Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, and Store Cattle, Friday 26th April 2024.

NWA Lancaster sold 503 head of cattle at its popular weekly sale, with trade across all sale rings continuing the upwards trend.


Rearing calves sold to £445 for an Aberdeen Angus cross from T&CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping who also sold British Blues to £400. Younger beef bulls sold to £375 for British Blue cross from MH&AR Robinson, Kendal and £355 from Walmsley Beef, Cockerham. Mediums beef bulls were generally £300 to £370, with younger rearers £220 to £280. Dairy bulls sold to £140 for a Holstein Friesian.
Heifer calves sold to £355 for a British Blue cross from Walmsley Beef, Cockerham who sold other to £320. Other younger beef heifers were generally £220 to £280, with the very smallest £160 to £200. A large entry of 70 reared and weaned calves were greeted by a large crowd of buyers, which saw Aberdeen Angus cross bulls sold to £800 from AW&AM Park, Ellel with Hereford cross to £750 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green and British Blue cross £730 from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel. Steers sold to £740 for British Blue cross from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with other at £720 from J&CG Redmayne, Samlesbury and others £680 from I Slater, Claughton on Brock. Recently weaned Aberdeen Angus bulls sold to £515, with others regularly £470 to £500. Heifers sold to £720 for a British Blue cross from AW&AM Park & Sons, Ellel who also sold Aberdeen Angus cross at £700. British Blues sold to £680 from RW Rhodes & Son, Ellel. Younger heifers were generally £380 to £450.


Feeding bulls sold to £1700 from WR&CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh. Steers sold to £1900 for a pair of Limousins from H Chapman & Son, Middleton who sold others at £1790. Other strong steers were £1750 to £1700. Dairy bred steers achieved £1530 for Fleckviehs from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg who also sold Black and Whites at £1440.
Heifers sold to £1700 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus cross from F&SG Sanderson, Woodplumpton with others at £1680 from A&P Hodgkinson, Stalmine. Well grown heifer sold to £1400 to £1600.
A keen interest in younger stores saw Charolais cross to £1380 from P&ME Higginson, Pilling with British Blue cross to £1380 from I Slater, Claughton on Brock, with others £1200 to £1350.
Younger heifers sold to £1240 for Aberdeen Angus cross from Throstle Nest Farms, Pilling with others generally £1100 to £1200.
The monthly sale of stirks saw yearling British Blue steers sell to £1170 from JE&J Pye, Quernmore. Hereford cross sold to £1000 from MJ &LC Lund, Quernmore with other nine to twelve month olds regularly £900 to £1000, with younger steers £700 to £850.
Heifer stirks sold to £1160 for Limousin cross from I Atkinson & Son, Warton with other stronger heifers £880 to £950. Younger summering heifers were £680 to £750.


Beef cows sold to 229.5p/kg for a Limousin cross from A Prickett, Farleton and a British Blue from T&D Wright, Roeburndale. Top grossing being an Aberdeen Angus cross from R&B Parker, Killington achieving £1748. Dairy cows sold to 219p/kg for a Montbeliarde from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel. Meated dairy cows were 190p/kg to 200p/kg, mediums sorts 170p/kg to 185p/kg with leaner parlour types 130p/kg to 150p/kg. Top grossing being a Holstein Friesian from AW&AM Park & Sons, Ellel at £1645 with other at £1637 from PW&JM Norris & Son, Hornby. All cull cows forward averaged 185p/kg.
OTM heifers sold to 269p/kg for a Limousin from T&D Wright, Roeburndale with other beef heifers at £1595 for an Aberdeen Angus from CM&CA Jackson, Caton. Dairy heifers sold to 259.5p/kg and £1717 for a Montbeliarde from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel.
Beef steers sold to 269p/kg for a British Blue cross from A Kirkby & Co, Pilling with a Longhorn from F&SG Sanderson & Son, Woodplumpton achieving £2120. Dairy steers sold to 244p/kg and £2012 from F&GS Sanderson & Son, Woodplumpton.
Cull bulls sold to 219p/kg and £2096 for a Limousin from R&A Easterby, Westhouse.

Top Prices


Limousin: 229.50 Farleton House. British Blue: 229.50 Allcocks Farm. Montbelliarde: 219.50 Yeat House, 199.50 Cumming Carr Farm. Angus: 214.50 High Hallbeck. Friesian: 201.50 Walkers I’th Fields,194.50 Strands Farm, 191.50 Midge Hall Farm, 191.50 Strands Farm. Hereford: 194.50 Brown Edge, 189.50 Holmfields.


