Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 21st April 2023.

NWA Lancaster saw all the pens full to bursting at its popular weekly sale, with 608 cattle forward and all sold by 2pm! Buyers were in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties, Midland and North Wales, attracted by the renowned range and quality of stock on offer.
- Stores to £2000
- Dairy to £2400
- Cull Cows 284.5p/kg & £2176
- Calves to £470


Another large entry of calves was forward at this popular and ever expanding weekly sale, once again with new customers both buying and selling. The stronger end of the bull calves sold to a competitive trade topping at £470 for a British Blue from J Hoggarth & Sons, Slyne with others at £455 from Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumton and £420 from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. Medium bull calves sold to £400 for a British Blue from WG Farms, Cockerham with Limousin x selling to £375 from B&MJ Nelson & Son, Milnthorpe and Aberdeen Angus £370 from CJ&MH Parry, Cockerham. Other medium bull calves were generally £275 to £320, depending on breed and quality. Heifer calves sold to £465 for a strong British Blue from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne who sold others at £425. Nicely reared Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £370 from AW&AM Park & Son, Ellel with other stronger heifer’s generally £300 to £350. Medium heifers sold to £300 for a British Blue from Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton who sold others at £280. Rearing type heifer calves were generally £200 to £270, with the younger sorts £180 to £205.


NWA Lancaster continues to be the chosen market for selling store cattle in North Lancashire. The top price today was £2000 for an Aberdeen Angus steers from KG&LM Park, Witherslack who sold a trio of British Blue steers at £1900. Limousin steers sold to £1840 from DE&SM Moorhouse, Natland with Aberdeen Angus’s to £1830 from W&A Cardwell, Stalmine. Simmental x sold to £1800 from EJ&P Burrow, Milnthorpe with Herefords to £1760 from MJ Shepherd & Son, Pilling. Dairy bred steers sold to £1640 for a Brown Swiss from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg. Black and Whites sold to £1410 from GR Park & Sons, Whinfell with Montbeliarde and Fleckvieh to £1340 from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin. There was a keen interest in cattle suitable for turn out, with 14 to 18 month old steers regularly £1200 to £1380, all steers today averaged £1264.
Store heifer sold to £1580 for a pair of Herefords from SW&K Metcalfe & Son, Whittington closely followed by Aberdeen Angus achieving £1510 from L Parson & Son, Levens and £1500 from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling. A ring full of British Blue x heifers from SH&LE Birkett, Nether Kellet achieved £1440 with Limousin x from RG&H Preece, Roeburndale achieving £1380. As with the steers there was a keen interest in heifers for turnout, selling to £1250 for British Blues with others regularly £1150 to £1250. All heifers today averaged £1223.
A small entry of feeding bulls sold to £1080 for a Hereford x from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle on man.


NWA Lancaster continues to lead the way as the principal cull cow market, with all sold today averaging 209p/kg. Cull cows sold to 269.5p/kg of two occasions for Blonde D'Aquitaine from A Prickett, Farlton and RH&C Ayrton, Abbeystead. Heavy well fleshed beef cows regularly sold at 240p/kg-260p/kg, with medium cows 220p/kg-235p/kg with a keen interest in those suitable for finishing.
Dairy cows peaked at 239.5p/kg for a Norwegian Red and White from EW&RM Towers, Hornby with Holstein Friesian selling to 234p/kg from MJ&H Atkinson, Quernmore. Other heavy, well fleshed dairy cows were 215p/kg-230p/kg, parlour type cows 180p/kg-205p/kg with the leanest types 140p/kg-160p/kg, depending on quality and type. Top grossing cow today was £1770 for an Aberdeen Angus from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth closely followed by a Holstein Friesian from HA Stephenson, Tunstall achieving £1763. All cull cows averaged £1222.

Heifers sold to 269.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus x from JM&TJ Livesey, Inskip with others at 264.5p/kg from AE&PC Capstick Ltd, Heversham, Norbreck Genetics, Cockerham, and RH&C Ayrton, Abbeystead. Dairy heifers sold to 244.5p/kg from Sandvilla, Cockerham with others generally 220p/kg-235p/kg. Top grossing heifer was an Aberdeen Angus from Norbreck Genetics, Cockerham achieving £2176.86 who also sold British Blues at £1908.68. Dairy heifers sold to £1425 from WA Little & Son, Goosnargh.

OTM steers sold to 264.5p/kg for a Montbeliarde from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse who also sold Aberdeen Angus at £1824.
Stock bulls sold to 181.5p/kg and £1488 for a Hereford from WA Little & Son, Goosnargh with dairy bulls selling to 149p/kg and from A&MI Robinson, Orton.
Prime bulls sold to 284.5p/kg and £2059 for a pure Limousin from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton.


Dairy day at NWA Lancaster saw a large crowd of local and travelled buyers in attendance, keen to secure stock from the fortnightly collective sale of pedigree and commercial dairy cattle. A feature of today’s sale was the pedigree youngstock dispersal of the Monkroyd Herd on behalf of WA Little & Son, Goosnargh. The sale commenced with new calved heifers which saw a top price of £2400 achieved by Drinkall Bros, Abbeystead who sold others at £2300 and £2200. R&K Jenkinson, Pilling continue to bring well sort after stock to this sale, today selling new calved heifers to £1850.
Pedigree youngstock dispersal commenced with in calf heifers, all due to the Hereford bull which saw a top price £1780, with others at £1750, £1720, £1700. All in calf heifers averaged £1446.
Bulling heifers sold to £1150 with other at £1100 and £920. Yearlings sold to £750 and Stirks to £550.

