J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Show & Sale of Suckler Bred Cattle

Thursday 22nd March


There was a bumper entry of over 80 calves and stirks in the market this week. The trade topped at £400 for British Blue bulls from Messrs Sowerby of Appleby, heifers from the same home sold to £310, again for British Blues. Plenty of beef calves sold around the £300 mark. There was the sharpest trade for some time for black and white calves at J36 selling to a top of £190 from Messrs Sowerby, closely followed by £165 from HJ Robinson & Son of Milnthorpe. There was plenty of good quality rearing black and whites seeing the bestselling in excess of the £100 with younger ones selling towards £100.

A few stirks on offer today were in strong demand with grass day coming ever closer with fresh faces ringside looking to purchase. The trade toped at £600 from DJ Clarke of Underbarrow for an Angus steer with Simmental steers from the same home selling to £500. Limousin heifers from the same home from selling to £500.

OTM and Cast Cows

A show of 50 Cast Cows & OTM Cattle were forward for sale at Junction 36 today, selling, once again, to a strong trade, with all classes well bid for. The day’s trade was topped by a tremendous British Blue cow achieving 179.5p/kg from N Cooper & Sons of Woodland. A consignment of 3 pure Blonde Cows from BT Atkinson of Newlands sold to a top of 171.5p/kg to average 165p/kg. Dairy bred cattle sold to a top of 141.5p/kg for Montbeliardes from JJ&MA Park & Son of Helsington, who also sold Swedish Red & Whites to 134.5p/kg. Holstein and Friesian Cattle sold to 139.5p/kg from J Scott & Co of Cark-in-Cartmel and 134.5p/kg from JW Hargreaves of Woodland. All cows and heifers in the market selling to an average of 128.68p/kg, with Holsteins averaging 113.8p/kg. Just one Cast Bull in the market today, a Limousin forward from O&JR Dixon of Ings selling to 129.5p/kg.

Breeding Cattle

The monthly sale of breeding cattle saw an entry of a dozen outfits forward, creating plenty of interest from buyers in which more could have been sold with buyers leaving empty handed. Topping the trade was a second calved pure Limousin cow suckling a bull calf at foot selling to £1850 from Thor Atkinson of Ulverston, with a fifth calved pure Limousin cow with bull calf at foot selling to £1,680. British Blue second calved cows with a Limousin calf at foot sold to £1650 from K Whitaker and Son of Bay Horse with British Blue heifers and Limousin calves from the same home to £1,600.

Store Cattle and Suckler Calves

An excellent entry of 400 Store Cattle forward for the Spring Show & Sale of Suckler Bred Cattle at Junction 36, where vendors should be congratulated on the quality of cattle entered. The show classes were ably judged by David Wright of Bakewell, who awarded the 1st Prize Suckler Bred Bullock the Championship honours from A&P Hodgkinson of Poulton-le-Fylde. The Reserve being awarded to the 1st Prize Heifer forward from TMW&H Hodgson of Nibthwaite. We would like to thank our judge for this time and expertise and to our sale sponsors Lloyd Motor Group and Rural Law Practice for their generous support.

Top price of the day was achieved by the Show Champion, a Limousin steer 11mo, selling for £1190, followed by another from D Nicholson of Blawith at £1180, with 3 other steers selling for £1160 from TMW&H Hodgson, M Robinson of Lowgill and J&ME Bateman of Lowgill. All steers in the market sold to average £906.36.

The heifer section was topped by Thor Atkinson of Newlands for a Limousin Heifer 26mo which was fit to bull selling for £1170, with others from the same home to £1100 & £1080. The Reserve Champion from Messrs Hodgson went on to sell for £1050. All heifers in the market averaging £787.50.

A consignment of 6 Pure Limousin bulls from K Thomas of Firbank sold to £1080, to average £1006.67.

An overall average of £873.33, where a large percentage of the entries were young suckler bred cattle, with 50 lots being sold for £1000 or more.

Top Prices

Bull Calf

British Blue - £400 Townhead Farm, £315 Hollins Farm, £305 Low Brundrigg, £290 Hollins Farm, £250 Elm Tree Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £260, £235, £230, £220 Moor House, £200 Crake Trees. Limousin - £260, £255 Mire House Farm, £230 Rakesmoor Farm, £220 Wraysholme Tower, £200 Low Deepslack. Friesian - £190 Townhead Farm, £165 Elm Tree Farm, £160 Mire House Farm, £105 Far Audlands, £100 Low Deepslack.

Heifer Calf

British Blue - £310, £215 Townhead Farm, £200 Low Brundrigg, £200 Mire House Farm, £195 Townhead Farm. Limousin - £210 Wraysholme Tower. Aberdeen Angus - £120, £110 Moor House, £100 Crake Trees, £100 Moor House.

