Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle Sale, Friday 2nd October

Calves and Weanlings

The weekly sale of Calves and Weanlings saw a sharper trade for all types forward in which more could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendors. Leading the way this week was the consignment from J & G Thornley, Roseacre selling British Blue bulls to £485 with other Blue bulls selling to £425 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale; plenty of other British Blue bulls sold in the late three hundreds. British Blue heifers sold to £350 twice from J & G Thornley, Roseacre. Aberdeen Angus bull calves sold to £340 from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale with others to £335, £330 and £325 from Wannop Farms. Native heifers in more demand selling to £280 twice from CJ & MH Parry, Cockerham. Weanling black and white bull calves sold to £265 and £245 from RH & RA Fawcett, Burton with calves on milk selling to £140 from AD & R Milner, Brock and £125 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale.

Store Cattle

Store cattle remain a competitive trade with steers selling to £1300 for Aberdeen Angus cross from J & M Maudsley & Sons with British Blue x selling to £1250 from JM & AG Swarbrick. There were plenty of pens over £1150 to include Montbeliarde x from J & H Bland & Son Ltd achieving £1189. All steers forward today averaged £1052.

Heifers sold to £1200 for pure Aberdeen Angus’s from Norbreck Genetics with others achieving £1170 from CE & MA Hewitt and £1140 from ID Bailey & Son. British Blue x heifers sold to £1130 from M Southern and Limousin cross heifers sold to £1110 from C B Heald & Son. All heifers averaged £998.
Young bulls were forward in greater numbers selling to £900 for a Charolais x bull from T Foley with Norwegian Red bull selling to £590 from O & H Melling who also sold heifers at £540.

Cull Cows

Cull cows saw a top price of 189.50p/kg for a British Blue x from R & J Parkinson with other heavy and well fleshed beef cows making 150p/kg – 165p/kg with buyers looking for cows suitable for further feeding. Dairy cows sold to 154.50p/kg for heifers from D Fox & Co with heavy cows at 125p/kg – 135p/kg, medium cows selling to 110p/kg-125p/kg and the leaner parlour type cows selling for 85p/kg- 105p/k. All cows averaged 118p/kg.  The top grossing beef cow was a British Blue x from GR & A Foy at £1222 with dairies to £1100 from Wannops Farm.

OTM heifers sold to 219.5p/kg (£1235) for a British Blue x from T & M Halhead with dairies to 159.5p/kg (£945) from J Bargh & Son. OTM steers sold to 194.5p/kg (1326) for Aberdeen Angus x from GB & AE Metcalf & Son with a heifer to 167.5p/kg (£988) from A & MI Robinson. A single cast bull sold to 124.5p/kg (£998) from JR Newsham & Son.

Top Prices


ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1300 Raw End Farm, £1230 Rowell Farm, £1220 Raw End Farm, £1210 North Farm, £1200 Yew Tree Farm, North Farm. SHORTHORN: £1220, £1040 Shaws Farm, £1040 Rowell Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1200 High House Farm, £1160 Oakhead Farm, High House Farm, £1000 Oakhead Farm. HEREFORD: £1200 Ivy Barn Spout House Farm, £1180 Merryfield, £970 Oakhead Farm, £880 Hall Bank. CHAROLAIS: £1170 Holme House Farm. STABILISER: £1130 Ninezergh. HOLSTEIN FRISIAN: £1120, £1100 Bensons Farm, £1040 Grizdale, Downlands Farm, £1000 Moss House Farm, £980 Downlands Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1070, £1050 Friars Moss. CONTINENTAL: £1000 Thornton Barn Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1250, £1220 Bensons Farm, £1220 Scotch Green Farm, £1200 Pasture House Farm, £1180 Ninezergh, £1160 Abrahams Farm. MONTBELIARD: £1180 Ninezergh. SWEDISH RED & WHITE: £660 Bradley Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £1180, £1160 Ninezergh. FLECKVIEH: £910 Ninezergh. BLONDE: £1000 Ninezergh.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1200 Norbreck Farm, £1170 Steadbank, £1140, £1120 Raw End Farm, £1140 Betts Farm, £1100 Little Town Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1110, £1040 Broats Farm, £1070 11 Proctors Row, £1020 High Snab. CHAROLAIS: £1080 Holme House Farm, £1030 11 Proctors Row, £920 Little Crimbles. HEREFORD: £1070 High Snab, £1010 Holme House Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1040 Steadbank, £1000 Friar Moss. BRITISH BLUE: £1130 Bugle Horn Farm, £1110 Pasture House Farm, £1110 Merryfield, £1080 Abrahams Farm, £1040 Stubb Hall Farm. FRIESIAN: £620 Hillam House Farm.


CHAROLAIS: £900, £770 Plantation Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £590 Grange Farm. FLECKVIEH: £590 Grange Farm. FRIESIAN: £540 Grange Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £485 Derby Lodge Farm, £425 Catshaw Hall Farm, £365 Heaton Hall Farm, £360 Lane Head Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £340 Knowsley Farm, £335, £330 Heaton Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £370 Sellerley Farm. FRIESIAN: £265, £245 Green Dragon Farm, £125 Tills Farm. HEREFORD £240, £230 Forton Hall Farm. LIMOUSIN: £220 Cinderbarrow. FRIESIAN: £265, £245 Green Dragon Farm, £140 Lane Head Farm, £125 Tills Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £350, £340 Derby Lodge Farm, £220 Hudsbrook Farm, £200 North Farm. HEREFORD: £280 Hillam Lane Farm £180, £175 Forton Hall Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £240, £195 Hillam Lane Farm, £200 Heaton Hall Farm, £180 Heaton Hall Farm, £155 North Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: 189.5p Springfield House, 167.5p Parkside Farm, 154.5p 1 Low Hall Beck Barn, 135.5p Sowermire. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 174.5p Bank Field Farm, 144.5p, 134.5p Fleets Farm, 131.5p Woodstock. HEREFORD: 161.5p Moss View. LIMOUSIN: 159.5p, 157.5p Hutton Roof Farm. FRIESIAN: 159.5p Batty Hill, 154.5p Holly House Farm, 139.5p Stubb Place Farm, 139.5p Brown Brook. AYRSHIRE: 134.5p Throstle Nest Farm. SWEDISH RED & WHITE 134.5p, 121.5p Throstle Nest Farm, 129.5p Walkers I’th Fields. FLECKVIEH 134.5p, 131.5p Holme Head. MONTBELIARD: 131.5p Yeat House, 121.5p White Lund Farm. CONTINENTAL: 121.5p Throstle Nest farm. SIMMENTAL: 114.5p Lundholme. BRITISH BLUE: 11.5p Brookside.


BRITHISH BLUE: 219.5p, 209.5p Upp Hall. BLONDE: 161.21p Oak Head Bank. FRIESIAN: 159.5p North Farm, 147.5p Brown Brook, 144.5p New Brows Farm, 134.5p Westfield House Farm. LIMOUSIN: 159.5p Long Streets Farm. HEREFORD: 154.5p Boundary House.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: 194.5p Holme House Farm. FRIESIAN: 167.5p, 164.5p Hall Farm. LIMOUSIN: 154.5p Long Streets Farm.


SIMMENTAL: 124.5p Sellerley Farm.

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