J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Prime Pigs, Sheep with Lambs & Prime Stock - Tuesday 24th April

Prime Pigs

A small entry of Prime Pigs forward today, in line with the current decline in pig prices from last year. Topping the market was a consignment from A Preston of Whitehaven selling all lots forward for £125 or 139p/kg. All pigs in market selling to average 136.22p/kg. The sale date for the next sale of Pigs has been amended to Tuesday 1st May, where all classes of pigs will be present. Please contact the office by Friday 27th April to enable us to advertise your entries.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

The weekly sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot this week saw double the number of entries forward for sale from last week. Purchasers now being more selective, with younger sheep, to be kept as future replacements with stronger lambs achieving the premium prices. Top price of the day was a pen of 10 tremendous Mule Shearlings with strong Texel x twin lambs at foot, forward from regular consignor G&KM Atkinson from Colby achieving £250 per family, also selling another pen of 10 for £240 per family. Continental Shearlings with lambs also selling well, with Texel x Shearlings with Texel x Beltex Lambs at foot achieving £220 from D&J&A Freeman from Troutbeck. Continental Shearlings with single lambs selling to a top of £170 twice from D&J&A Freeman and AT Threlkeld of Satterthwaite, with plenty of lots achieving more than £70 per life.
Ewes with Lambs sold to £210 for Texel x ewes with twin lambs forward from G&ID Postlethwaite of Howgill, followed by a huge Mule 3 Crop ewe with twin lambs from G&KM Atkinson selling for £200.
Please contact the office with any entries so that we are able to advertise these for your effectively.

Spring Lambs

An entry of 40 Spring Lambs forward this week at Junction 36, with an overall average of 284.47p/kg in line with other centre’s this week. Half of the lambs in the market this week weighing 39kgs or less, with the light section averaging 294.14p/kg, selling to a top of 326p/kg or £127 from FE&CM Robinson & Son of Crooklands. Standard weight lambs achieving 312.5p/kg from MJ Waller of Lupton or £128 from M Allen of Yealand Conyers, to average 273.76p/kg. Top price of the sale was achieved by E Dodgson of Kendal for a 48kg Texel selling for £150.
Vendors are encouraged to contact the office with their entries of Spring Lambs, so that we are able to advise buyers accordingly.

Prime Hoggs

Prime Hogg numbers starting to decline as many vendors reach the end of their consignments. Topping the day’s trade was a Suffolk hogg forward from ML Preece of Kirkby Lonsdale, selling for Cancer Research selling to £170 purchased by MN Alam on behalf of Lancashire Direct Halal Meat Ltd.

Top price of the day was achieved by JA Chapman of Kendal for a pen of 13 heavy Texel Hoggs selling for £144 per head, with others from the same home selling for £137. All heavy lambs selling to an average of 247.61p/kg.

Premium prices being achieved once again for best Beltex and Texel bred hoggs, top price per kilo on the day at 305.7p/kg for a pen of 5 from JG Harryman of Hawkshead, with others from the same home at 301.1p/kg. All standard weight hoggs selling to achieve an average of 233.95p/kg.

Half of the hoggs in the market weighing less than 39kgs, which was reflected in the overall market average of 225.29p/kg.

Cast Ewes

Over 500 Cull Ewes and Rams in the market today, selling to a firm trade with all ewes selling to average £61.32 and rams to average £64.50. Top price was achieved by a pen of Texel ewes from E Dodgson of Kendal selling for £154, followed by Charollais ewes from J Stott Jnr of Crosscrake at £140. Half bred ewes selling to a top of £85 twice for Mules from CW Kipling of Greenholme and JE Wightman of Cow Brow. Hill bred sheep selling to a top of £95 for Cheviots from KR&CA Williamson of Kirkby Lonsdale, with others from the same home to £91. Rough Fell ewes selling to £85 from J Ridding of Kendal, Swaledales to £73 from JF Cook of Witherslack and Dalesbreds to £75 from T&CM Kelsall & Son of Chipping. Cast Rams selling to a top of £111 for a Suffolk forward from SP Pease of Kirkby Lonsdale, followed by a Bluefaced Leicester at £102 from JF Cook of Witherslack.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

Texel - £150 Spital Farm, £127 Warth Sutton Farm, £125 Carlingwha, £109 Warth Sutton Farm. Dorset - £128 Yealand Manor, £120 Warth Sutton Farm, £107 Yealand Manor, £93 Warth Sutton Farm. Charollais - £118 Hodgsons Green Farm. Suffolk - £118 Hodgsons Green Farm, £110 Carlingwha, £100 Hodgsons Green Farm, £91 Preston Patrick Hall.

