Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, OTM and Store Cattle - Friday 17th December 2021

Calves & Weanlings
The weekly sale of calves saw a much-reduced entry after last weeks bumper entry. Topping the trade today was a stylish British Blue heifer from JR&B Fox, Quernmore which went on to sell to £360, this consignor also sold other British Blue heifers at £325. Topping the Bull section today was Victoria and Richard Walmsley, Cockerham selling a British Blues to £355, with Barber Farms, Claughton on Brock not far behind at £330 also for a British Blue. Native sired calves always are good to sell at Lancaster, peaking today at £285 from JE&J Pye & Son, Quernmore with younger Aberdeen Angus bulls from H&VE Jolly, Great Eccleston achieving £250. Only a handful of Black and White calves in todays sale, selling to £160 from JM&MH France, Littledale. More calves are required at our next sale in the new year on the 7th January.

The monthly sale of stirks saw a sale of quality cattle easily reaching vendors expectations. Topping the stirk sale today was young Matthew Hodkinson, Great Eccleston with his usual consignment of well done stirks achieving £945 for a 13 month old Aberdeen Angus steer. Not far behind was JE&J Pye & Son, Quernmore at £940 also for Aberdeen Angus steers, who also had a Limousin steer £920 with a British Blue steer from the same good home at £860. Heifer stirks saw well grown Aberdeen Angus heifers at 10 month old at £780 from JW Thwaites, Penrith. 6 month old Simmental heifer stirks from regular vendor J&CW Metcalfe & Son, Quernmore at £565, with Limousins at £505 from the same home. Stirks are required for our next sale on the 28th January to satisfy our ever expanding ring side of buyers.

Store Cattle
The store sale saw less numbers about this week but no let up in the trade, as buyers look to keep there sheds full over the Christmas holidays. A smart Simmental steers consigned by EJ Burrow, Storth topped the sale at £1450. Also hitting the £1400 barrier was R Capstick, Ingleton with a pair of Limousin steers. Regular vender M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling sold a pen of four British Blue steers to £1400, with many more vendors achieving this price. A pen of four Aberdeen Angus steers from L Parsons & Son, Levens made £1350. Lucas Breeding, Chorley has a good run of cattle in todays sale topping at £1340 for a ring full of South Devons. Friesian steers saw JM&AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe sell to £1370 with others at £1310 from the same good home. All steers today averaged an impressive £1134.
Store heifers saw a good cattle from P Whitton & Son, Kendal top at £1390 for Limousins with others at £1300. Aberdeen Angus heifers saw a pen of five from P&S Alpe, Waddington sell to £1180 with others Aberdeen Angus heifers from D Vose, Downholland at £1150. British Blue heifers are always good to sell at Lancaster, topping at £1290 from P Whitton & Son, Kendal with others at £1280 from JD&GM Bracken, Garstang. All heifers today averaged £1090.
OTM Cattle
The final sale of cast cows the year saw 91 through the ring with well meated cows and clean heifers being a flying trade, with plainer cows harder to place and meeting retaliation.
Hitting the top today was MJ Whitworth, Bolton le Sands with ‘a tank of a animal’ weighing 820kg and achieving £1455.50 for a Blonde cow. Friesian cows topped at £1292.50 from H Wight & Son, Heslington, with others Friesian cows at £1074 from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe. Plenty of well meated cows today broke the £1000 barrier.
Pence per kilo saw cows to 174.5p from AB&J Parkinsosn, Out Rawcliffe for a Friesian, with beef bred cows to 151.5p/kg for a Aberdeen Angus from GR&A Foy, Conder Green.
Friesian OTM heifers were easily sold this morning, top grossing at £1228.13 for a Friesian from MJ Fell Ltd, Carnforth with others Friesians at £1137.00 or 189.5p/kg JA&S Handley, with beef bred heifers topping at £1076 or 197.5p/kg for a Hereford from W Stamper, Chipping.
Just a handful of cast bulls today saw Friesians sell to £1170 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. Many more OTM cattle can be handled at Lancaster Auction Mart on a Friday and more are required to fulfil buyers requirements.

Top Prices

Heifer Calves:
British Blue: £360, £325 Blackwood End, £270 Newhouse Farm, £250 (2), £230 Richmond Hall Farm.
Bull Calves:
British Blue: £355 Richmond Hall Farm, £330 Manor House Farm, £300, £280 Richmond House Farm. Angus: £285, £260 (2) Gibbons Farm, £250 Great Eccleston Hall Farm. Friesian: £160 Newhouse Farm.


