Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 25th February 2022

Calves & Stirks
Lancaster saw the weekly sale of calves, plus the monthly sale of stirks. The consignment from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel led the way for British Blues to £450 and heifers to £410. The consignment from J&G Thornley, Kirkham saw British Blue bulls to £400 with others to £380. The consignment from JM&MH France & Son, Littledale sold British Blue Bulls to £400 and Aberdeen Angus bulls to £390. Plenty of beef calves today regularly selling in the £300’s. Holstein Friesian weanling bulls sold to £210 from RE&P Miller, Barnacre, with six week old Friesian bull calves to £165 from Messrs Jones, Cockerham.
Stirks met big demand today, as eight month old Aberdeen Angus bullocks led the way selling to £845 from JR&J Webster, Halsall. Next call at £800 was seven month old beef Shorthorn bullocks from E Lund & Son, Ingleton. Aberdeen Angus bullocks peaked at £770 from WJ&E Woodhouse, Nateby. Seven and eight month old Hereford bullocks sold to £760 from R&A Jolleys, Cabus. Nine month old British Friesian bullocks sold to £550 from R&J Parkinson, Preesall.
A much improved heifer trade, especially for the native heifers saw Herefords at eight and ten month old selling to £775 from E Lund & Son, Ingleton. Aberdeen Angus heifers at seven to nine month old sold to £660 from SE&J Gorst, Littledale. We have plenty of enquires for buyers looking for stirks as spring creeps nearer.

Store Cattle
The store cattle trade continues to go from strength to strength, with Lancaster boasting some fantastic prices, once again proving the place to sell short keep store cattle. Limousin bullocks from TJ Lloyd Farm, Settle led the way selling to £1620, also achieving the £1600 mark was Mrs H Chapman & Son, Middleton with a British Blue bullock. The next call was £1570 for a Charolais bullock from H Morgan, Stalmine whom also sold Limousin bullocks to £1460. A large quantity of strong short keep Continental bullocks regularly sold in the £1400’s. Native bullocks are always good to sell at Lancaster, topping at £1500 for an Aberdeen Angus from A Kirby & Co, Pilling. Hereford bullocks peaked at £1400 from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling.
The heifer trade peaked at £1520 for a Charolais from EW&A Bradshaw, Stalmine who sold Limousins to £1400. This was followed by British Blue heifers to £1460 from M Shepherd & Son, Pilling who had others to £1390. The next call at £1360 was a pen of six British Blues from FI&ME Little, Kendal. Native heifers peaked at £1350 for Aberdeen Angus’s from T Taylor, Woodplumpton, followed by £1310 from J Oddie & Son, Bolderstone.
Dairy bullocks saw Black and Whites sell to £1370, followed by Montbeliardes at £1310 from H Hesketh & Sons, Longton as other Holstein bullocks sold to £1280 from K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel.
A larger number of bulls forward today met plenty of demand selling to £1160 for Limousins at nine to ten months old from FK&F Woodhouse, Scorton.

OTM Cattle
The cast cow trade fly’s high at Lancaster, with a very impressive overall market averaged of 169p/kg. Young Continental prime bulls sold to 244p/kg or £1283. OTM steers continue to be in big demand, with Limousins to 239.5p/kg or £1544 from H Chapman & Son, Middleton. British Blue bullocks twice sold to 219.5p/kg, grossing £1338 from T&E Burrow, Slyne and £1360 from R&J Dodgson, Natland. Holstein Friesian bullocks sold to 184.5/kg or £1568 from I Atkinson & Son, Warton. OTM dairy heifers continue to be in demand at Lancaster, they peaked at 204.5p/kg from J Huddleston, Brookhouse grossing at £1472. Others achieved the same p/kg from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green grossing at £1421. Plenty of OTM dairy heifers sold around the 200p/kg mark. Ten year old British Blue cows sold to a top of 219p/kg or £1490. Limousin cows sold to 217.5p/kg from Matson Farms, Windermere. Dairy cows peaked at 187.5p/kg or £1593 for a Holstein from J Hogarth & Son, Slyne. Some impressive prices for dairy cows today saw them sell to £1457 from AW&AM Park & Sons, Ellel, £1439 from T Taylor, Woddplumpton, £1434 from J Hogarth & Son, Slyne, £1409 from Lawsons Farm, Cockerham and £1399 from AW&AM Park & Sons, Ellel. Many more sold in excess of the £1300 mark.

