Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 19th June

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle had an entry of 222 forward that saw all cattle in this week average over the £1000 mark. Leading the way this week was British Blue steers from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe selling to £1380. This was closely followed by Limousin bullocks selling to £1370 from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg. The consignment from J Hesketh, Hutton saw four Angus bullocks sell to £1340 and a pen of three to £1290. Next in line was Angus bullocks at £1280 from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe and KH & D Holden & Son, Pilling. There were plenty more strong bullocks selling into the twelve hundreds.

Heifers sold to a top of £1220 for Limousins from WT Eastham & Son, Goosnargh. Other Limousins sold to £1180 from N Richardson, Bolton with a consignment of Simmental and Angus heifers selling to £1170 from EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet. Plenty more pens of strong fit heifers sold in excess of eleven hundred pounds.

Dairy bullocks saw Friesians sell to £1200 from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with Montbeliardes selling to £1140 from JM & J Walmsley, Pilling. Strong well-meated dairy bullocks often sold in excess of £1000.

Cast Cows

The weekly sale of OTM Cattle had an entry of 123 forward this week, with more plainer cattle on offer. Leading the way this week was OTM British Blue heifers selling 209.5p/kg or £1206 from HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon with Limousin steers from the same home also achieving 209.5p/kg or £1152. Young beef cows saw Limousins sell to 204.5p/kg from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man who sold Limousin cast steers to 194.5p/kg. Angus steers sold to 194.5p/kg or £1293 from WG Farms, Cockerham. Beef cows saw British Blues sell to 174.5p/kg or £1224 from KM & KJ Curwen, Abbeystead. Plenty of good conformation beef cows sold between 155p/kg and 165p/kg. Black and white OTM Heifers sold to 169.5p/kg and 167.5p/kg from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green.

Best black and white cows sold to 147.5p/kg with numerous more well-fleshed dairy cows selling in the mid 140p/kg range.

There was an overall market average for 133.9p/kg for all cattle through the cast ring today.

Top price per head today was £1422 for a Limousin steer from Ballacutchel Farms with Dairy cows selling to £1209 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel. This was closely followed by £1199 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Helsington and £1143 from EW & RM Towers, Hornby. Plenty more well-fleshed dairy cows sold around the £1100 mark. All OTM Cattle forward today averaged £842 a head.

Calves & Stirks

There were more calves on offer this week that saw a full variety forward with 93 in the market and buyers to suit all stock and still requiring more. A great consignment of calves from AJ & AJ Gibbons, St Michaels saw Limousin bull calves to £495 and British Blue bull calves to £490, £460 and £405 twice. British Blue heifers from this consignment sold to £470 and other Limousin bull calves to £450. Weanling British Blue calves sold to £475 from GM & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel with other weanlings selling to £465 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel. British Blue heifer calves from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale sold to £430 with other Blue heifers to £405 from WR Clarke & Partners, Yealand. Charolais bull calves sold to £385 from T & G Parkinson, Out Rawcliffe. Native calves continue to create plenty of demand with Welsh Black bull calves to £380 from AJ & AJ Gibbons with Welsh Black heifer calves to £370. Angus bull calves topped at £380 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel with others from the same home selling to £365. Also achieving £365 was Angus bull calves from Mason Birkland.

Weanling black and white bulls topped at £300 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green. Friesian bull calves topped at £205 from D & K Howarth, Hambleton with others selling to £162. Rearing Friesian calves regularly sold around the £100 mark.

There was just one stirk forward this week that sold to £500 from JR Newsham & Son for a Simmental.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

BRITISH BLUE: £1380 Bensons Farm, £1260 Pasture House Farm, £1170 Stub Hall Farm, £1150 Pasture House Farm, £1060 Hawkrigg End, £1040 Windy Hill Farm, £820, £810 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. LIMOUSIN: £1370 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1200 Croftlands, £1160 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1050 Stubb Hall Farm, £1030 Wood Nook Farm, Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1340, £1290 Middle Grange Farm, £1280 Rowell Farm, Chestnut House Farm, £1240 Weavers Farm, £1190 Godson House Farm. HEREFORD: £1210 Rowell Farm, £1160 Middle Grange Farm, £1130 Outerthwaite Farm, £1100 Ivy Barn Spout House Farm, £1070 Stubb Hall Farm, £930 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1200 Bensons Farm, £1080, £1060 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1060 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1000, £990 Bridge Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1140 Staffords Farm, £1110 Bradley Farm, £960 Pilling Lane. SIMMENTAL: £1120 Park House Farm, £900, £860 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. BROWN SWISS: £1060 Lambrigg Head Farm. SHORTHORN: £880 Lathwaite Farm. STABILISER: £880 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. BELTED GALLOWAY: £690 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: £540 Bradley Farm.

