Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 20th January 2023.

Red hot prices on a cold winter’s day at Lancaster.

Calves & Stirks

The monthly sale of stirks saw an extremely fast and competitive trade with a full ring side of buyers keen to secure replacement stock with many leaving unable to fulfil orders. Steers sold to £880 for a Hereford x from AF&B Dawson, Sedbergh with Aberdeen x from JW Thwaites, Tebay selling at £810 and British Blue from I Atkinson & Son, Carnforth achieving £800. Other steers regularly selling at £700-£800 being eight to ten months old. Younger steers sold to £680 for seven month old Beef Shorthorn x from E Lund & Son, Ingleton who also sold Hereford x at £610. Heifer stirks sold to £790 for Aberdeen Angus x from JE Catterall & Family, Preston with others at £770 from JW Thaites, Tebay and British Blue x achieving £740 from PS&H Eckersley, Mellor. Four to Five month old Holstein Friesian bulls from R Cowin & Sons, Mansergh sold to £300.
A large entry of 101 weaned and rearing calves once again attracted a large crown of buyers with several new faces in attendance. Rearing calves sold to £370 for an Aberdeen Angus x from Tom Barron Farms Ltd, Preston who sold others at £380 and British Blue x at £360. A consignment of British Blue x calves from H&C Pickervance, Kirkham saw six week old bull calves sell to £340. Other strong rearing bull calves regularly selling at £270 to £320 with the younger end £220 to £260. Dairy bull calves sold to £80 for a three week old Holstein Friesian from JE&J Pye & Son, Qurernmore.
Heifer calves sold to £320 and £310 for British Blue x from Tom Barron Farm Ltd, Preston with others achieving £280 from H&C Pickervance and Charolais’s to £260 from GJ&G Billington, Catterall. Heifer calves generally were £200-£240, to include Aberdeen Angus x achieving £200 from I Slater Ltd, Claughton on Brock.
Weaned calves sold to £590 for a four month old British Blue x from JR&A Thornton, Winmarleigh who sold others at £540. Charollais x bulls sold to £510 from J&G Thornley, Kirkham with others at £500 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. Aberdeen Angus x sold to £400 from C Higham, Catforth.
Weaned heifer calves sold to £440 for British Blues x from EW&RM Towers, Hornby with others selling to £400 from JR&A Thornton, Winmarleigh. A consignment of weaned dairy steers from EW&RM Towers, Hornby saw Fleckviehs sell to £470, £460 with others regularly achieving £400 to £420. Holstein Friesian steers sold to £310.

Store Cattle

Store cattle sold to an exceptionally high trade with all 220 steers, heifers and bulls averaging £1194. The top price store animal today was a British Blue x heifer from V&S Fitzell, Wigan selling at £1800. Other heavy well finished heifers sold to £1560 for a Hereford x from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling with Limousin x selling to £1520 from JC Prickett, Mewith and Aberdeen Angus’s achieving £1500 from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe. Endless pens of strong store heifers regally exceeded £1250 with all heifers sold averaging £1193.
Steers sold to a top price of £1740 for a Charolais x from JB Moore, Grange Over Sands with an Aberdeen Angus x also achieving £1740 from V&S Fitzell, Wigan with a ring full of British Blue and Limousin x from H Chapman & Son, Middleton selling at £1700 closely followed by another pair of Limousins at £1680 from Pilling Hall, Pilling. Heavy well grown steers regularly selling in excess of £1400. Dairy bred steers sold to £1190 for British Friesians from EE Thornton & Sons, Morecambe with MRI steers from Barlow Bros, Crosston selling at £1120 and Holstein Friesian to £1100 from AG Butler, Hambleton.
Feeding bulls sold to a top price of £1180 for Aberdeen Angus and British Blue x from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM.

OTM Cattle

A red-hot trade unlike the cold weather outside was seen in the cast ring with 125 cows averaging 187p/kg. Heavy well bred beef cows sold to 224.5p/kg for a Limousin x from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM and a Charollais x from JW&AF Sutton, Longsleddale. Other well bred heavy beef cows regularly sold at 190-210p/kg and medium beef cows 127-190p/kg with keen interest in those suitable for finishing. Top grossing beef cow today was a Limousin from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM achieving £1625. Dairy cows sold to 214.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham with others at 211.5p/kg from JS&KM Wilson & Son, Kendal and RJ&B Lewis, Middleton. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows were regularly selling at 180p/kg-195p/kg with mediums 160-175p/kg and the leanest cows 140-155p/kg. Top grossing dairy cow today was a Holstein Friesian from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe achieving £1791.
OTM heifers sold to 274p/kg and £1509 for a Charolais x from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM. OTM dairy heifers sold to 221.5p/kg and £1503 for a Ballacutchel Farms, IOM from Barker Farms, Carnforth. OTM steers sold to 269.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM with other beef steers regularly 245-260p/kg. Top grossing was an Aberdeen Angus achieving £1608 from Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham.
Several prime bulls forward today sold to 269.5p/kg and £1617 for an Aberdeen Angus from the Ballacutchel Farms, IOM with others regularly 250-260p/kg. A Holstein Friesian bull from H Kent, Cockerham achieved 179.5p/kg and £1364.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £440 Holme Head, £400 Coventry Farm, £380 Derby Lodge Farm, £370 Coventry Farm, £320, £310 Ambrose Hall Farm. Charolais: £300 Derby Lodge Farm, £260 Mysercough House. Angus: £250 West View Farm, £200 Hudsbrook Farm, £200 Roseacre Hall, £200, £160 Ambrose Hall Farm, £150 West View Farm.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £590, £540, £480 Coventry Farm, £440 Tills Farm, £410 Derby Lodge Farm. Charolais: £510 Derby Lodge Farm, £500 Tills Farm, £300 Derby Lodge Farm. Angus: £400 Moss House Farm, £370, £360 Ambrose Hall Farm, £290 Roseacre Hall, £250 Walkers I’th Fields, £250 Hudsbrook Farm. Friesian: £250 West View Farm, £240, £220, £210 Moss House Farm. Swedish Red: £200, £190 West View Farm, £150 Moss House Farm.