Bull Stirks:
Aberdeen Angus - £600 Longwood House. Hereford - £455 Longwood House.
Heifer Stirks:
Aberdeen Angus - £780 Eskew Beck, £670 Knowsley Farm, £430 Docker Hall Farm, £405 Docker Hall Farm. Charolais - £600 Middle Lee Farm. Simmental - £565 Hare Apple Tree. British Blue - £560 Docker Hall Farm. Limousin - £505 Hare Apple Tree.
Steer Stirks:
Aberdeen Angus - £945 Gradwell Farm, £940 Gibsons Farm, £905 Gibsons Farms, £840 Eskew Beck, £840 Eskew Beck, £800 Gradwell Farm. Limousin - £920 Gibsons Farm, £505 Hare Apple Tree. British Blue - £860 Gibsons Farm, £800 Tunstead Farm, £600 Docker Hall Farm, £550 Docker Hall Farm. Simmental - £730 Corney Hill Farm, £700 Corney Hill Farm. Hereford - £700 Corney Hill Farm. Montbeliarde - £630 Gradwell Farm. Friesian - £495 Springfield House.

Store Cattle

Store Bullocks:
Simmental: £1450 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1400 Fellside Farm, £1280 Cock Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1400 Park House Farm, £1350 Low Levens, £1230 Stubb Hall Farm, £1210 Cock Hall Farm, £1180 Thorns Farm, £1160 Windy Hill Farm. British Blue: £1400 Pasture House Farm, £1310 High Tenement Farm, £1230 Windy Hill Farm, £1170 Buck Bank Farm, £1110 Lundholme Farm, £1040 Plumpton Hall Farm. Limousin: £1400 Fell End Farm, £1340 Bruntscar Farm, £1330 Low Levens, £1310 High Tenement Farm, £1300 Bruntscar Farm, £1270 Foredales Farm. Holstein Frisian: £1370, £1310 Bensons Farm, £1170 Park Farm Barn, £1140 Staffords Farm, £1090 Barn Hill Farm. South Deven: £1340, £1300 Adlington Hall Farm. Hereford: £1340 Adlington Hall Farm, £1210, £1200, £1170 Lynwood, £1110 Corney Hill Farm, Lynwood. Charolais: £1280 Cock Hall Farm, £1150 Little Crimbles. Flekvieh: £1060 Corney Hill Farm, £540 Green Lane End Farm. Montbeliarde: £1050 Park Farm Barn.
Store Heifers:
Limousin: £1390, £1300, £1290, £1260 High Tenement Farm, £1190 Thursgill, £1010 Brown Edge. Montbeliarde: £1340 Docker Hall Farm. British Blue: £1290 High Tenement Farm, £1280 Greenlands Farm. South Devon: £1240 Adlington Hall Farm. Simmental: £1210 Park House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1180 Braddup House Farm, £1150 Thorns Farm, £1120 Park Farm Barn, £1100 Kays Farm, £1080 Brown Edge, £990 Redchalis Farm. Charolais: £1040 Brown Edge, £1000, £950, £850 Corney Hill Farm.

OTM / Cast Cattle

OTM Cows:
Friesian: 174.50 (2) Liscoe Farm, 149.50 Lane Ends Farm, 141.50 Blackwood End, 139.50 Gardners Farm, 139.50 Lane Ends Farm. Flekvieh: 164.50 Green Lane End Farm, 139.50 Ninezergh. Angus: 151.50, 139.50 Parkside Farm, 134.50 Forgelands Estate, 109.50 Marl House. Montbeliarde: 139.50, 137.50, 124.50 Cumming Carr Farm, 109.50 Green Lane End Farm. Stabiliser: 134.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Limousin: 134.50 Widdale Side, 124.50 Marl House. Ayrshire: 109.50 Newsham Hall Farm. Mri: 107.50 Ninezergh.
OTM Heifers:
Hereford: 197.50 Coldcotes Farm. Friesian: 191.50 Throstle Nest House, 189.50 College Green Farm, 187.50 Chapel House, 184.50 Dillicar, 184.50 Liscoe Farm, 174.50 Hole Of Ellel. Blonde: 177.50 Mount Pleasant Farm.
Cast Bull:
Limousin: 129.50 Swinside Farm. Friesian: 111.50 Tills Farm, 109.50 Cocker House Farm.

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