Store Heifers

LIMOUSIN: £1220 Wood Nook Farm, £1180 Holly Grove, £1120 Bradley Farm, £1110 Old Hall Farm, £1100 Holly House Farm, £1080 Old Hall Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1170 Intack Farm, £1160 Rowell Farm, £1150 Pasture House Farm, £1130 Rowell Farm, £1120 Outerthwaite Farm, £1070 Holly Grove. SIMMENTAL: £1170 Intack Farm, £1060 Park House Farm, £900 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. BRITISH BLUE: £1060 Wood Nook Farm, £900 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £840 Lawsons Farm, £810 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £720 Cote Farm. HEREFORD: £1030 Hawkrigg End, £1000 Stub Hall Farm, £980 Windy Hill Farm, £900 Banklands, £850 Mill House Farm, £820 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. CHAROLAIS: £980, £840 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £840 Lawsons Farm, £810 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

Store Bull

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £940 Chestnut House Farm.


LIMOUSIN: 204.5, 189.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 161.5 Red Scar Farm, Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 157.5 Marshaw Farm, 154.5 Hill Park. BRITISH BLUE: 174.5 Marshaw Farm, 159.5 High Underbrow, 154.5 Hill Park, 144.5 High Underbrow. CHAROLAIS: 154.5 Lambrigg Park Farm, 149.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. SIMMENTAL: 149.5 Sunny Bank Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 147.5 Chestnut House Farm, High House, Walkers I’th Fields, 144.5 Bank End Farm, 141.5 Hodgkinson Farm, 139.5 Dillicar. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 144.5 Intack Farm, Rye Close, 141.5 Cheetham House Farm, 134.5 Dunkenshaw Farm. FLEKVIEH: 144.5 Holme Head. MONTBELIARDE: 141.5 Underhelm Farm. HEREFORD: 139.5 Longlands. NORWEGIAN RED: 139.5 Holme Head. BROWN SWISS: 137.5 Walkers I’th Fields. BELTED GALLOWAY: 131.5 Dunkenshaw Farm.

OTM Heifer

BRITISH BLUE: 209.5 Howriggs. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 184.5 The Howes. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 169.5, 167.5 Sellerley Farm, 159.5, 154.5 Elm Tree Farm, 144.5 Lawsons Farm, 141.5 Sellerley Farm. AYRSHIRE: 157.5, 154.5, 149.5 Lathwaite Farm.

Cast Steer

LIMOUSIN: 209.5 Howriggs, 194.5, 154.5, 139.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 194.5 Lathwaite Farm, 159.5 Cliftons Farm, 129.5 Lathwaite Farm. SHORTHORN: 174.5, 154.5 Lathwaite Farm. CHAROLAIS: 154.5 Lambrigg Park Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 141.5, 129.5 Cliftons Farm, 129.5 Lathwaite Farm.

Cast Bull

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 117.5 Lodge Hall.

Heifer Calves

SIMMENTAL: £500, £330, £240, £185 Sellerley Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £470 Catteralls Farm, £430 Catshaw Hall Farm, £405 Cinder Barrow, £370 Belmont Farm, £350 Cinder Barrow, £275 Ambrose Hall Farm. WELSH BLACK: £370 Catteralls Farm. HEREFORD: £300 Sellerley Farm, £270 Catshaw Hall Farm, £240 Hodgkinson Farm, Sellerley Farm, £205 Hodgkinson Farm. LIMOUSIN: £285 Dunkenshaw Farm, £230 Longlands. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £260 Great Eccleston Hall, £250 Ambrose Hall Farm, £225 Birkland Barrow, £185 Ambrose Hall Farm, £180 Rose Farm, £160 Ambrose Hall Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £28 Gibsons Farm.

Bull Calves

LIMOUSIN: £495, £450 Catteralls Farm, £275 Dunkenshaw Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £490 Catteralls Farm, £475 Boldens Farm, £465 Walkers I’th Fields, £460, £405 Catteralls Farm. CHAROLAIS: £385 Quakers Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £380 Walkers I’th Fields, £365 Birkland Barrow, £365, £290 Walkers I’th Fields, £270 Ambrose Hall Farm. WELSH BLACK: £380 Catteralls Farm. SIMMENTAL: £360 Sellerley Farm. HEREFORD: £310, £305, £300 Longwood House. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £300 Sellerley Farm, £245 Stanley Farm, £205, £162 Rose Farm, £100 Tills Farm.

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