Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 19th August 2022.

Calves & Weanlings

The weekly sale of calves saw a much improved trade than seen in recent weeks, with more buyers round the ring all keen to buy. Topping the trade today was EW&RM Towers, Hornby with a weaned British Blue achieving £500 with Fleckvieh bulls to £465 from the same home. Younger British Blue bull calves saw J Bargh & Son, Heaton to £370, also achieving £370 was Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton for a British Blue bull whom also sold Aberdeen Angus bulls to £365.
Heifer calves today were much sort after achieving £390 for British Blues with other British Blues from Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton at £290. A good run of Limousin calves from A&L Gardner, Quernmore saw bulls to £320 and heifers to £260.
A mixed bag of Friesian bull calves saw the best selling to £190 from EW&RM Towers, Hornby with lesser sorts £80 - £112.


The monthly sale of stirks at Lancaster today saw an entry of just short of a hundred forward with stronger sorts in high demand. MD Close & Son, Arkholme came out on top in both the steers and heifer section selling British Blue steers at £900 and heifers to £780. Twelve month old Aberdeen Angus steers peaked at £840 from R&J Parkinson, Preesall with other well grown Aberdeen Angus steers at £830 from G Rawlinson, Manchester. D&J Hay, Cockerham had a good day with twelve month old Hereford steers to £805. A good number of Limousin steers on the market today saw ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth sell to £760 for an eight month old with others from Jones, Cockerham at £710 with DJ Clarks, Barnacre to £685. A pen full of twelve month old solid British Friesians steers from R&J Parkinson, Preesall to £705.
Aberdeen Angus heifers saw trade peak at £670 for a pen of five eleven month olds from CJ&MH Parry, Cockerham with others at £660 from Jones, Cockerham. DJ Clark continued his good day with ten month old Limousin heifers to £630.
Our next sale of stirks is on Friday 30th September.

Store Cattle

225 store cattle through the main ring today under the watchful eye of auctioneer Gary Capstick, with all types a firmer trade with steers averaging a fantastic £1260 and heifers a magnificent £1195. It was T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton hitting the high notes today with Simmental steers to £1730 for a pen of three, not far behind was regular loyal Lancaster supporters Pilling Hall, Pilling with a cracking pair of Limousin steers at £1710. Also hitting the £1700 barrior with Limousins was T&JS&SA Carruthers, Underbarrow with another pair to £1660. A pair of British Blue steers from JD&GM Bracken, Garstang sold to £1620 with Aberdeen Angus from the same home to £1560. JS Clark, Catforth was not far behind with a pen of four to £1550. Monstrous Montbeliardes sold to £1560 from BL&D Banks, Pilling.
Store heifers saw no let up in trade with JA&F Nutter, Hust Green selling Charolais heifers to £1480 with others to £1480 from SW&K Metcalfe, Whittington. British Blue heifers always good to sell at Lancaster and this week was no exception, topping at £1350 for a pair from SH&LE Birkett, Carnforth. A pen of three from V&S Fitzell, Much Hoole selling to £1320. Aberdeen Angus heifers from SW&K Metcalfe & Son, Whittington and MJ Shepherd, Carnforth achieved £1290, with regular vendor JB Moore, Allithwaite not far behind at £1240 and GF&EE Holt also achieving the same price.
More cattle is required for next weeks sale with vendors urged to take advantage of the current good trade.

OTM Cattle

A sharper trade in the OTM ring at Lancaster saw beef cows break the two thousand barrier with a 4 year old Limousin cow from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth achieved 231.5p/kg grossing at a colossal £2002.48. British Blues cows from the same good home went on to sell to 221.5p/kg or £1772.00. Native beef cows sold to a top of £1663.88 from T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton. In the dairy department a Friesian from PW&JM Norris & Son, Hornby sold to £1633.88 with others from the same home achieving £1482.09. Others Friesians went on to sell for £1519.79 from R&E Ladds, Kendal and £1480.0 from ME&B Mason & Son, Tatham. Fleckvieh cows sold to 231.5p/kg from B&A Barnes, Carnforth.
OTM heifers saw a top pence per kilo of 244.5p achieved by EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet with this Limousin grossing at £1430.33. A run of Friesians from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham sold to the top of £1619.80 at 227.5p/kg with others to 224.5p/kg. Montbeliardes sold to 234.5p/kg grossing at £1465.63 from A&B Pickthall, Milnthorpe. All OTM heifers forward averaged 225.4p/kg or £1370.46.
A small entry of cast steers forward saw JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall with an Aberdeen Angus top at 234.5p/kg or £1407.