Top Prices

OTM Cow:
British Blue: 219.5 Fleetwood Road South, 189.5 Red Scar Farm, 171.5 Longstripes Farm, 157.5 Low House. Limousin: 217.5 Low House, 204.5 Intack Farm, 161.5 Capplethwaite Hall. Friesian: 201.5 Low Levens, 191.5 Kitchen Ground Farm, 187.5 Belmont Farm, 184.5 Kitchen Ground Farm, 184.5 Ancliffe Hall, 181.5 Bainsbank Farm. Hereford: 199.5, 169.5, 144.5 Little Crimbles. Simmental: 189.5 Intack Farm, 154.5 Todgill Farm. Shorthorn: 184.5, 169.5, 164.5 Manor House Farm. Angus: 169.5 Pott Yeats. Blonde: 134.5 Capplethwaite Hall.
OTM Heifer:
Friesian: 204.5 Sellerley Farm, 204.5, 199.5 Ravenscar, 199.5 Sellerley Farm, 194.5 Cragg Farm, 189.5 Stubbins Farm.
Cast Steer:
Limousin: 239.5 Millbeck. British Blue: 219.5 Throstle Grove Farm, 219.5 Cracalt Farm. Angus: 209.5 Throstle Grove Farm. Friesian: 189.5, 184.5 Boon Town Farm.
Cast Bull:
Continental: 244.5 Fleetwood Road. Angus: 179.5, 157.5 Manor House Farm.

Bull Calves:
British Blue: £450 Barrow Greaves Farm, £400 Newhouse Farm, £400, £380 Derby Lodge Farm, £375, £350 Catteralls Farm. Angus: £390 Newhouse Farm, £355 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, £330 Great Eccleston Farm, £300 Fields Farm, £295 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, £285 Fields Farm. Friesian: £210 (4) Lower Lingart Farm, £165 Sandvilla, £160 Lower Lingart Farm.
Heifer Calves:
British Blue: £410 Barrow Greaves Farm, £370 (2) Catteralls Farm, £360 Derby Lodge Farm, £360 Lower Lingart Farm, £340 Catteralls Farm. Angus: £300 Barrow Greaves Farm, £270 Derby Lodge Farm.
Steer Stirk:
Angus: £845 Lower House Farm, £770 Gibsons Farm, £720 Lower House Farm. Shorthorn: £800 Lundholme Farm. Hereford: £760 Marlholes Farm, £500, £445 Fields Farm. British Blue: £590 Hare Apple Tree. Friesian: £555 Springfield House, £440 Marlholes Farm.
Heifer Stirk:
Hereford: £775 Lundholme Farm, £400 Marlholes Farm. Angus: £660 Lower House Farm, £660, £630 Cragg Farm, £510 Marlholes Farm.
Bull Stirk:
Angus: £565 Gibsons Farm, £510 White Lund Farm. British Blue: £555 Longstripes Farm.
Store Cattle:
Charolais: £1570 West Lynn, £1430 Low Hundhowe, £1410 Intack Farm, £1310 Carlingwha. Limousin: £1620, £1460 Proctors Row, £1460 West Lynn, £1460 Millbeck, £1410 Proctors Row, £1380 Intack Farm. British Blue: £1600 Millbeck, £1370 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1300 Billinge Hall Farm, £1280 Green Lane Farm, £1250 Shaws Farm, £1240 Bowlands Gardens. Angus: £1500 Gulf Farm, £1380 Outerthwaite Farm, £1380, £1320 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1300 Thornton Barn Farm, £1300 Windy Hill Farm. Hereford: £1400 Staffords Farm, £1340 Old Hall Farm, £1200, £1170, £1160 Corney Hill Farm, £1010 Carlingwha. Simmental: £1390 West Lynn, £1380 Intack Farm, £1230 The Old Stable. Friesian: £1370 (2) Fleetwood Road, £1280 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1110 Stubbins Farm, £1090 Plumpton Hall Farm. Montbeliarde: £1310 Thornton Barn Farm. Flekvieh: £1130 Corney Hill Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel: £1110 Littlewood Hall Farm. Saler: £1110 Sykes Farm.
Store Heifer:
Charolais:£1520 The Old Stables, £1200 Whelpside Farm. British Blue: £1460 Pasture House Farm, £1360 Helm Croft, £1320 Staffords Farm, £1180 Midge Hall Farm, £1080 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1060 Moss House Farm. Limousin: £1400 The Old Stables, £1270 Outerthwaite Farm, £1260 Whelpside Farm, £1160 Stubbins Farm, £1140 Carlingwha, £1110 Downlands Farm. Angus: £1350 Midge Hall Farm, £1310 Cheetham House Farm, £1300 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1260 Brown Edge Farm, £1200 Stubb Hall Farm, £1190 Kitchen Ground Farm. Hereford: £1270 Windy Hill Farm, £1270 Pasture House Farm. Blonde: £1270 Outerthwaite Farm. Friesian: £1140 kitchen Ground Farm, £1070 Fleetwood Road.
Limousin: £1160 Fell End Farm.

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