Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Dairy and Store Cattle - Friday 12th August 2022.

Calves & Weanlings
There was an increased entry of calves and weanlings forward today which saw weaned and stronger calves in big demand and eagerly bid for, with buyers cautions of younger milk calves with the spiralling cost of milk powder. A consignment of British Blue weanlings from G&ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel saw British Blue bulls to £490 and £470, British Blue heifers to £400 and Aberdeen Angus heifer calves to £370. A ten week old suckler bred Charolais heifer calf sold to £475 from RM Wilson, Houghton in Ribblesdale. Hereford weanling bulls sold to £370 from TE&M Kidd, Ellel with heifer calves selling to £270. A consignment of weaned Fleckvieh bull calves from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green sold to £410, £355, £350, £340 twice with Friesian achieving £300. Month old British Blue bull calves sold to £295 from RT Halhead, Cockerham with others from the same home selling to £280. Friesian bull calves sold to £115 from Drinnkall Bros, Over Wyresdale.

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Cattle sell to £2420 at Lancaster Auction
The fortnightly sale of dairy cattle saw a top price of £2420 achieved for a pedigree heifer ‘Wyredale Lambda Shawny 15’ from MJ&H Atkinson, Over Wyresdale selling to Lawsons Dairy, Cockerham. Other heifers sold to £2000 for ‘Larwood Roble Honeybee 132’ from B&V Swann, Chorley. Non registered heifers from France Bros, Littledale sold to £1900. A nice 3rd calved Friesian cow from J Scott & Co, Cartmel achieved £1750.
The next sale is on Friday 26th Augst with 15 pedigree new calved heifers already entered.

Store Cattle
The weather may be hot outside but not as hot as the trade in the store cattle ring today with plenty of good strong short keep cattle forward meeting plenty of demand with vendors leaving well chuffed with the buoyant trade.
A run of bullocks from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse topped the market at £1600 with Aberdeen Angus bullocks and also sold a pen of six Hereford bullocks to £1590. Aberdeen Angus bullocks from EW&CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine sold to £1540 with others Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1510 from T Robson & Son, Poulton Le Fylde. Plenty of pens of strong Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold in the early £1400’s. All Aberdeen Angus bullocks forward averaged £1304. Limousin bullocks peaked at £1440 from J Lamb, Old Glasson with British Blues to £1400 from the same home. Other Limousin bullocks sold to £1400 from GA&A Atkinson, Cantsfield.
The heifer trade today peaked at £1530 for a pair of two year old Charolais heifers from R&EA Gardner, Kendal with other Charolais heifers to £1460 from DR Preston, Caton. Aberdeen Angus heifers peaked at £1430 from EW&CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine for a pen of three with another pen of three to £1400 from KH&D Holden & Son, Pilling. Also achieving £1400 for Aberdeen Angus heifers was T Robson & Son, Poulton Le Fylde with plenty of pens of strong heifers regularly selling around the £1300 mark.
Holstein bullocks peaked at £1080 for a pen of four from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin with the consignment from TH Wensley & Son, Kirkham achieving the same price. All bullocks forward today averaged £1237 with heifers averaging £1170.

Cast & OTM Cattle
The weekly sale of OTM & cast cows at Lancaster had an entry of 68 forward with many busy amongst grass and taking advantage of the wonderful hay time weather.
The trade was sharper with an overall market average of 171p/k. A Limousin OTM steer led the way selling to 247.5p/kg or £1534 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens. Aberdeen Angus steers twice sold to 234.5p/kg grossing at £1414 from B&J Preston, Caton and £1430 from CG Birkett, Carnforth with Aberdeen Angus heifers from the same home selling to 234p/kg or £1467. Black and White feeding heifers sold to a top of 224p/kg or £1461 from R&A Jolleys, Cabus with other feeding heifers to £1383 from A&E Barnes, Whinfell. Beef cows saw Simmentals sell to 219.5p/kg or £1738 from Barlow Bros, Crosston. Limousin cows sold to 209.5p/kg or £1301 from RM Wilson, Houghton in Ribblesdale. Young dairy cows saw four year old Fleckvieh x sell to 217.5pp/kg or £1489 from TN Pye & Partners, Lancaster. Plenty of good dairy cows today sold around the 190p/kg mark. Holstein Friesian dairy cows peaked at £1415 from Strickland Hill Farming, Whitherslack with plenty of good cows selling either side of the £1300 mark. A one thousand and one kilo Charolais bull sold to 187p/kg or £1876 from A&V&A Thornton, Cockerham.

