Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Stirks and Store Cattle, Friday 3rd March 2023.


NWA Lancaster once again proves to be the place to sell cull cows. With an overall average of 191p/kg achieved for all sold.
Beef cows sold to 249.5p/kg for a British Blue x from H Morgan, Stalmine with Limousin x selling to 244.5p/kg from KM & KJ Curwen, Abbeystead, and 229.5p/kg from D&E Whitaker, Quernmore. Other beef cows regularly selling from 195-215p/kg with buyers actively seeking cows suitable for further finishing.
Top grossing beef cow was a Limousin from KM & KJ Curwen, Abbeystead achieving £1854 who sold others to £1787.
Heavy well fleshed dairy cows sold to 217.5p/kg for an Ayrshire from D&K Haworth, Hambleton with others selling to 199.5p/kg for a Montbeliarde from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel and Holstein Friesian from H&A Stephenson, Tunstall. Other heavy well fleshed dairy cows regularly selling 180-195p/kg with cows direct out of the parlour generally 165-180p/kg. The very leanest cows at realisation.
Top grossing dairy cow today was Holstein Friesian from JS & KM Wilson, Kendal achieving £1713.
OTM heifers sold to a top price of 284.5p/kg for a Limousin from W Salisbury, Mowbreck with Charolais selling to £1609 from EW & A Bradshaw, Stalmine. Dairy heifers sold to 219.5p/kg from J Huddleston, Brookhouse with others selling to £1587 from JP & C Robson, Garstang.
Steers sold to 244.5p/kg and £2056 for an Aberdeen Angus x from A Kirkby & co, Pilling.
Cull bulls sold to 209.5p/kg for Limousin from H & A Stephenson, Tunstall with Aberdeen Angus from CM & CA Jackson, Caton achieving £2204.


The store cattle ring continues to see cattle sell to the recent high rates peaking today at £1900 for Abeerdeen Angus x steer from J Clark, Preston with others at £1840 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens, and £1730 from J Tattersall, Leyland. Continental steers sold to £1820 for a Charolais x from WA Hodgson, Whinfell with Limousin x achieving £1800 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens and British Blue x selling to £1700 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling. Dairy bred steers sold to £1470 for Montbeliarde from A & T Smith, Longridge, with Friesians selling to £1320 from EE Thornton & Sons, Morecambe and Fleckviehs to £1280 from J Maxwell, Halton.
Heifers achieved a top price of £1580 for a pen of Aberdeen Angus x from Jim Clark Ltd, Preston with Limousin x selling to £1560 from J Pinder & Sons, Clitheroe and a British Blue to £1490 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling and Charolais x at £1380 from EE Thornton & Sons, Morecambe.
Keen interest of buyers ringside competing for all classes and types of store cattle and now looking for cattle ahead of spring turnout.


Calves at NWA Lancaster continues to attract new customers with prices achieved ahead of other local centres. Bull calves sold to a top price of £560 for a British Blue x from G&ME Woodhouse, Ellel with Aberdeen Angus x selling to £535 and AW & AM Park & Son, Ellel and Charolais x selling to £530 from WG Farms, Cockerham. Younger rearing calves sold to £360 for Aberdeen Angus x from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with British Blue x selling to £305 from T & CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping. Younger beef bull calves generally £200-£260. Dairy bulls to £170 from T & CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping with others at £140 from WG Farms, Cockerham. Heifer calves sold to £480 for British Blue x from AW & AM Park, Ellel with Charolais from £470 from WG Farms, Cockerham with Aberdeen Angus x heifers sold to £385 from I Richardson, Catforth. Younger heifer calves sold to £240 for month old bb from JP & C Robson, Garstang with others regularly £200-£220.
Catalogued sale of stirks immediately followed store cattle in the main ring and were greeted by a large ringside of local and travelled buyers keen to secure stock ahead of turn out. Aberdeen Angus x steers sold to a top of £1010 from G & D Ball & Son, Little Eccleston who sold others at £990. With WJ & EA Woodhouse, Nateby also selling Aberdeen Angus x to £940. 10 month old Charolais x steers from D & J Hay, Cockerham achieving £890 with Beef Shorthorn x from E Lund & Son, Ingleton selling to £840. Younger steers generally selling at £650-£720. Dairy bred steers sold to £600 for Friesian from R & J Parkinson ,Preesall and J & CW Metcalfe, Quernmore. Heifer stirks sold to £900 for a ring full of British Blue x from FW Rhodes & Son, with Aberdeen Angus x selling to £780 from SE & J Gorst, Littledale and Charolais x at £740 from D & J Hay, Cockerham. Younger heifers sold to £570 for Simmental x from M Knowles, Barnacre who also sold Aberdeen Angus x to £560. Bull stirks compromising of entirely dairy bred bulls, sold to £780 for Montbeliarde and Fleckviehs from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green who also sold Holstein Friesian to £610.

