J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock Tuesday 12th June

Over 1,500 Sheep Forward Today at J36


There was the largest entry of pigs for several months today, which saw 118 forward and all selling to a competitive trade with vendors leaving pleased with the prices achieved.

The sale commenced with prime pigs which had 39 forward. Top priced in this section was £160 (170p/kg) for Large White x Pietrain gilts from JR Corlett, Cockermouth who sold others at £150, £148 and to 173p/kg. Other heavy prime pigs sold to £142 with mediums £110 - £130, lighter weights were £85 - £105 dependant on breed and finish, gilts and hogs were easiest to sell with boars a more selective trade.

A better entry of sows and boars with more weight and finish forward today. Top priced sows came from DC Miller, Preston achieving £165 with others £162, £160, £152 sows generally 50p/kg – 65p/kg.

A full row of stores and weaners attracted a large crowd of buyers with everything easily sold. Best white weaners from B Harrison sold to £72 with others from the same home £68. Stores achieved £62 for Saddleback x hogs with Pietrain x £58, younger stores were £42 - £55.

The next sale of pigs is Tuesday 26th June for Prime/Cast only. Please advise the office of entries or contact Mathew Probert on 07540446667.

Spring Lambs

There was a larger entry of spring lambs forward this week with strong demand from all buyers with the end of the Ramadan this week. There was an overall market average of 256p/kg achieved, with 40-50kg lambs averaging 261p/kg. More lambs could have easily of been sold to the advantage of the vendor.

Top price of the day was for 54kg Suffolks from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet selling to £147 closely followed by Suffolks to £138 from J Atkinson, Underbarrow. Texels peaked at £132 from JA Airey of New Hutton with others to £131 from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens. Top price per kilo was 313p/kg from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor with others from the same good home selling to 300p/kg. Plenty of pens of good conformation lambs selling in excess of 275p/kg.

Quite a large number of light weight lambs forward saw best conformation 36kg lambs sell to £100 with 33kg lambs selling to £81.

Prime Hoggs

There was a bumper entry of hoggs forward for the end of Ramadan with just short of 400 in the market. There was a buoyant trade throughout which saw well-fleshed hoggs sell in the region of 200p/kg. Top price per kilo was 222p/kg from RF Towers of Wray. Top price per head was £99 from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens for Texels. Horned hoggs sold to a top of 206p/kg or £80.50 for Swaledales from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston.

Cast Sheep

A large entry of Cast Ewes forward this week, saw 500 pass through the ring. JR Corlett of Cockermouth topped the trade selling Texel tups to £149 and Suffolk tups to £143. The ewe trade was topped by RF Towers of Wray selling Beltex Ewes to £139 and £133 with Texel ewes from the same home selling to £131. Plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk ewes sold in excess of £110. Mule ewes sold to a top of £87 from J BL & I Ellis, New Hutton with plenty of pens of Mule Ewes selling in the eighties. Swaledale Ewes sold to a top of £75 from the Inman Family of Witherslack.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb

Suffolk - £147 Lane Ends Farm, £138 Dale View Farm, £130 High Foulshaw Farm, £125 Dale View Farm, £122.5 Cracalt Farm. Texel - £132 Old Croft, £131 High Foulshaw Farm, £130 Skiddaw View, £125 High Foulshaw Farm, £121 Johnson House Farm. Dorset - £122 Hallbeck. Beltex - £119 Stubb Farm, £119 Trees Farm, £117 Stubb Farm. Charollais - £119, £115 Crosscrake Farm, £100 Redbank Farm, £99 Low House, £98 Crook O Lune Farm. Hampshire - £95.5 Gibsons Farm. Zwartble - £80 The Cresent.

Prime Hogg

Texel - £99 High Foulshaw Farm, £94 Curwen Hill Farm, £89 Overhouses, £86 Cobble Hey Farm, £85.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Suffolk - £96 High Foulshaw Farm, £92 Low Longmire, £81 Low Groves Farm, £55 Hill Top Farm. Charollais - £89, £62 High Foulshaw Farm. Mule - £89 Overhouses, £82 Cobble Hey Farm, £77 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £76 The Borrans, £73 Curwen Hill Farm. Swaledale - £80.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £69 Old School House, £64.5, £62 Overhouses, £60 Old School House. Hampshire - £80 The Borrans. Herdwick - £79.5, £76.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £65 Rydal Farm. Horned - £79 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £56 Higher Salter, £50.5 Old School House. Scotch - £77, £74.5, £73.5, £69 Curwen Hill. Cheviot - £75, £56 Hall Bank. Masham - £75 Cobble Hey Farm. Rough Fell - £75, £66, £57 Howes Lodge. Dales Bred - £66 Ghyll Farm. Continental - £52 Cobble Hey Farm.

Cast Ewe

Beltex - £139, £133, £123 Curwen Hill Farm, £122 Storth End Farm, £116 Trees Farm. Texel - £131 Curwen Hill Farm, £110 Crosscrake Farm, £103 High Foulshaw Farm, £97 Cock Hall Farm, £97 Crosscrake Farm. Suffolk - £106 Ashstead, £99, £90 Skiddaw View, £90 Trees Farm, £90 Woodside. Leicester - £101 Summerhill, £92 Skiddaw View, £80 Summerhill, £42 Boundary Beck. Mule - £87 Hawkrigg End, £86 High Underbrow Farm, £86 Woodside, £85 Curwen Hill Farm, £84 Deansbiggin. Cheviot Mule - £93 Woodside, £89 Green Lane End Farm, £85 Kirket Nook. Cheviot - £80 Hutton Roof Hall, £75 Crosscrake Farm, £58 Hall Bank. Swaledale - £75 Strickland Hill, £59 Flodder Hall, £55 Low Longmire, £52 Strickland Hill, £49 Rydal Farm. Dales Bred - £73 Ghyll Farm. Rough Fell - £72 Howes Lodge, £62 High Borrowbridge, £47 Old School House. Kerry Hill - £68 Lupton High Farm. Masham - £67 Woodside. Zwartble - £61 Ivy House, £61 Lupton High Farm, £40 Crosscrake Farm. Herdwick - £51 Rydal Farm, £46 Old School House.

Cast Ram

Texel - £149 Skiddaw Farm, £106 Swainshead Hall Farm, £102 Tarnside Farm, £92 Hillcroft, £87 Hallbeck. Suffolk - £143 Skiddaw View, £74 Hawkrigg End. Zwartble - £88 Lupton High Farm. Swaledale - £69 Oak Tree Farm, £59 Higher Salter, £50 Rydal Farm. Kerry Hill - £45 Lupton High Farm.

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