Top Prices

OTM Cows:

Simmental: 219.50 Littlewood Hall Farm. Fleckvieh: 217.50 Langthwaite Heights, 209.50 Holme Head. Limousin: 209.50 Gill Garth. Friesian: 191.50 Priory Farm, 189.50 Chapel House, 187.50 Catshaw Farm, 184.50 Wood Nook Farm, 179.50 Catshaw Farm. Norwegian Red: 174.50 Holme Head. Montbeliarde: Holme Head.

OTM Heifers:

Angus: 234.50 Netherbeck Barn. Friesian: 224.50 Marlholes Farm, 217.50 The Hill, 201.50 Ackenthwaite Farm.

Cast Steer:

Limousin: 247.50 Low Levens. Angus: 234.50 Netherbeck Barn, 234.50 Ellers Farm, 224.50 Deansbiggin. British Blue: 207.50 194.50 Thornton Barn Farm. Longhorn: 204.50 Ellers Farm. Norwegian Red: 194.50 Ellers Farm. Friesian: 194.50 Netherbeck Barn.

Cast Bulls:

Charolais: 187.50 Little Crimbles. Angus: 179.50 Thornton Barn Farm.

Heifer Calves:

Charolais: £475 Gill Garth. British Blue: £400 £335 300 Boldens Farm. Angus: £370 Boldens Farm, £300 Walkers I’th Fields. Hereford: £270 Booth Hall.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £490, £470, £330 Boldens Farm, £295, £280 Norbreck Farm, £275 Manor House Farm. Fleckvieh: £410, £355, £350, £340, £270 Sellerley Farm. Hereford: £370 Booth Hall. Angus: £345 New Brows Farm, £285 Walkers I’th Fields, £245 New Brows Farm, £205 Walkers I’th Fields, £170 Hillam Lane Farm, £150 Richmond Hall Farm.Friesian; £300, £275, £160 Sellerley Farm.

Store Bullock:

Angus: £1600 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1540 Yew Tree Farm, £1510, £1450 Fairfield, £1440 Low Levens, £1420 Cock Hall Farm. Hereford: £1590, £1300 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1150 Deansbiggin. Limousin: £1440 Old Glasson Farm, £1400 Abbotson Farm, £1380 Low Levens, £1380 Cock Hall Farm, £1320 Deansbiggin. British Blue: £1400 Old Glasson Farm, £1350 Abbotson Farm, £1300 Outerthwaite Farm, £1280 Windy Hill Farm, £1190 Wood Nook Farm, £1060 Old Glasson Farm. Simmental: £1380, £1220 Deansbiggin. Charolais: £1350 Outerthwaite Farm. Frieisan: £1080 Gaskell House, £1080 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1060 Old Glasson Farm, £1000 Barn Hill Farm. Saler: £1070 Cock Hall Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £1000 Cock Hall Farm.

Store Heifers:

Charolais: £1530 Barrowfield, £1460 Ellers Farm, £1370 Outerthwaite Farm, £1280 Ellers Farm. Angus: £1430 Yew Tree Farm, £1400 Chestnut House Farm, £1400 Fairfield, £1300 Holme House Farm, £1260 Ellers Farm, £1230 Windy Hill Farm. British Blue: £1310 Wood Nook Farm, £1290 Windy Hill Farm, £1260 Carlingwha, £1260 Outerthwaite Farm, £1100 Brow Foot Farm, £1040 Ninzergh. Friesian: £1310 Wood Nook Farm. Blonde: £1190 Sandvilla. Hereford: £1000 Brow Foot Farm.

Store Bull:

Charolais: £1150 Haven Lea.

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