abbey Drive.

Cast Ewe

Texel - £121, £119 Spital Farm, £115 Fell End Farm, £111 Fox Howe, £110 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Suffolk - £117, £114 Far Mount Barrow Farm, £104 17 Longfield Manor, £90 Cobble Hey Farm, £86 Wall End Farm. Zwartble - £117 Crook Hall Farm, £93 31 Rinkfield, £75 Crook Hall Farm. Mule - £101 Topthorn Farm, £95 Riddings, £89 Fox Howe, £88 3 Dove Nest Lane, £84 Stubb Farm. Cheviot - £96 3 Seedhowe Cottages, £87, £82 Hill Farm, £81 Rankthorn, £67 Hill Farm. Leicester - £96 Catshaw Hall Farm. Masham - £90, £81 Cobble Hey Farm, £66 Mosergh Farm, £61 16 Killington Drive. Rough Fell - £77 Riddings, £72 Steps Farm, £64 Swallowmire, £63 Over Elf Howe, £58 Riddings. Horned - £74 Calderside Farm, £71 Gilpin Bank Farm. Continental - £71 10 Abbey Drive. Dales Bred - £69 Holme House Farm, £50 Fell End Farm. Swaledale - £65 Low Stennerley, £62 Low Hall Farm, £59 Catshaw Hall Farm, £56 Tongue House Farm. Beltex - £60 Troughton Hall. Herdwick - £59 Barker Knott, £58 Wall End Farm, £50 Bellart Howe. Jacob - £53 8 The Cresent.

Cast Ram

Leicester - £101 Catshaw Hall Farm, £91 Holme House Farm, £81 Riddings. Texel - £100 Swallowmire, £90 St Annes Farm, £90 Riddings, £70 Springs Farm. Charollais - £95 10 Abbey Drive. Suffolk - £86 10 Abbey Drive, £72 Cobble Hey Farm. Beltex - £82 Town End, £71 Winterscales Farm. Dales Bred - £70 Calderside Farm. Rough Fell - £65 16 Killington Drive, £54 Boundary Beck. Herdwick - £55 Well Foot. Swaledale - £55 Catshaw Hall Farm.

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