Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Dairy and Store Cattle, Friday 7th October 2022.

Calves and Weanlings

The weekly sale of calves and weanlings had an entry in the mid-sixties with a brighter trade then anticipated and fresh faces ringside looking to purchase. The ever increasing cost of feed and milk powder now playing on purchaser’s minds but good to have plenty of eager bidders and a good buzz about the place. The sale peaked at £420 for an Aberdeen Angus weanling from TA & M Crook, Hoghton. Some good runs of British Blue bulls in the market sold to a top of £335 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. This was followed by £320 and £300 from T & CM Kelsall & Son, Chipping whoms heifers sold to £265. Charolais bull calves peaked at £300 from GJ & G Billington, Garstang. Plenty of beef bull and heifer calves at a month plus sold in the early to mid-two hundreds. Very Young beef calves often sold around the one hundred mark. A run of five - six week old Black and White bull calves from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale sold to £95, £90 and £85.

Dairy Cattle

Phoenix Fleur Flame Red flew to the top of the prices at North West Auctions Lancaster.

This much-admired heifer, from AE&A Swale, Blackburn bred from four generations of excellent cows and currently giving 32 litres attracted keen ringside and phone interest and sold for a final bid of £3500. A trio of heifers from B&B Swann, Chorley sold to £2300 with a pair from J&A Jollys, Cabus selling to £2200.

New calved cows sold to £1820 for a third calver from Messrs France Bros, Littledale. A pair of montbeliarde heifers from V&S Fitzell, Preston sold to £1600.

All new calved heifers today averaged £2168.

Store Cattle

A slightly smaller entry of 224 forward today saw the large short keep cattle continue to be in big demand and selling to a continued strong trade. Longer term keep cattle continue to be well bid for at Lancaster with buyers cautious of the expensive upcoming winter.
Taking the top spot at £1760 was a heavy weight well fleshed short keep British Blue bullock from JF&HE Caton, Cowan Bridge. This was followed by a pen of three twenty-month-old Charolais bullocks selling to £1650 from RH Dodgson, Burton in Lonsdale. British Blue bullocks sold to £1570 from JD&GM Bracken, Catterall and £1550 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse. Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold to £1540 from L Parsons, & Sons, Levens followed by £1500 from JF&HE Caton. Dairy bullocks peaked at £1540 for Montbeliardes from BL&D Banks, Pilling whom sold others to £1450. Black and White bullocks peaked at £1350 from J Prest & son, Bay Horse. Plenty of pens of strong bullocks sold between £1400-£1500.
The heifer trade peaked at £1500 from J&H Bland & Son, Levens for a British Blue. Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £1380 from L Parsons, & Son, Levens.

Cast / OTM Cattle
Lancaster’s weekly sale of OTM cattle and cast cows had a slightly smaller entry of 112 forward which sold to an overall market average of 160p/kg. A consignment of OTM Limousins from M&RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe led the way selling steers to 249.5p/kg or £1474 and heifers to 244.5p/kg or £1332. OTM beef cows sold to 219.5p/kg and 211.5p/kg from M Allen, Yealand with this consignment peaking at £1523. Salers from the same home sold to £1439. Limousin beef cows sold to 207.5p/kg or £1678 from T&S Blades, Arkholme with other Limousin to 207.5p/kg or £1390 from M&L Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale whom sold Limousin cows to £1402. Plenty more beef cows sold between £1400-£1500.
Black and Whites saw OTM heifers sold to 207.5p/kg or £1251 from RC Billington & Son, Claughton on Brock. The best fleshed dairy cows sold between 190-200p/kg. They peaked at £1637 from BF Blezard, Ribchester with others to £1457 from MS&G Mason, Kirkby Lonsdale followed by £1440 from M&E Forshaw & Son, Longridge. Plenty of good quality cows selling between £1300 and £1400.

