Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs, Store Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Monday 27th February 2023

Prime Hoggs

Monday mornings at Lancaster now has auctioneer Bradley Thompson captaining the ship, with a pleasing show of 635 hoggs were put before eight active buyers, all keen to fulfil their Monday morning orders. Light weight and export hoggs were good to sell and keenly sort after, with heavy hoggs being a bid or two sharper on the week. A respectable overall market average of 233p/kg was achieved for a very mixed show of hoggs with once again a third of the sale being upland bred.

The sale topped at £155 for heavy Texels from J France, Pilling with other heavy Texel hoggs selling to £151 from GH Sanderson & Family, Catforth. Beltex hoggs sold to £140 from EW&JR Parkinson, Dunsop Bridge. Numerous pens of Beltex hoggs sold over 300p/kg, topping at 305p/kg from KA Purtill, Wigan. The keenest interest was shown in lightweight meated hoggs with 38kg Texel hoggs from AR&BJ Thompson, Selside selling to £115. Light weight hoggs were regularly selling at 245p/kg-260p/kg depending on quality. Upland lambs sold to a top of £130 for Masham hoggs from WI&A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale. 50kg Mules sold to £116 from W&A Cornall, Barnacre with the same home selling Swaledale hoggs to £100.
Hoggs are required each week at Lancaster, if you have any questions please contact Bradley Thompson 07867000244 or Andrew Butler 07966556592.

Store Hoggs

The closing sale of the season for store hoggs at Lancaster saw Texels sell to £83 from PG Thornton, Scorton with Suffolks selling to £81 from Pilling Hall, Pilling. A pleasing overall average of £74 was achieved.

Cast Sheep

The cast sheep trade goes up another level at Lancaster, with pure bred Texels selling to £170 from MP&P Berry, Stalmine. Texel x ewes sold to £131 from J Bargh & Son, Heaton. Strong Masham ewes sold to £126 from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with Mules topping at £125 from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel. Hill sheep topped at £124 for a Cheviot from P Prickett, Hutton Roof. Dalesbred sold to £101 from T&CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping with a full pen of Swaledales selling to £100 from W&A Cornall, Barnacre.
Next week sees the opening sale of sheep with lambs at foot, which will take place at approximately 12 noon following cast sheep. Please advise the office of entries.

Top Prices


Texel: £155 Merryfield, £151, £147 Blackleach House Farm, £144 Low Bendrigg Farm, £141 Park Farm Barn, £140 Merryfield. Beltex: £140 Hareden Farm, £130 Breworth Fold Farm, £116, £115 Burrow Heights Farm, £107 Poppy Farm. Suffolk: £140 Merryfield, £128, £127 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £120 Breworth Fold Farm, £111 Cliftons Farm, £109 North Farm. Charollais: £148 Merryfield, £121 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £100 Waller Clough Farm. Continental: £133 Salisbury Farm, £122 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £119 Salisbury Farm, £118 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £115 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £110 Park Farm Barn. Masham: £130, £106 Holme House Farm. Horned: £120 Brown Brook. Mule: £116 Bank Farm, £115.50 Lower Langthwaite Farm, £105 Smithy Lane Farm, £104 Holme House Farm, £103.50 Yates Farm, £102.50 Holme House Farm. Leicester: £107 Yates Farm, £102 Brown Brook. Cheviot: £106 Hutton Roof Hall, £99 Fell End Farm, £97.50 Burrow Heights Farm. Swaledale: £100 Bank Farm, £90 Holme House Farm. Dorset: £97 Waller Clough Farm. Dalesbred: £94 Holme House Farm.


Texel: £170 Highgate Farm, £131 North Farm, £128 Bensons Farm, £120, £112 Oak Aveune, £108 North Farm. Masham: £126 Bensons Farm. Mule: £125 Yeat House, £118 Snab Green, £112 Low Bendrigg Farm, £112 Bank Farm, £110 Low Bendrigg Farm, £108 North Farm. Continental: £111 Oak Aveune, £97, £95 Bensons Farm. Charollais: £110 Oak Aveune, £100 Snab Green. Dalesbred: £101 Brown Brook. Swaledale: £100 Bank Farm. Cheviot: £88 North Farm.


Cheviot: £124 Hutton Roof Hall. Texel: £110 Hutton Roof Hall.


Texel: £83 Cliftons Farm, £76 Cragg Farm, £72 Cliftons Farm. Suffolk: £81 Pilling Hall Farm, £79 Cliftons Farm. Cheviot: £77.50, £74, £73 Cragg Farm.

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