J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Pigs, Breeding Sheep & Primestock Tuesday 10th April


The monthly sale of all specifications of pigs saw a good trade throughout with plenty of purchasers. Prime pigs twice sold to a top of £155 for Pietrain cross pigs from KF Sweeting of Ulverston and A Preston of Whitehaven, topping at 176p/kg. All prime pigs forward sold to a market average of 120p/kg. Cast sows sold to a top of £130 from AJ & EJ Platt of Barrow, with plenty big cast sows selling approximately around the £100 mark and in the region of 45-50p/kg. Stores and weaners were in short supply, especially for white pigs. Pietrain x stores sold to a top of £85 for a pen of 9 from AJ & EJ Platt. Just a handful of weaners forward saw Tamworth x gilts sell to £40 and boars to £30 DM Richardson of Penrith.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

There was a larger entry of sheep with lambs at forward this week with 300 lives or 120 families being sold. There was more interest ringside with some bidders leaving empty handed. A good trade was enjoyed throughout as signs of spring come ever nearer and grass begins to grow. The trade topped at £195 for Continental ewes with twin lambs from AT Threlkald of Satterthwiate with Mule shearlings and twin lambs selling to £185 from T Ellis of New Hutton. Texel shearlings with singles sold to a top of £132 from G & ID Postlethwaite of Howgill.

Spring Lambs

An entry of 18 spring lambs forward met plenty of interest with all eagerly bid for and more could have easily been sold as purchasers are now looking for spring lambs each week. Lambs sold to an overall market average 329p/kg. The trade topped at 367p/kg and 357p/kg for Dorset lambs weighing 40kg from S Proctor of Selside. Top price per head of the day was £153 for 48kg Suffolk lambs from RA Batty of Selside.

Prime Hoggs

A larger entry of hoggs forward meant a bumper trade was enjoyed throughout, with all hoggs well bid for and vendors leaving pleased with their trade. Just short of a thousand hoggs forward this week sold to an overall market average of 272p/kg with 39-45kg hoggs averaging 282p/kg. Well-fed hoggs sold around the 300p/kg mark with best conformation hoggs were easily selling in excess of this. Beltex hoggs from JG Harryman of Hawkshead sold to 346p/kg, 329p/kg twice and 326p/kg, with hoggs from the consignment topping at £140.50. Topping the trade were heavy weight Charollais hoggs from J Stott Jnr of Crosscrake selling to £164 and £152. Hill bred hoggs topped at £131.50 for 47kg Mules from JG Harryman of Ambleside. Swaledales weighing 44kg sold to £129 from GM & A Jackson of Little Eccleston for a pen of 25 hoggs. Lightweight well-fleshed hoggs were also in strong demand with 34kg hoggs selling to £90.50 from AR & CA Fawcett of Seascale.

Cast Sheep

There was a larger entry cast sheep in the market today with 450 going under the gavel selling, once again, to a strong trade, equally as strong as the previous week with purchasers eagerly looking for ewes. Vendors are encouraged to take advantage of this trade and have a clear out. This week, again, saw best heavy weight Continental and Suffolk ewes selling in excess of £140. The trade topped at £151 for Leicester ewes from J & JA Burrows of Grayrigg. This was closely followed by £148 for Beltex ewes from CM Jennings of Selside and Texel ewes from Helen Newton of Low Levens. Big heavy weight Mule ewes sold in excess of £110 topping at £116 from A Pickthall of New Hutton, closely followed by £115 from J & O Galbraith and Son of Endmoor. Horned ewes sold to a top of £100 from S Proctor of Selside with Swaledale ewes selling to £88 from The Inman Family of Witherslack.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb

Suffolk - £153, £127 1 Western Houses. Dorset - £147, £143 High Biggarsbank. Hampshire - £146, £129 Endmoor Farm. Texel - £142, £137 Stubb Farm, £109 Cantsfield Hall, £106 Stubb Farm.

Prime Hogg

Charollais - £164, £152, £140, £132 Kingsland, £117 Hodgsons Green Farm. Texel - £149 Hallbeck, £148 Guides Farm, £142.5 Marsh House Farm, £142, £141 Endmoor Farm. Suffolk - £147 Pilling Hall, £145 Lawsons Farm, £134.5 High Tenement Farm, £133 The Galleon, £131.5 High Tenement Farm. Beltex - £135 The Galleon, £95 Marsh House Farm. Mule - £131.5 The Galleon, £125.5 High Tenement Farm, £125.5 Cobble Hey, £120.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £120 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Swaledale - £129, £107.5, £103 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £98.5 High Borrans Farm, £83 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Continental - £127.5 Brow Head, £111.5 Catshaw Hall Farm, £111.5 Cobble Hey, £110 Brow Head, £92 Hazel Head Farm. Cheviot - £126.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £120.5 Cobble Hey, £118.5 Swallowmire, £91, £86 Hartrigg. Rough Fell - £121 Boundary Beck, £116, £102 Millbeck, £101 Boundary Beck, £99 Swallowmire. Masham - £120 Cobble Hey, £64.5 Mosergh Farm. Horned - £118.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £82 Higher Salter. Zwartble - £108 Cobble Hey. Herdwick - £100 Silverhow Farm, £97.5 High Borrans Farm, £90.5 Silverhow Farm, £77.5 Hazel Head Farm.

Cast Ewe

Leicester - £151 Thursgill, £118, £106 Catshaw Hall Farm, £100 Wilcock Farm, £94 Catshaw Hall Farm. Texel - £148 Low Levens, £141 Bowkerstead Farm, £140 Dale View Farm, £139 Steel Croft, £136 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Suffolk - £140 Yoad Pot, £136 Far Mount Barrow Farm, £130 Low Levens, £130 Ivy House, £123 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Dorset – £120 Beckside Barn, £91, £52 Hazel Head Farm. Mule - £116 Borrans Farm, £115 Endmoor Farm, £113 Raw Head, £112 High Biggarsbank, £110 Holmelands. Zwartble - £111 Catshaw Hall Farm. Continental - £109 Far Mount Barrow Farm, £90 Yealand Manor, £70 Low Woodedge Farm. Charollais - £108 Far Mount Barrow Farm, £56 Brow Head. Horned - £100 High Biggarsbank. Swaledale - £88 Strickland Hill, £84 Cooper House, £81 Catshaw Hall Farm, £76 Yoad Pot, £75 Thursgill. Cheviot Mule - £75 Swallowmire. Masham - £74 Mosergh Farm. Rough Fell - £70 High Farm, £66 Lambrigg Head Farm, £64 Wasdyke Farm, £55 Mosergh Farm, £53 Millbeck. Scotch - £61 High Farm. Cheviot - £58 Brow Head, £50 Holmelands. Dales Bred - £50 Mosergh Farm.

Cast Ram

Beltex - £148 Crake Hall. Suffolk - £133 Low Levens, £126, £101 Hallbeck, £70 Brow Head. Leicester - £130 Catshaw Hall Farm, £012, £101 2 The Plough Inn, £84 Brow Side. Texel - £111, £74 Riddings. Charollais - £102 Hallbeck. Mule - £75 Catshaw Hall Farm. Rough Fell - £70 Woodside. Herdwick - £65 Tongue House Farm. Swaledale - £51 Catshaw Hall Farm.

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