Top Prices

Heifer Calves:

British Blue: £265, £245 Brown Brook, £180 North Farm, £120 Brades Farm. Angus: £235 Higher Shuttlingfields Farm, £155 Brown Brook, £145 Knowsley Farm. Limousin: £220 Myerscough House. Simmental: £210 Knowsley Farm.

Bull Calves:

Angus: £420, £270 Higher Shuttlingfields Farm, £240 Knowsley Farm, £175 Bolton Fold Farm. British Blue: £335 Tills Farm, £320, £300 Brown Brook, £270 Tills Farm, £270 Brown Brook, £230 North Farm. Charolais: £300 Myerscough House, £230 Bolton Fold Farm. Limousin: £180 Myerscough House.

OTM Cow:

Angus: 219.50, 211.50, 204.50 Yealand Manor, 204.50 Outfield, 194.50 Barking House Barn, 189.50 Moss House Farm. Limousin: 207.50 Hill Top Farm, 207.50 High House Farm, 204.50 Longlands, 197.50 High House Farm, 184.50 Yealand Manor, 179.50 Boundary House. Friesian: 197.50, 191.50 Spital Farm, 191.50 Hothersall Hall Farm, 189.50 Docker Hall, 189.50 Hothersall Hall Farm. Saler: 197.50 Yealand Manor.British Blue: 194.50 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 194.50, 177.50 Hill Top Farm, 144.50 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 114.50 Winder, 114.50 Stoneybank Philpin Farm. Hereford: 184.50 Holmfields. Continental: 179.50 Hawkin Hall. Simmental: 174.50 Littlewood Hall Farm, 169.50, 164.50 Longlands. Shorthorn: 159.50 Boundary House. Ayrshire: 151.50, 107.50 Rose Farm. Fleckvieh: 111.50 Hawkin Hall.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin: 244.50 Station Hotel Farm.Friesian: 207.50 Stubbins Farm, 197.50 Ackenthwaite Farm, 194.50 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, 189.50 Ackenthwaite Farm, 189.50 Abbotson Farm, 184.50 Kirkwood Lodge Farm.

Cast Steer:

Limousin: 249.50, 234.50 Station Hotel Farm. Friesian: 197.50 Tills Farm.

Cast Bull:

Limousin: 187.50 Sellerley Farm.

Store Bullock:

British Blue: £1760 Long Streets Farm, £1570 Greenlands Farm, £1550 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1450 North Farm, £1430 Moss House Farm, £1400 Stubb Place Farm. Charolais: £1650 Kilburn House, £1320 Ninezergh. Angus: £1540 Low Levens, £1500 Long Streets Farm, £1480 Little Town Farm, £1450 Shaws Farm, £1400 North Farm, £1390 Fellside Farm. Montbeliarde: £1540, £1450 Squires Gate Farm, £1120 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1110 Hatters Farm. Shorthorn: £1460 Long Streets Farm. Limousin: £1390 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1370 Stubb Place Farm, £1360 North Farm, £1110 Bradley Farm. Friesian: £1300 Upper Foxholes, £1250 Low Deepslack, £1230 Grizdale, £1160 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1130 Lane Head Farm. Hereford: £1280 Church Street. Meuse-Rhine-Issel: £1230 Ninezergh, £1140, £1100 Littlewood Hall Farm. Norwegian Red: £1230 Ninezergh.

Store Heifer:

British Blue: £1500 Ninezergh, £1360 Greenlands Farm, £1340 Buck Bank Farm, £1270 Pasture House Farm, £1140 Wood Nook Farm, £1090 Sandvilla. Angus: £1380 Low Levens, £1270, £1250 Ellers Farm, £1140 Steadbank, £1090 Buck Bank Farm, £1030 Holmes Farm. Friesian: £1260 Sunnyside Farm. Hereford: £1180 Ellers Farm. Simmental: £1090 Springfield House. Limousin: £1060, £1040 Ninezergh, £1000 Little Crimbles. Charollais: £1000 Little Crimbles.

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