J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Show & Sale of Spring Lambs

Tuesday 27th March

Prime Pigs

A small entry of 13 Prime Pigs forward this month, with trade back on the month before as seen nationally. The trade was topped by A Preston of Whitehaven achieving £125 five times, with NJ Wilkinson of New House achieving 147p/kg. An overall average of 115.84p/kg being achieved.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

A smaller show of Sheep with Lambs at Foot forward at Junction 36, with 54 families forward for sale. The trade slightly easier on the week before, with purchasers being selective due to current grazing and weather conditions. All vendors satisfied with trade, with an overall average of £54.48 per life being achieved for all sheep forward.

The trade was topped by a pen of pure Charollais Shearlings with Twin Lambs forward from Julie Fell of Bootle selling for £205 per family, selling others with Singles to £170. Ewes with Lambs sold to a top of £182 from Tony Ellis of New Hutton for Mules with Twins, with others to £180. TW Gorst of Crook also selling Mules Ewes with Twin Lambs to £180.

Entries for next week (3rd April) already include consignments of Mule Ewes with Texel Lambs at Foot

Spring Lambs

The opening sale of Spring Lambs, which included the Easter Spring Show, had an entry of 29 forward. The pre-sale judging was put in to the capable hands of Raymond Matterson of Bootle. The judge had two classes placed in front of him, one for Continental bred lambs and the other for Native bred. The Continental class was won by JD & V Towers & Son of Farleton for their Beltex x Charollais lamb weighing 46kg, which went on to achieve the Championship honours. The native class was won by GI Richmond of Garstang with a 58kg Suffolk.

A fantastic sale followed, where the Champion went on to achieve the days top price selling for £177 or 384.8p/kg, purchased by MN Alam of Lancashire Direct Halal Meat Ltd. The best Native bred lamb from GI Richmond, went on to achieve £152 or 262.1p/kg, with the judge backing his decision, purchasing the lamb on behalf of Irvings Butchers of Ulverston.

An overall average for Spring Lambs was achieved of 228.67p/kg, reflecting a show where the majority entry were Native Bred lambs.

Prime Hoggs

An entry of 700 Prime Hoggs were forward at J36 today, where a fantastic trade was seen for all classes, with an overall SQQ average of 228.27p/kg achieved. The Hogg section was topped by pure Lleyns from JA&R Geldard & Sons of Gilpin Bridge at £138, with others to £134. F&SA Edmondson of Ulverston sold Suffolks to £136. George Harryman of Hawkshead topped the market at 318.4p/kg with a fantastic run of 108 Hoggs which went on to average £116.27 which included Beltex, Texel, Suffolk and Mules. The majority of hoggs forward today were within the medium weight bracket (39-45kgs) which saw an average of 238p/kg.

An excellent trade which was reflected by 42.5% of the Hoggs forward achieving £100 or more.

Cast Sheep

A smaller entry of cast ewes in the market today with the trade continuing to be very strong. Large Continental ewes were in strong demand and more could have been easily sold. This week’s sale saw the most ewes selling in excess of £120 for some time. The trade topped at £147 for Charollais ewes from Julie Fell of Bootle, followed by Beltex ewes to £141 from B & AC Barnes of Middleton. Tups topped at £136 for Beltex from AR & C Fawcett of Gosforth, Continental tups from the same home to £131. Mule and Masham ewes continue to be a sharp trade. Masham ewes sold to £104 from T Ellis of New Hutton closely followed by £98 from E Lund and Son of Ingleton. Mule ewes sold to £97 from J & M Wilson of Selside, with plenty of pens of strong mule ewes selling in the nineties. Horned ewes sold to £80 for Swaledales from F & SA Edmondson of Ulverston with plenty of fit horned ewes around the seventy pound mark.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