Steer Calf:

British Blue: £560, £500 Holme Head. Angus: £530 Holme Head. Fleckvieh: £470, £460 £450, £400 Holme Head. Friesian: £310, £300 Holme Head.

Bull Stirk:

Friesian: £300, £260 Hawkrigg Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

Angus: £790 Toad Hall Farm, £770 Eskew Beck, £670 Redchalis Farm, £620 Toad Hall Farm. British Blue: £740 Higher Brundhurst Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Hereford: £880 Mill Cottage, £610 Lundholme Farm. Angus: £810 Eskew Beck, £800 Redchalis Farm. British Blue: £800 Boon Town Farm, £780 Higher Brundhurst Farm. Shorthorn: £680 Lundholme Farm. Friesian: £590 Boon Town Farm.

OTM Cow:

Friesian: 234.50 Ghyll Beck Farm, 214.50 Sweetings Farm, 211.50 Bainsbank Farm, 211.50 High House, 204.50 Derby Lodge Farm, 204.50 Hillam Lane Farm. Charolais: 224.50 Nether House Farm, 219.50, 199.50, 197.50 Mount Murray, 194.50 Nether House Farm, 189.50 Mount Murray. Limousin: 224.50 Mount Murray, 194.50 Nether House Farm, 194.50 Mount Murray, 191.50 Stribers Farm, 184.50 Mount Murray. Hereford: 207.50 Mount Murray. Fleckvieh: 207.50 High House. BB: 200, 177.50, 114.50 Mount Murray. Belted Galloway: 197.50 Ghyll Beck Farm. Angus: 194.50 Ghyll Beck Farm. Jersey: 181.50 Bainsbank Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Charolais: 274.50, 249.50 Mount Murray, 189.50 Downlands Farm. Continental: 244.50 Mount Murray. Shorthorn: 234.50 Little Crimbles. Friesian: 221.50 Cotestone Farm, 169.50 Batty Hill. Limousin: 209.50 Thornbush Farm. Angus: 149.50 Kirkbeck.

Cast Steer:

Angus: 269.50 Mount Murray, 259.50 Sweetings Farm, 259.50, 249.50, 244.50 Mount Murray. Charolais: 259.50 Mount Murray. Saler: 259.50, 217.50 Mount Murray. Limousin: 249.50 Mount Murray, 239.50 Little Crimbles, 207.50 Kellbrick Farm. Shorthorn: 244.50 Mount Murray. British Blue: 179.50 Old Glasson Farm.

Cast Bull:

Friesian: 179.50 Abbey House. Highland: 139.50 Field House.

Store Bullock:

Angus: £1740 Moss House Farm, £1460 Chestnut House Farm, £1440 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1340 Moss House Farm, £1330 Kays Farm, £1300 Cock Hall Farm. Charolais: £1740 Outerthwaite, £1310 Downlands Farm, £1060 Little Crimbles. Limousin: £1700 Millbeck, £1680 Pilling Hall Farm, £1630 Stubb Place Farm, £1460 Old Glasson Farm, £1460 Carlingwha, £1400 Foredales Farm. British Blue: £1700 Millbeck, £1670 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1580 Pasture House, £1530 Stubb Place Farm, £1430 Stubb Hall Farm. Hereford: £1460 Carlingwha, £1420 Old Glasson Farm, £1400 Foredales Farm, £1210 Windy Hill Farm, £1080 Old Glasson Farm. Continental: £1300 Cock Hall Farm. Friesian: £1190, £1180 Downlands Farm, £1100 Park Farm Barn, £1060 Plumpton Hall Farm. Simmental: £1160 Park House Farm. Meuse-Rhine-Issel: £1120 Littlewood Hall Farm. Longhorn: £1000 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1000 Spruce Avenue. Dairy Shorthorn: £1000 Kirfit Hall. Welsh Black: £1000 Barrowfield. Montbeliarde: £1090 Hatters Farm. Belted Galloway: £900 Mount Murray. Saler: £900 Mount Murray. Stabiliser: £900, £800 Mount Murray.

Store Heifer:

British Blue: £1800 Moss House Farm, £1390 Pasture House Farm, £1350 Oak Fold, £1320 Stubb Place Farm, £1300 Stubb Place Farm, £1290 Windy Hill Farm. Hereford: £1560 Pasture House Farm. Limousin: £1520, £1460, £1380 Ghyll Beck Farm, £1370 Rowell Farm, £1370 High House Farm, £1340 Rowell Farm. Angus: £1500 Rowell Farm, £1470 Staffords Farm, £1400 Oak Fold, £1380 Lower Swainhead Farm, £1380 Outerthwaite Farm, £1330 Chestnut House Farm. Charolais: £1480 Whelpside Farm, £1350 Staffords Farm, £1170 Downlands Farm. Simmental: £1230 Park House Farm, £1080 Whinney Carr Farm, £1040 Moss Gate Farm. Shorthorn: £1170 Mount Murray. Welsh Black: £1140 Barrowfield. Friesian: £1060 Cote Farm.

Store Bull:

Angus: £1180 Mount Murray. BB: £1180 Mount Murray.

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