Top Prices

OTM Cow:

Fleckvieh: 231.50, 201.50 Hawkin Hall, 167.50 Moss House Farm. Limousin: 231.50 Hall Croft Barn, 211.50 Cragg End, 179.50 Yates Farm, 174.50 Potts Yeats. British Blue: 221.50 Hall Croft Barn. Angus: 217.50 Upp Hall, 207.50, 197.50 Bazil Farm. Frieisan: 209.50 High Snab, 197.50 Strickland Hill, 197.50 North Farm, 197.50 Priory Farm, 194.50 Downlands Farm. Norweigean Red: 187.50 Raw Head. Montbeliarde: 177.50 Yeat House. Hereford: 147.50 Salisbury Road.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin: 244.50 Intack Farm, 194.50 Yates Farm. Montbeliarde: 234.50 Bradley Farm. Frieisan: 227.50 High Snab, 224.50 High Snab. Angus: 217.50 Lambrigg Farm.

Cast Steer:

Angus: 234.50 Tunstall Hall. Friesian: 199.50 Downlands Farm.

Cast Bull:

Montbeliarde: 194.50 Squires Gate Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £390, £320, £315 Holme Head, £290 Ambrose Hall Farm, £275 North Farm. Limousin: £260 Redfields. Angus: £215 North Farm, £190, £170, £165 Ambrose Hall Farm. Charolais: £140, £110 Parkers Farm.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £500, £455 Holme Head, £370 North Farm, £370 Ambrose Hall Farm, £365, £355 Roe Farm. Fleckvieh: £465, £390 Holme Head, £380 White Lund Farm, £360, £350, £310 Holme Head. Angus: £365 Ambrose Hall Farm, £350 White Lund Farm, £340 Knowsley Farm, £310, £275, £230 Ambrose Hall Farm. Charolais: £340 Bolton Fold Farm. Limousin: £330, £320 Redfields. Friesian: £190 Holme Head, £112 Catshaw Hall Farm.

Bull Stirk:

British Blue: £660 Barrow Greaves Farm, £470 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus: £355 White Lund Farm. Fleckvieh: £270 White Lund Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue: £780, £765 Docker Hall Farm. Angus: £670 Hilliam Lane Farm, £660 Sandvilla. Limousin: £630, £580 Kellibrick Farm. Hereford: £600 Sandvilla.

Steer Stirk:

British Blue: £930, £920 Docker Hall Farm. Angus: £840 Springfield House, £840 Docker Hall Farm, £830 Redchalis Farm, £800 Birch House Cottage, £780 Birch House Cottage. Hereford: £805 Birch House Cottage. Limousin: £760 Hall Croft Barn, £710 Sandvilla, £685 Kellbrick farm, £550 Hare Apple Tree. Friesian: £705 Springfield House, £540 Sandvilla. Dairy Shorthorn: £650 Sandvilla. Saler: £610 Sandvilla. Simmental: £570 Hare Apple Tree.

Store Bullock:

Simmental: £1730 Upp Hall, £1310 Manor Farm, £1160 Little Crimbles. Limousin: £1710 Pilling Hall Farm, £1700, £1660 Red Scar Farm, £1390 Fellside Farm, £1380 Downlands Farm, £1350 Fellside Farm. British Blue: £1620 Greenlands Farm, £1510 Cock Hall Farm, £1480 Parkside Farm, £1460 Windy Hill Farm, £1440 Stubb Hall Farm, £1390 Outerthwaite Farm. Angus: £1560 Greenlands Farm, £1550 Godson House Farm, £1510 Downlands Farm, £1480 Parkside Farm, £1480 Staffords Farm, £1470 Fellside Farm. Montbeliarde: £1560, £1450 Squires Gate Farm, £1400 Staffords Farm, £1170 Cock Hall Farm. Charolais: £1550 Manor Farm, £1500 Downlands Farm, £1490 Lower Castle O Trim, £1470 Dowlands Farm, £1450 Carlingwha, £1350 Manor Farm. Shorthorn: £1480 Parkside Farm. Fleckvieh: £1370 West Lynn. Hereford: £1310 Carlingwha, £1050 Brow Foot Farm. Friesian: £1290 Dowlands Farm, £1280 Benson Hall, £1140 Grizdale, £1130 Barn Hill Farm, £1130, £1120 Benson Hall.

Store Heifer:

Charolais: £1480 Manor Farm, £1430 Holme House Farm, £1380 Downlands Farm. Norwegian Red: £1360, £1180 Holme Head. British Blue: £1350 Stubb Hall Farm, £1320 Moss House Farm, £1080 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1050 Salisbury Road. Angus: £1290 Gaskell House, £1290 Holme House Farm, £1240 Outerthwaite Farm, £1240 New Elmridge Farm, £1190 Brow Foot Farm, £1190 Gaskell House. Hereford: £1250 Holme House Farm, £1140 Toulbrick Farm, £1070 Steadbank. Limousin: £1160 Toulbrick Farm, £1130 Greenways, £1080 Brow Foot Farm, £1060 Salisbury Road, £1040 Bull Bank Farm. Simmental: £1050 Toulbrick Farm.

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