Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Dairy and Store Cattle, Friday 27th January 2023.


There was an entry of 68 calves and weanlings forward at Lancaster, with the demand for the weaned stock very strong and looking well sold. A run of four to five month old British Blues from G&ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel sold bulls to £630, £600, £480 and £425 with Aberdeen Angus bulls from the same home to £480. A consignment of weanlings from J&G Thornley, Roseacre sold Aberdeen Angus’s to £390, British Blues to £390 with British Blue heifers to £340 from the same home. Milk calves today met some resistance and looked buyable. British Blue heifers sold to £255 from C&J Smith, St Michaels with the consignment of British Blue bulls and heifers from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Levens selling to £250 twice and £240. Plenty of good quality calves regularly sold around the £200 mark with month to six week old quality calves often at the mid to late hundred pound mark. Black and White calves were a sharper trade today, selling to £120 from WN&D Smith & Sons, Cockerham with plenty more selling around the £100 mark. All Friesian bull calves forward averaged £84.29.


Today’s sale topped at £2600 for the 1st prize heifer ‘Pennie Poppy 1651’ from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale who sold the 2nd prize heifer ‘Pennine Peace 866’ for £2450. Other pedigree heifers sold to £2500 for Wyredale Jones Bettina 154 from MJ&H Atkinson, Quernmore. New calved cows sold to £1820 for the 1st prize cow being a 3rd calver from R&K Jenksinon, Pilling who sold 5th calver cows at £1500.

A fresh 3rd calved jersey cow from JM Simpson, Underbarrow achieved £1300.

We like to thank Mr Graham Billington, Brock for kindly undertaking the judging duties today, and our sale sponsors Massey Feeds.

All New Calved Heifers, both pedigree registered and un registered, averaged £2105 with all cows averaging £1540.


Another strong entry of 120 cull cows continue to sell to exceptional fast trade with an overall market average of 184p/kg, with over 2/3 of the sale being dairy bred cows. Heavy well fleshed beef cows sold to 264p/kg for a Simmental cow from C & AJ Woodhouse, Millom who sold others at 249.5p/kg. Other beef cows sold to 239.5p/kg for Aberdeen Angus x from JJ & J Towers, Lowick. Limousin to 217p/kg from J M Kelsall & Son, Quernmore. Other beef cows regularly selling between 185-205p/kg, and a keen interest in those suitable for further finishing. Top grossing beef cow today was a Simmental from C & AJ Woodhouse, Millom achieving £1564.

Dairy cows sold to a top price of 241p/kg for a young Holstein Friesian from WG Farms Ltd, Cockerham who others at 214.5p/kg from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with other heavy weight Holstein Friesian at 207.5p/kg from M&E Forshaw, Longridge. Medium dairy cows regularly between 170-185p/kg. Top grossing dairy cow was Holstein Friesian from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale achieving £1540 closely followed by WG Farms Ltd, Cockerham at £1545 and R&A Jolleys, Cabus at £1532.

OTM heifers sold to top of 259.5p/kg for a Limousin from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton with dairy heifers selling to 214.5p/k for a Holstein Friesian from WG Farms, Cockerham. Top grossing OTM heifer was a Hereford from PD Pye, Over Wyresdale at £1550.

OTM steers sold to 249.5p/kg for Abeerdeen Angus x from S & M Carter, Witherslack who sold others at £1452.

Cull Bulls sold to 214.5p/kg for a young Meuse-Rhine-Issel from Barlow Bros, Croston with other beef bulls at 211.5p/kg for a British Blue from T A Chapman & Son, Kendal. Beef bulls sold to £2036 for a British Blue from T A Chapman & Son, Kendal. With dairy bulls to £1346 for a Friesian from G R Park & Sons, Whinfell.


The weekly sale of store cattle at Lancaster saw just over 200 through the ring with a trade beyond vendors expectations. All steers forward averaged £1322 with heifers at £1244. No real show stoppers today but hitting top spot was a single Aberdeen Angus steer selling to £1760 from W&A Cardwell, Stalmine. Not far behind also for Aberdeen Angus steers was PM&ST Entwistle, Abbeystead at £1680 for a pair. L Parsons & Sons, Levens with their usually good run of cattle topped at £1640 also for a pair of Aberdeen Angus steers. All Angus steers today averaged £1240 which included a large percentage of younger cattle. Limousin steers saw a top of £1680 from WS Burrow & Sons, Silverdale with H Chapman & Son, Middleton at £1490 for a pair. Charolais steers saw A&E Clarkson, Thurnham at £1400 with others from the same good home to £1340. J Prest & Son, Bay Horse had their usual run of strong steers topping at £1600 for Herefords with other Herefords at £1480 from J Tattersall, Preston. British Blue stores saw H Chapman & Son, Middleton to £1570 for a pair with BN Greenwood, Catterall close behind at £1560. All British Blue stores today averaged £1378. A trio of Blonde steers from regular Lancaster supporters JB Moore, Grange Over Sands sold to £1490.
Dairy bred steers today topped at £1470 for Friesians from L Parsons & Sons, Levens with others at £1200 from J Lamb, Glasson.
Store heifers saw no let up in trade topping at £1520 from WA Hodgson, Whinfell for a Charolais with others from the same home at £1440. L Parsons & Sons, Levens continued to have a good day with Aberdeen Angus heifers to £1510. K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel were not far behind at £1500 for their quality run of cattle with a pen of five British Blue heifers from the same good home at £1480 three times a with others at £1430 and £1420 twice.
More store cattle are required next week, as vendors are encouraged to take advantage of the current demand for cattle.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £345, £280 Derby Lodge Farm, £255 Wyre Bank, £250, £240 High Foulshaw Farm, £165 Roseacre Hall. Angus: £95 Roseacre Hall, £80 North Farm.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £630, £600, £480, £425 Boldens Farm, £390 Derby Lodge Farm, £340 Boldens Farm. Angus: £480 Boldens Farm, £390 Derby Lodge Farm, £190 Roseacre Hall, £190 High Foulshaw Farm, £180, £150 Wyre Bank. Friesian: £160, £120 Cocker House Farm, £115, £100 Derby Lodge Farm.

