NWA Architectural Top 10 Projects

If you already have the pleasure of following our NWA Architectural Facebook page, then you may be privy to the Top 10 projects our in-house specialist Greg Gilding has completed over the past 7 years with NWA. If not, then what are you waiting for - follow us!

For those of you who are uninitiated with the list, then today’s your lucky day. Here is a breakdown of Greg’s all-time top 10 projects…

Number 10

NWA Architectural Top 10

You may not believe this, but a bungalow is a difficult dwelling type to design. With not much to go on historically or practically, this job turned out pretty well.

Some modern touches, high ceilings and lots of light have helped. Internally, it is open and spacious with big exposed roof voids. Presently, it enjoys an open outlook and peace and quiet in a semi-rural setting.

Number 9

NWA Architectural Top 10

This is a house that had been altered many times before to the extent that the front door was on the street and went into a living room. Changes to the layout involved creating a new front door that led to a small sitting room to be used as a spacious greeting area with room for coats.

A rear extension was created to access the rear garden space. This enabled a new bedroom to be created on the ground floor to add to the dearth of bedrooms in such a large house. The aesthetics were also improved with the removal of dated timber cladding and new windows and doors to remove the 1980’s “modernisations” that it suffered from.

Number 8

NWA Architectural Top 10

This was a simple large garage space to be used as a workshop and hobby room. The carport was part of the project to enable the owner’s cars to be protected whilst the workshop/garage was in use.

A simple and elegant garage with lots of natural light for hobbies. Lots of headroom and space for mending and making things. A simple but successful project adding value and space.

Number 7

NWA Architectural Top 10

Originally conceived as an exhibition hall and conference centre, this has evolved into a much more flexible space that can now be used for conferences and meetings, sales of collectables, exhibitions, even Christmas parties!

The front is two storeys with conference meeting rooms on the first floor. The ground floor is two separate areas for exhibitions, sales etc.

Number 6

NWA Architectural Top 10

This building started life in about 1962 as a dairy milking parlour. A couple of years ago it was repurposed and is now a very nice holiday let with 5 or 6 bedrooms. The corner window is not purely for architecture. The planning department wanted to remove it, as it is not a traditional barn feature, but we are not dealing with a barn, and there is a perfectly good reason why it is required.

The corner window, therefore, looks diagonally out from the house to the views at the upper end of the Lune Valley. A new wall from the gable takes out the cattle housing from the view altogether. There is always a reason for things, even if they are not obvious to casual observers.

Number 5

NWA Architectural Top 10

This is the conversion of a former pigsty that sat next to a large, listed farmhouse. The farm had been sold and the farmhouse was to be split into two units. The 3-storey section of the house is one unit, and the smaller 2-story storey another. The two-storey section, although large, did not really flow well, especially with the position of the stairs. Being listed it was going to be difficult to remove the stairs and reconfigure the building.

However, piggy to the rescue. The pigsty was not attached to the house but a simple extension between the two enabled a large lounge, kitchen and dining area to be in the pigsty. This meant the awkward room at the base of the stairs was no longer living/dining/kitchen, but a large hall/greeting room to the front door. This has become a very attractive home in a nice, elevated position enjoying wide-open views over Ingleborough and big skies.

Number 4

NWA Architectural Top 10

Contacted by a builder working on a project for a Hotel in Windermere, Greg was tasked with updating the entrance which was originally a large conservatory used as a combined reception and lounge area.

The revised design separates the reception from a lounge, it creates a proper disabled access. It also creates a very definite statement that this is the entrance. Internally the reception area is larger and relates to the interior in a much better way.

Number 3

NWA Architectural Top 10

This house is one of three on a site, two of which NWA designed. The property is a detached house with useful family accommodation designed for a builder-developer. The family are keen gardeners so the south-facing courtyard is very much an integral part of the design with the 3 front arches intended to make the courtyard enclosure.

Internally the design flourishes continue with a brick staircase and fireplace. The property has views over the open countryside to the north.

The deliberate use of roof levels, mixed materials and unusual features is central to the client's intentions for the house.

Number 2

NWA Architectural Top 10

When Greg was first approached to design a garage, he originally wasn't too charmed by the idea. However, this is no ordinary garage... It has a large family pool and garden room which opens onto the garden through south-facing sliding doors. It has a large workshop and a very nice open area for the personal use of the owner.

It is a large building in an AONB and as such was a little difficult to get through planning. However, the end building is perfect for its intended use and flexible enough to accept other uses in the future. For such a large building it sits well in the landscape.

Number 1

NWA Architectural Top 10

Sometimes a project gels, the location, the building, the budget and the client’s expectations. This is one of those. It is in a spectacular location, it is a building with history. Formerly a coaching inn, with a beer cellar, the conversion is quiet and unassuming and is perfect for the location and the quiet enjoyment of the place.

The front door was reclaimed from an old farmhouse just prior to getting burned, a 300-year oak door, this fact alone is an indication of the attention to detail on this building respecting the age of it rather than using anything gaudy or modern. The accommodation created is comfortable and functional.

From clocktower refurbishments to entire lakes, Greg’s portfolio is anything but simple. Whether you’re interested in a spot of Farm Diversification and would like a biomass plant added to the farm, or simply looking for help drawing up plans for an extension, Greg is the man for you.

Contact our in-house specialist today.

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