Top Prices


British Blue: 249.50 West Lynn, 194.50 New Hall Farm, 169.50 Mosergh Farm. Limousin: 244.50, 229.50 Marshaw Farm, 229.50, 224.50 Little Fell Farm, 201.50 Field Head. Ayrshire: 217.50, 194.50 Rose Farm. Simmental: 211.50 Sandvilla. Blonde: 204.50 Sandvilla. Friesian: 199.50 Barnfield, 197.50, 194.50 Stauvins Farm, 194.50 Bolton Fold Farm, 194.50 Blackwood End, 191.50 High House. Montbeliarde: 199.50 Yeat House, 191.50 Sellerley Farm, 161.50 Birkland Barrow. Fleckvieh: 194.50 Newfield. Angus: 191.50, 189.50 Sandvilla. Hereford: 184.50 The Old Stable.


Limousin: 284.50, 274.50, 264.50, 184.350 Church View Farm. Simmental: 254.50 The Old Stable. Charolais: 239.50 The Old Stable. Hereford: 239.50 Mosergh Farm. Friesian: 219.50 Ravenscar, 214.50 Roe Farm. Angus: 214.50 Mill House Farm.


Angus: 244.50 Gulf Farm, 239.50 Brown Edge. Hereford: 199.50 Birkland Barrow.


Limousin: 209.50 Barnfield Farm. Friesian: 191.50 Abbey House. Angus: 164.50 Forgelands Estate.


British Blue: £480, £410 Walkers I’th Fields, £325 Newhouse Farm, £240, £225 Roe Farm, £210 Catshaw Hall Farm. Charolais: £470, £350 Lathwaite Farm. Angus: £385 West View Farm, £360, £330 Walkers I’th Fields. Simmental: £200 Fairfield Farm.


British Blue: £565, £490, £455, £345 Boldens Farm, £305 Brown Brook, £305 Boldens Farm. Angus: £535 Walkers I’th Fields, £410 Lathwaite Farm, £390, £380 Walkers I’th Fields, £360 Catshaw Hall Farm, £340 Walkers I’th Fields. Charolais: £530, £500, £490, £410 Lathwaite Farm. Simmental: £220 Fairfield Farm. Friesian: £170 Brown Brook, £140 Lathwaite Farm.

British Blue: £900 Barrow Greaves Farm. Angus: £780 Cragg Farm. Charolais: £740 Birch House Cottage. Simmental: £570 Higher Landskill.

Montbeliarde: £780 Sellerley Farm. Flekvieh: £780 Sellerley Farm. Friesian: £610 Sellerley Farm. Simmental: £550 Higher Landskill Farm.

Angus: £1010 £990 £940 Woodstock. Charolais: £890 Birch House Cottage. Shorthorn: £840 Lundholme Farm. British Blue: £820 Birch House Cottage. £770 Hare Apple Tree.


Angus: £1900 New Hall Farm, £1840 Low Levans, £1780 £1730 New Hall Farm, £1730 £1640 Snub Snape Farm. Charolais: £1820 Whelpside Farm, £1580 Windy Hill Farm, £1420 Whelpside Farm. Limousin: £1800 Low Levans, £1600 Downlands Farm, £1540 Boarsden Farm. British Blue: £1700 Pasture House Farm, £1650 Stubb Hall Farm, £1600 Gaskell House, £1580 Cock Hall Farm, £1260 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1250 Sproat Ghyll. Hereford: £1560 Cock Hall Farm, £1280 Windy Hill Farm. Montbeliarde: £1470 £1330 Carlinghurst. Simmental: £1360 Sykes Fold Farm. Friesian: £1320 Downlands Farm, £1270 Boarsden, £1260 Gaskell House, £1060 Barn Hill Farm. Flekvieh: £1280 Whinney Garth, £1270 Holmes Farm, £1170 Mill House Farm. Norweigian Red: £1170 Cracalt Farm. Shorthorn: £1140 Boarsden. Sweedish Red and White: £950 Sandvilla.


Angus: £1580 1500 New Hall Farm, £1450 Windy Hill Farm, £1380 Pasture House Farm, £1360 Brown Edge, £1320 Downlands Farm. Limousin: £1560 Boarsden farm, £1400 Downlands Farm, £1150 Cracalt Farm, £1130 Church View Farm, £1050 Sandvilla. Charolais: £1380 Downlands Farm,£1280 Brown Edge. British Blue: £1490 Pasture House Farm, £1360 Stubb Hall Farm,£1240 Gaskell House, £1220 Hare Field House, Hereford: £1280 Holly House Farm. Friesian: £1180 Holly House Farm, £1100 Holmes Farm. Flekvieh: £1100 Holmes Farm. Simmental: £1000 Sykes Fold Farm.

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