Prime Hoggs

Suffolk - £170 Cancer Research UK, £136 Hill Top Farm, £135.5 The Galleon, £122 Toadpool, £100 Steel Croft. Texel - £144, £137 North Lodge, £135.5 The Galleon, £134.5 Old Croft, £134.5 The Galleon. Beltex - £136 North Lodge, £120 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £108.5 Keer Falls. Leicester - £135 High House Farm. Mule - £127 Low Longmire, £124 Holme House Farm, £99 Wads Howe, £98.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £96 Moss Howe Farm. Horned - £123, £90 Holme House Farm, £80 Rydal Farm, £76 Moss End Farm, £74.5 Higher Salter. Masham - £111 Holme House Farm. Cheviot - £107 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £82.5, £69 Hartrigg, £56 Ashstead. Swaledale - £98.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £98 Low Longmire, £96 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £85.5 Holme House Farm, £83 High House Farm. Charollais - £91 Kingsland, £70 Yealand Manor, £64.5 The Yews. Herdwick - £90 Gilpin Farm, £86, £83.5 Rydal Farm, £80 Low Longmire, £77.5 Silverhow Farm. Continental - £84.5 Moss End Farm, £69 Gaisgill Row Farm, £65 Moss End Farm. Jacob - £80, £76, £73.5, £70 High Mill Farm, £68 Broad Head. Rough Fell - £77.5 Holmes Head Farm, £70 Riverside House. Teeswater - £74 Keer Falls.

Cast Ewes

Texel - £154 Spital Farm, £133, £117 Brown Brook, £111 Bowkerstead, £99 Scroggs Farm. Charollais – £140, £126 Kingsland, £108 Gilpin Farm. Leicester - £119 Moss Head, £109 Underley Estate Office, £80 White House. Beltex - £117 Holmelands, £113 High Wray Farm, £60 Keer Falls. Suffolk - £113 Underley Estate Office, £101 Ashstead. Cheviot - £95, £91 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, £80 Underley Estate Office. Mule - £85 white House, £85 Crabtree Farm, £83 Broad Oak, £83 Arnside Tower Farm, £82 Cinderbarrow Farm. Rough Fell - £85 14 High Sparrowmire, £83 Wasdyke Farm, £72 Applegarth, £71 Lutra Holt, £61 14 High Sparrowmire. Teeswater - £83 Rose Cottage. Dorset - £78 School Hill, £68 Yealand Manor, £57 School Hill. Horned - £77 Keer Falls, £52 Gilpin Farm, £51 Guest Fold, £50 1 Western Houses, £50 Rose Cottage. Continental - £76 Holmelands. Dales Bred - £75 Brown Brook. Swaledale - £73 Moss Howe Farm, £68 Matson Farm, £63 Thursgill, £59 Brown Brook, £57 Moss Howe Farm. Kerry Hill - £66 North Lodge. Masham - £52 Mosergh Farm. Jacob - £51 Holmelands. Herdwick - £42 Gilpin Farm, £40 White House.

Cast Rams

Suffolk - £111 Underley Estate Office, £70, £60 Ashstead. Leicester - £102 Moss Howe Farm, £92 Holme House Farm. Cheviot - £94 Low Deepslack. Zwartble - £92 Applegarth. Swaledale - £77, £62 Ashstead, £57 Cinderbarrow Farm. Beltex - £60 Birch Bank. Charollais - £56 Moss End Farm. Horned – £51 Lutra Holt. Continental - £50 Moss End Farm.

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