OTM Cow:

Simmental: 264.50, 249.50 Stubb Place Farm. Friesian: 241.50 Lathwaite Farm, 214.50 Sellerley Farm, 207.50 Little Town Farm, 204.50 Lathwaite Farm. Angus: 239.50 Low Stennerley, 197.50 Biggins Lodge Farm, 194.50 Fleets Farm. Limousin: 217.50 Low Pleasant, 191.50 Lane Head Farm, 164.50 Nether House Farm. Brown Swiss: 214.50 Lathwaite Farm. Stabiliser: 209.50 Low Moor Head Farm. Charollais: 207.50, 189.50, 164.50 Nether House Farm. Montbeliarde: 207.50 Lathwaite Farm, 109.50 Hillam Lane Farm. Jersey: 199.50 Lathwaite Farm. Hereford: 179.50 Black Bull Cottage. British Blue: 174.50 Low Pleasant. Fleckvieh: 149.50 Sellerley Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin: 259.50 Fell End Farm. Hereford: 234.50 Marl House. Angus: 214.50 Black Bull Cottage, 179.50 Lathwaite Farm. Friesian: 214.50, 211.50 Lathwaite Farm, 197.50 Gibstick Hall.

Cast Steer:

Angus: 249.50, 239.50 Black Bull Cottage. Friesian: 199.50 Greenside Farm.

Cast Bull:

Limousin: £2000 Howriggs, 187.50 Carlingwha. Meuse-Rhine-Issel: 214.50, 207.50 Littlewood Hall Farm. British Blue: 211.50 Lane Head Farm. Friesian: 194.50 Abbey House, 139.50 Low Deepslack.

Store Bullock:

Angus: £1760 Well House Farm, £1680 Lentworth Farm, £1660 Well House Farm, £1640 Low Levens, £1540 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1540 Chestnut House Farm. Limousin: £1640 Gibraltar Farm, £1490 Millbeck, £1430 Grange Farm, £1210 Gibraltar Farm, £1120 Hall Bank. Hereford: £1600 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1480 Snub Snape Farm, £1430 Moss View, £1170 Hall Bank. British Blue: £1570 Millbeck, £1560 Rylstone Barn, £1510 Snub Snape Farm, £1500 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1500 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1450 Windy Hill Farm. Blonde: £1490 Outerthwaite Farm, £1120 Sunny Brow Farm. Friesian: £1470 Low Levens, £1200 Old Glasson Farm, £1180 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1050 Plumpton Hall Farm. Charollais: £1400, £1390 Cock Hall Farm, £1390 Rylstone Barn, £1120 Middle Ridge Farm. Shorthorn: £1200 Hudsbrook Farm, £1160 Middle Ridge Farm, £1000 Hudsbrook Farm. Highland: £1000 Old Glasson Farm.

Store Heifer:

Charollais: £1520, £1440 Whelpside Farm, £1360 Toulbrick Farm, £1320 Whelpside Farm, £1310, £1280 Toulbrick Farm. Angus: £1510 Low Levens, £1500 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1460 Half Way House, £1420 Low Levens, £1310 Grange Farm, £1260 Kays Farm. British Blue: £1480, £1430, £1420 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1340 Stubb Hall Farm, £1240 Outerthwaite Farm, £1200 Mill House Farm. Limousin: £1380 Moss House Farm, £1130 Abbotson Farm, £1060 Moss House Farm. Simmental: £1310 Toulbrick Farm. Blonde: £1260 Half Way House, £1180 Sunny Brow Farm. Hereford: £1080 Plumpton Hall Farm.

More Info

Judge- Graham Billington
Sponsor- Massey Feeds

Class 1- Best Heifer

1st Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with Pennie Poppy 1651 selling to £2600
2nd Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with Pennie Peace 886 selling to £2450
3rd MJ & H Atkinson, Quernmore with Wyredale Jones Bettina selling to £2500

Class 2- Best Cow

1st R & K Jenkinson, Pilling with a 3rd Calver selling to £1820

Champion- Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with Pennie Poppy 1651 selling to £2600

Reserve Champion- R & K Jenkinson, Pilling with a 3rd Calver selling to £1820

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