Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 13th October 2023.


Another strong entry of 92 rearing calves saw an ever expanding ring side of buyer in attendance, attracted by the regularly quality and quantity at Lancaster Auction Mart. The sale peaked at £515 for an 8 week old British Blue x bull from B&JM Crowe, Witherslack who sold others at £485. Other stronger bulls sold at £460 for Aberdeen Angus x from W&G Cornthwaite & Son, Claughton on Brock. Limousin x sold to £454 from CR Ford & Co, Ulverston who sold others at £435 and £425. Other stronger bull calves were regularly £360 to £310. Month old bull calves sold to £295 for a British Blue x from Barber Farms, Claughton on Brock with Limousin x selling to £285 from D&K Haworth, Hambleton. Dairy bulls sold to £260 for Holstein Friesian from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with other nice rearers generally to £100 to £140, with smaller sorts £30 to £60.
Heifer calves sold to £450 for a British Blue x from RT Halhead, Cockerham with others at £435 from AW&AM Park & Son, Ellel and £425 from JP&C Robson, Garstang. Month old heifers sold to £285 for British Blue x from Barber Farms, Garstang.
Weaned dairy steers from EW&R Towers, Hornby sold to £290 for a Fleckvieh, with others £150 to £180.


102 cull cows were forward selling to an overall average of 155p/kg, once again proving Lancaster Auction Mart as the chosen place for buyers and sellers. Beef cows sold to 199.5p/kg on two occasions for a Limousin x from T&S Blades, Arkholme and a Simmental x from T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton. Other beef cows were generally 160p/kg to 180p/kg, for an entry of predominately feeding type cows. Top grossing being a Simmental x from T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton achieving £1442. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows were in keen demand selling to 199.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from J&G Thornley Ltd, Kirkham who sold others at 189.5p/kg, with others regularly 165p/kg to 178p/kg. A large entry of medium parlour cows were achieving 148p/kg to 160p/kg, with the smaller and leaner cows 110p/kg to 140p/kg and several very light weight cows at realisation. Top grossing dairy cow achieved £1507 from Lawsons Dairy, Cockerham with endless heavy dairy cows exceeding £1100.
OTM beef heifers sold to 229.5p/kg and £1354 for an Aberdeen Angus x from C Bell, Leyburn. Dairy heifers sold to 214.5p/kg for a Norwegian Red and White from HJ Robinson & Son, Milnthorpe and £1249 for a Holstein Friesian from J Huddleston, Brookhouse.
Beef steers sold to 269.5p/kg and £1724 for an Aberdeen Angus x from A Kirkby & Co, Pilling who also sold dairy bred steers to 239.5p/kg and £1460.
Stock bulls sold to 219.5p/kg and £1760 for a Limousin from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale with other beef bulls regularly 160p/kg to 190p/kg, and dairy bulls to 179.5p/kg from WB Richardson & Son, Singleton.


The weekly sale of store cattle saw numbers over 300, with 315 forward with buyers from all corners of the UK present. More weathered cattle forward than seen in previous weeks. Top of the leaderboard today was JS Clark & Sons, Catforth with a well grown Aberdeen Angus steer at £1680, not far behind was JD & CM Bracken, Garstang at £1660 for a pair of Charolais steers. Also at £1660 was H Birkett & Son, Overton with Aberdeen Angus steers. A pen full of well farmed British Blue steers from P Lawrenson & Son, Brindle saw a final bid of £1650. MJ Shepherd, Carnforth with Hereford steers at £1640, R & E Ladds, Scalthwaterigg saw his ring full of Simmental steers to £1460. Dairy bred steers to £1580 for Fleckviehs from JS Clark & Son, Catforth. Half a dozen well done to Montbeliarde to £1440 from DN Davies, Garstang with Friesians to £1180 from regular Lancaster supporters EE Thornton & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe.
Same story with the store heifers a few more showing signs of the recent wet conditions. Tim Robinson, Milnthorpe saw his run of Aberdeen Angus heifers top at £1540, with other Aberdeen Angus from the same home at £1460. Charolais heifers from JD & GM Bracken, Garstang at £1440. Simmental heifers from EW & CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine to £1400 who also had British Blues at £1380. Limousin heifers to £1240 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens.
More cattle required next week for a busy ringside of buyers.
For marketing advice please phone Gary on 07970830518, Matthew on 07540446667 or Andrew on 07966556592.