Top Prices


British Blue: £465, £425, £350 Belmont Farm, £345 Walkers I’th Fields, £320 Belmont Farm. Angus: £370, £305 Walkers I’th Fields, £280, £220, £215, £195 Ambrose Hall Farm. Limousin: £275, £195, £170, £165 Halforth Farm.


British Blue: £470 Belmont Farm, £455 Ambrose Hall Farm, £420 North Farm, £400, £365 Lathwaite Farm, £340 Belmont Farm. Limousin: £375, £290, £135 Halforth Farm. Angus: £370 Ambrose Hall Farm, £370 Hillam Lane Farm, £370, £360, £330 Ambrose Hall Farm, £320 Hillam Lane Farm.


Blonde: 269.50 Ouzelthorn Farm, 269.50 Farleton House. British Blue: 254.50 Mount Murray, 247.50 Farelton House, 234.50 High Tenement Farm, 219.50 Low Groves Farm, 214.50 Westfield Farm, 174.50 Station Hotel Farm. Limousin: 254.50 Ouzelthorn Farm, 249.50, 244.50, 239.50 Mount Murray, 239.50 Westfield Farm, 229.50 Pilling Hall Farm. Norwegian Red: 239.50, 224.50, 214.50, 194.50 Holme Head. Stabiliser: 239.50, 219.50 Mount Murray. Friesian: 234.50 Sandvilla, 234.50 Westfield House Farm, 229.50 Docker Hall, 227.50 Barnfield Farm, 224.50, 221.50 North Farm. Hereford: 219.50 Westfield Farm. Fleckvieh: 214.50 Holme Head. Montbeliarde: 214.50 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus: 209.50 Hall Croft Barn, 204.50 Pilling Hall Farm, 144.50 Mount Murray. Simmental: 184.50 Beckfoot Farm. Other: 174.50 Holme Head, 164.50 Newfield, 161.50 Holme Head. Belted Galloway: 139.50, 109.50 Mount Murray.


Angus: 269.50, 264.50 Hodgkinson Farm, 264.50 Norbreck Farm, 264.50, 214.50 Park House Farm. Limousin: 264.50 Ouzelthorn Farm. British Blue: 249.50 Mearsbeck Farm, 249.50 Norbeck Farm. Hereford: 249.50 Park House Farm. Friesian: 244.50 Sandvilla, 241.50 Eaves Green Farm, 239.50 North Farm, 239.50 Eaves Green Farm. Montbeliarde: 234.50 Sandvilla.


Montbeliarde: 264.50 Upper Foxholes Farm. Angus: 259.50, 254.50, 249.50 Upper Foxholes Farm. Limousin: 254.50 Station Hotel Farm. British Blue: 249.50 Upper Foxholes Farm.


Limousin: 284.50 Fell End Farm. Hereford: 181.50 Eaves Green Farm. Friesian: 149.50 Hall Farm.


Angus: £2000 Low Fell End, £1830 Well House Farm, £1560 Grange Farm, £1470 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1430 Higher lees Farm, £1380 Kays Farm. British Blue: £1900 Low Fell End, £1740 Upper Foxholes Fam, £1720 High House Farm, £1680 Betts Farm, £1660 Wood Nook Farm, £1580 Bowlands Gardens. Friesian: £1410 Low Deepslack, £1400 lambrigg Head Farm, £1360 Benson Hall, £1250 Higher Lees Farm, £1220 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1200 Cockrigg Farm. Limousin: £1840 High House Farm, £1780 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1630 Grange Farm, £1420 High House Farm. Simmental: £1800 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1500 Benson Hall. Hereford: £1760 Pasture House Farm, £1700 Ballacutchel Farms, £1620 Pilling Lane, £1490 Pasture House Farm, £1480 Benson Hall, £1480 Edenmount Well Lane. Bazadaise: £1620 Upper Foxholes Farm. Blonde: £1470 Stubb Place Farm, £1240 Halfway House. Fleckvieh: £1340 Gaskell house, £1160 Corney Hill Farm, £980 The Granary. Norwegian Red: £980 Middle Ridge Farm. Charolais: £960 Middle Ridge Farm, £870 Ballacutchel Farms. Saler: £900 Lee End Farm. Shorthorn: £780 Ballacutchel Farms. Galloway: £780 Ballacutchel.


Hereford: £1560 Holme House Farm, £1370 Holly House Farm, £1090 Middlebarrow Plain, £930 Ballacutchel Farms. Angus: £1510 Low Levens, £1500 Staffords Farm, £1480 Low Levens, £1460 Raw Head, £1460 Kingsley House Farm, £1390 Raw Head. British Blue: £1440 Stubb Hall Farm, £1410 Bowlands Gardens, £1400 Windy Hill Farm, £1380 Abbotson Farm, £1370 High Tennant Farm, £1310 Lower Swainhead Farm. Friesian: £1400 Benson Hall, £1300 Holme Head. Limousin: £1380 Thornbush farm, £1350 Mearsbeck Farm, £1300 Barnfield Farm, £1300 High Tenement Farm, £1280 Stubb Place Farm. Fleckvieh: £1300 Holme Head. Montbeliarde: £1200 Holme Head. Blonde: £1170 Half Way House. Charolais: £1140 Ballacutchel Farms. Shorthorn: £640 Ballacutchel Farms.

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