Bull Stirk

Aberdeen Angus - £600 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Simmental - £500 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Montbeliard - £440 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Friesian - £385 Tullithwaite Hall Office.

Heifer Stirk

Limousin - £500 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £440 Low Garths Farm.

Steer Stirk

Simmental - £480 Low Garths Farm.

Store Bullock

Limousin - £1190 Bank Field Farm, £1180 Birch Bank, £1160 Arklid Farm, £1160 Lowgill Farm, £1150 Topthorn Farm. Charolais - £1160 Mountain View, £1080 Dawson Fold, £1050 Low Longmire, £1040 Thrang, £1030 Bandrake Head. British Blue - £1100 Lowgill Farm, £1020 Laurel Garth, £1000 Troughton Hall, £970 Ouzelthorn Farm, £950 Black Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1070 Holme Farm, £950 Bridge Stone, £900 Holmelands, £890 Hipshow Farm, £830 Low Stennerley. Simmental - £980 Laurel Garth. South Devon - £910, £750 Bowkerstead Farm. Blonde - £860 Topthorn Farm, £840 11 Granby Road. Shorthorn - £810, £710 Thrang. Other - £800 Bandrake Head, £740 Thrang. Continental - £740, £590 Howe Farm. Friesian - £620 Whinney Garth.

Store Heifer

Limousin - £1170, £1100, £1080 Meadow View, £1050 Arklid Farm, £1040 North Lodge. Charolais - £1050 Tock Howe Farm, £930, £910 Hartrigg, £880 Dawson Fold, £880 Croft Foot Farm. Hereford - £1040, £1020, £980 Crabtree Farm, £770 Holme Farm, £660 Thrang. British Blue - £960, £890 Ouzelthorn Farm, £840 Black Hall Farm, £820 Archers Hall, £810 Black Hall Farm. Saler - £900 High Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £880 Archers Hall, £860 Scale Hook Farm, £830 Holmelands, £760 Thrang. Blonde - £780, £720 11 Granby Road. Simmental - £720, £660 Poole Bank Farm. Continental - £570 Howe Farm, £550 Thrang.

Store Bull

Limousin - £1080, £1060, £1050 Hill Top Farm, £990 Valley View, £960 Hill Top Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £930 Topthorn Farm, £870 Archers Hall. Continental - £570 Howe Farm. Flekvieh - £520 Low Newton Farm.

In Calf Cow

Aberdeen Angus - £720 Applegarth.

Bulling Heifers

British Blue - £690 Applegarth.

Cow & Calf

Limousin - £1850, £1680 Meadow View. British Blue - £1650 Stirzakers Farm.

Heifer & Calf

British Blue - £1600 Stirzakers Farm. Hereford - £1300 Manor Farm.


British Blue – 179.5 Troughton Hall. Blonde – 171.5, 164.5, 161.5 Meadow View. Aberdeen Angus – 169.5 Bank Ground, 149.5 Archers Hall, 137.5, 134.5 Bank Ground. Limousin – 161.5 Hollin Hall Farm, 154.5 Troughton Hall, 144.5, 139.5 Hollin Hall Farm, 129.5 11 Granby Road. Montbeliard – 141.5, 134.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Friesian – 139.5 Middle Birkby Farm, 134.5, 131.5 Bridge End Farm, 131.5 Far Audlands, 129.5 Bridge End Farm. Swedish Red & White – 134.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 129.5, 104.5 Far Audlands. Hereford – 127.5, 124.5 Lane Ends Farm. Stabilizer – 124.5 High Wray Farm. Other – 124.5, 117.5, 114.5 Bellart Howe, 109.5 Crake Trees.

Cast Bull

Limousin – 129.5 Grassgarth Farm.

More Info

Suckler Bred Cattle Show Results

The Rural Law and Lloyd Motor Group

Class 1 – Suckler Bred Bullock
1st Lot 227 A&P Hodgkinson, Bank Field Farm
2nd Lot 369 N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall
3rd Lot 276 RH & C Ayrton LTD, Ouzelthorn Farm

Class 2 – Suckler Bred Heifer
1st Lot 239 TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid Farm
2nd Lot 189 NA & J Temple, Black Hall Farm
3rd Lot 275 RH & C Ayrton LTD, Ouzelthorn Farm

Class 3 – Suckler Bred Bull
1st Lot 441 K Thomas, Hill Top Farm
2nd Lot 346 JB Dixon, Valley View
3rd Lot 440 K Thomas, Hill Top Farm

Lot 227 A&P Hodgkinson, Bank Field Farm

Reserve Champion
Lot 239 TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid Farm

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