Top Prices


Limousin: 199.50, 191.50 Hill Top Farm, 169.50 Pinewood, 164.50 Barbon Fell House, 159.50 Field Head, 159.50 Barbon Fell House. Simmental: 199.50 Upp Hall, 159.50 Barbon Fell House. Friesian: 191.50, 189.50 Derby Lodge Farm, 179.50, 177.50, 174.50 Bank End Farm. Montbeliarde: 159.50 Manor Farm. British Blue: 157.50 Pinewood, 154.50 Hill Top Farm. Fleckvieh: 157.50 Holmes Farm, 149.50 Docker Hall Farm, 134.50 Holmes Farm, 119.50 Newfield. Angus: 149.50 Shorrocks Farm. Hereford: 149.50 Holmefields. Jersey: 139.50 Dale Barns.


Angus: 229.50 Shawcote Farm, 194.50 Midge Hall Farm. Norwegian Red: 214.50 Elm Tree Farm. Friesian: 204.50 Ravenscar, 179.50 Westfield House Farm, 159.50 Tunstall Hall, 154.50 Westfield House Farm, 144.50 Greenalls Farm, 129.50 Cragg Farm. Ayrshire: 199.50 Rose Farm. British Blue: 189.50 Midge Hall Farm. Fleckvieh: 179.50 Newfield.


Angus: 269.50, 254.50 Gulf Farm. Friesian: 239.50 Gulf Farm, 149.50 Cliftons Farm, 124.50 Lodge Farm. Belted Galloway: 181.50 Cliftons Farm.


Limousin: 219.50 Tills Farm, 189.50 Pinewood, 169.50 Little Crimbles. Montbeliarde: 179.50 Manor Farm. Simmental: 161.50 Little Crimbles.


British Blue: £450 Norbreck Farm, £435 Walkers I’th Fields, £425, £400 Roe Farm, £385 Walkers I’th Fields, £375 Catshaw Hall Farm. Limousin: £350, £285, £240 High Roosebeck Farm, £195 Rose Farm. Charolais: £290 Bolton Fold Farm. Angus: £270 Tills Farm, £220, £180, £140 Manor House Farm.


British Blue: £515, £485 Birks Farm, £410 Walkers I’th Fields, £400, £390 Sweetings Farm, £385 Norbreck Farm. Angus: £460 Matshead Farm, £350 Norbreck Farm, £350 Manor House Farm, £325 Sweetings Farm, £320 Walkers I’th Fields, £260 Bolton Fold Farm. Limousin: £455, £435, £425, £390, £355 High Roosebeck Farm, £285 Rose Farm. Charolais: £400 Bolton Fold Farm. Simmental: £395 High Roosebeck Farm. Friesian: £260, £160 Catshaw Hall Farm, £115 North Farm.


Fleckvieh: £290, £180 Holme Head Norwegian Red: £180 Holme Head. Friesian: £150 Holme Head.


Angus: £1680 Godson House Farm, £1660, £1620 North Farm, £1550 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1520 Yew Tree Farm, £1510 Billinge Hall Farm. Charolais: £1660 Greenlands Farm, £1560 Lower Castle O Trim, £1460 Fell End Farm, £1410, £1380 Downlands Farm, £1140 Barn Hill Farm. British Blue: £1650, £1580 Walmsley Fold, £1540 Yew Tree Farm, £1530 North Farm, £1480 Station Hotel Farm, £1440 Upper Foxholes Farm. Hereford: £1640 Gaskell House, £1550 Godson House Farm, £1440 Gaskell House, £1300 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1190 Holly House Farm, £1140 Yeat House. Fleckvieh: £1580 Godson House Farm, £1320 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1300 Staffords Farm, £1180 Ellers Farm, £1080 Holmes Farm. Limousin: £1580 Pilling Hall Farm, £1450 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1280 Fell End Farm, £1040 Mount Murray, £980 Shawcote Farm, £940 Mount Murray. Simmental: £1460, £1320 Benson Hall. Shorthorn: £1440 Old Glasson Farm. Montbeliarde: £1440 Cragg Farm, £1350 Old Glasson Farm. Friesian: £1300 North Farm, £1180, £1110 Downlands Farm, £1080 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1060 Downlands Farm. Norwegian Red: £1140 Ellers Farm.


Angus: £1540, £1460 Rowell Farm, £1400 Yew Tree Farm, £1380 Low Levens, £1280 Rowell Farm. Charolais: £1440 Greenlands Farm. Hereford: £1400 Rowell Farm, £1120 Yeat House, £1070 Holly House Farm. Simmental: £1400 Yew Tree Farm, £1250 Upp Hall, £1130 Benson Hall. British Blue: £1380 Yew Tree Barn, £1160 Abbotson Farm, £1080 Higher Hud Lee Farm, £1080 Lower Castle O Trim. Limousin: £1240 Low Levens, £1230 Holmes Farm, £1200 Mount Murray, £1160 Abbotson Farm, £1080 Mount Murray, £1020 Greenbank Farm. Friesian: £1100, £970 Roseacre Hall. Stabiliser: £1020 Greenbank Farm.


Limousin: £1200 Pinewood.

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