Beltex - £177, £165 Camp House Farm. Suffolk - £152, £139 Oakfield Farm, £127, £125, £112 Birkrigg Park. Dorset - £143, £140, £124, £115 Hawkin Hall, £110 Warth Sutton Farm. Texel - £137 Warth Sutton Farm, £133 High Biggarsbank, £97 Stubb Farm. Hampshire - £108, £107 Endmoor Farm. Charollais - £85 Aynsome Manor Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Lleyn - £138, £134, £92 Low Foulshaw Farm. Suffolk - £136 Netherhouses Farm, £132, £125 Low Woodedge Farm, £118 Hill Park, £105 Hill Top Farm. Texel - £132 5 Mint Close, £126, £123.5, £121 The Galleon, £120 Silverhow Farm. Beltex - £128, 3121 The Galleon, £108 Rydal Farm, £100 Silverhow Farm, £80 Masongill Hall. Mule - £123 Murthwaite, £113.5 The Galleon, £9.5 High Borrans Farm, £99 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £95 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Cheviot – 3105, £87.5 Silverhow Farm, £73 High House Farm, £70 Tarn Foot. Horned - £97 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £79, £65.5, £60.5 Higher Salter. Swaledale - £94.5 Holme House Farm, £87.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £86 High Borrans Farm, £82.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Rough Fell - £93.5 Boundary Beck, £80, £70 Lockbank Farm, £62 50 Beck Nook, £61.5 High Borrowbridge. Herdwick - £91 Rydal Farm, £80, £74, £67.5 Tarn Foot. Continental - £87 Low Woodedge Farm, £79 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Charollais - £83 High Borrans Farm. Teeswater - £80 Murthwaite.

Cast Ewe

Charollais - £147 Midtown Farm, £136 Aynsome Manor Farm, £123 Low Foulshaw Farm. Beltex - £141 Hawkin Hall. Texel - £130 Netherhouses Farm, £128 Silverhow Farm, £128 Hallbeck, £112 Lowgill Farm, £111 Cooper House. Suffolk - £124 Station Hotel, £118 Netherhouses Farm, £118 Station Hotel, £79 Woodside, £70 Garnett Folds. Leicester - £110 Sykes Farm. Masham - £104 Woodside, £98 Lundholme Farm. Mule - £97 Cooper House, £95 Hollins Farm, £95 Netherhouses Farm, £93 Hill Top Farm, £90 Garnett Folds. Dorset – £96 Silverhow Farm, £89 Hawkin Hall, £61 Brow Head. Cheviot Mule - £84 High House Farm, £71 Sunny Bank. Lleyn - £82, £59 Low Foulshaw Farm. Swaledale - £80 Netherhouses Farm, £72 Strickland Hill, £69 Low Hundhowe, £61 Strickland Hill. Cheviot - £79 Brow Head, £54 High House Farm. Dales Bred - £69 Middale Farm, £46 The Coach House. Horned - £65, £35 Holme House Farm. Rough Fell - £45 Low Fold, £36 Bridge Stone. Herdwick - £40 Middale Fell.

Cast Ram

Beltex - £136 Silverhow Farm. Continental - £131, £101 Silverhow Farm. Suffolk - £123 Station Hotel. Texel - £102 Silverhow Farm, £100, £91 Lundholme Farm, £62 Low Tarn Green. Lleyn - £100 Low Foulshaw Farm. Teeswater - £90 Murthwaite. Dales Bred - £75 Holme House Farm. Rough Fell - £70 High Borrowbridge. Herdwick - £64, £53 Middale Fell.

More Info

Easter Spring Lamb Show Results

Greencoat Farm

Raymond Matterson

Class 1 – Best Continental Lamb:
1st JD & V Towers, Camp House Farm, Beltex, 46kg, £177
2nd S Proctor, High Biggarsbank, Texel, 40kg, £133
3rd JD & V Towers, Camp House Farm, Beltex, 47kg, £165

Class 2 – Best Native Lamb:
1st GI Richmond, Oakfield Farm, Suffolk, 58kg, £152
2nd B & AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall, Dorset, 58kg, £140
3rd B & AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall, Dorset, 48kg, £143

JD & V Towers, Camp House Farm, Beltex, 46kg, £177

Reserve Champion
GI Richmond, Oakfield Farm, Suffolk, 58kg, £152

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