Limousin: 269.50 Allcocks Farm, 189.50 Rowell Farm. Angus: 259.50 Woodstock, 239.50 Rowell Farm, 229.50 Forgelands Estate. Montbelliarde: 259.50 Yeat House. Friesian: 244.50 Hole of Ellel, 214.50 Hudsbrook Farm, 199.50 Deerslet Farm, 189.50 Hole of Ellel, 184.50 Deerslet Farm, 181.50 Hole of Ellel. Norwegian Red: 234.50 White Lund Farm.


British Blue: 269.50 Gulf Farm. Longhorn: 249.50 Cross House Farm. Friesian: 244.50 Cross House Farm, 189.50 Spital Farm.


Limousin: 219.50 Fellside Farm.


British Blue: £830 Sellerly Farm, £720 Wlakers I’th Fields, £700 Sellerley Farm, £680 Barrow Greaves Farm.Angus: £700 Walkers I’th Fields, £570 Hudsbrook Farm, £550 West View Farm. Hereford: £600 Sellerly Farm, £250 Church Farm.Limousin: £235 Forton Hall Farm, £160 Holmscales Farm. Charolais: £215 Holmscales Farm.


Angus: £800 Walkers I’th Fields, £720 Lane Head Farm, £620 Walkers I’th Fields, £520 Parkers Farm. Hereford: £750 Sellerley Farm. British Blue: £730 Barrow Greaves Farm, £660 Walkers I’th Fields, £500 Laithwaite Farm. Fleckvieh: £690 Sellerley Farm. Friesian: £550 Sellerley Farm, £220 Laithwaite Farm, £140 Richmond Hall Farm. Limousin: £390 Laithwaite Farm, £305 Forton Hall Farm, £270 Rose Farm, £250 Homescales Farm. Montbelliarde:£340 Parkers Farm. Simmental: £255 Holmscales Farm.


British Blue: £740 Sellerley Farm, £720 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £680 Hudsbrook Farm, £620 Cuerdale Hall Farm. Angus: £670 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £650 West View Farm, £630 Cuerdale Hall Farm. Friesian: £250 Barrow Greaves Farm.


Limousin: £1900, £1790 Millbeck, £1700 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1690 Hall Farm, £1320 Angerton Hall Farm, £1060 Far Orrest. British Blue: £1700, £1660 Stubb Hall Farm, £1630 Windy Hill Farm, £1600 Gibsons Farm, £1590 Thornton Barn Farm, £1290 Plumpton Hall Farm. Angus: £1620 Thornton Barn Farm, £1550 Barn Hill Farm, £1380 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1320 Staffords Farm, £1270 Holly Grove, £1260 Shaws Farm. Hereford: £1550 Lynwood, £1520 Thornton Barn Farm, £1390 Holly House Farm, £1290 Holly Grove, £1150, £1120 Middlebarrow Plain. Fleckvieh: £1530 Lambrigg Head Farm. Friesian: £1440 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1300 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1270 Toulbrick Farm, £1200 Barn Hill Farm, £1110 Staffords Farm, £1060 Shore Top Farm. Montbeliarde: £1270 Toulbrick Farm. Blonde: £1210, £1200, £100 Half Way House. Shorthorn: £1160 (x2) Sproat Ghyll, £1150 Hudsbrook Farm, £1100 Toulbrick. Swedish Red: £1110 Staffords Farm.


Angus: £1700, £1680 Cross House Farm, £1440 Newsham Hall Farm, £1360 Holly House Farm, £1350 Hare Field House, £1350 Ellers Farm. Limousin: £1680 Bank Field Farm, £1610 Hall Farm, £1180 Abbotson Farm, £1160, £1000 Boon Town Farm. British Blue: £1560 Windy Hill Farm, £1440 Gibsons Farm, £1380 Hare Field House, £1380 Hudsbrook Farm, £1320 Thursgill, £1240 Savick Brook Farm. Charolais: £1380 Ivy Farm. Hereford: £1360 Savick Brook Farm, £1360 Parks Farm Barn, £1300 Park Lane Farm, £1280 Holly House Farm. Shorthorn: £1140, £1100 Sproat Ghyll, £1070 Kays Farm. Blonde: £1140 (x3), £1100, £1070 Half Way House, £940 Newsham Hall Farm.


Montbeliarde: £1700, £1440 Cumming Carr Farm.

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