Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle, OTM, Calves & Stirks - Friday 31st July 2020

A great finish to a busy week at North West Auctions. The hot weather was matched with a blistering trade which saw over 600 cattle being sold under Gary and Ian’s gavels meeting plenty of demand.

Cast Cows/OTM Cattle
There was once again an entry of over 100 cows forward, 109 selling to an impressive market average of 142p/kg which sees Lancaster continuing to be one of the strongest cow markets in the country. More cattle can easily be handled to the advantage of vendors. The trade topper this week came from RG & H Preece, Roeburndale West with a young Limousin cow selling at 217.5p/kg or £1,202. This was followed by British Blue heifers selling to 204p/kg or £1196 from RC Billington & Son, Claughton on Brock, plenty more beef bred OTM heifers selling in excess of 180p/kg. Dairy heifers sold to 177.5p/kg from WT Whitaker and Son, Nether Kellet with other well fleshed dairy heifers selling around 170p/kg.
Limousin beef cows topped the cow trade selling to 179.5p/kg or £1295 for a pure cow from RS & BA Harker, Holme with plenty of good beef cows grossing in the region of £1200. Dairy cows sold to a top of 157p/kg or an impressive £1275 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. There was a large quantity of good meated dairy cows selling around the 150p/kg mark.
All specifications of OTM and Cast cows continue to be in very strong demand and good to sell.

Store Cattle
£1,088! Now that is an impressive average for store cattle. There was a larger entry of 265 forward selling to a continued strong trade with all buyers continuing to look to purchase all specifications of cattle. The trade topped twice at £1,400, both British Blue Steers from T Threlfall, Freckleton and J & H Bland, Levens. Native cattle always meet plenty of demand at Lancaster with Angus bullocks selling to £1390 from JB Moore, Allithwaite, £1330 from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe and £1300 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale. Other impressive lots forward included four Limousin steers £1340 from RW & EE Sudell & Son, Garstang and Simmentals peaking at £1310 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale. Over a quarter of the cattle forward today sold in excess of £1200.
The heifer trade, this week topped at £1290 for a Limousin from R & S Mitchell, Ellel closely followed by £1280 and £1260 for Angus’ from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe. Stronger well fleshed heifers sold in the region of £1200. Dairy bullocks this week topped at £1140 for Black and Whites from L Parsons & Sons, Levens with plenty of strong dairy bullocks selling over the £1100 mark. The bull trade, this week topped at £1130 for Montbeliardes from WR & CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh.

Calves and Stirks
The weekly sale of calves had 77 forward selling to a continued strong trade even with a few less buyers ringside this week taking advantage of the good weather getting silage and hay. All buyers will be back next week so get your calves into Lancaster. An exceptional Simmental bull calf lead the way this week selling to £510 from ME Kidd, Out Rawcliffe. This was closely followed by a consignment of Hereford weanlings from J-CH-JG Bland, Silverdale selling to £425, £405 twice and £400. A Charolais bull calf from JE & S Seedall, Mellor sold to £390. Plenty of good types of beef calves continue to regularly sell in excess of the £300 pound mark. A smaller entry of Black and White calves forward saw all sizes well bid for. They topped at £150 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with strong rearing calves continuing to sell over the £100 mark.

The monthly sale of stirks at Lancaster continues to grow and the July sale was no different, this year saw an increase throughput of 22% on the year. Both local and travelled buyers ensured that a bouyant trade was had. Stronger harder stirks that could be turned out to continue being grazed where eagerly sought after today with buyers maybe slightly cautious of younger native bred heifers. Dairy bullocks and bulls met plenty of demand.
Steers lead the way in the stirk ring with Angus’ topping at £790 from ME & J Swarbrick, Stalmine. This was closely followed by British blues to £775 from JE Harrison, Greenhalgh and £770 for yearling Herefords from PA & D Slater, Barnacre with Angus’s to the same price from S Kellet and Sons, Pilling. Plenty of grazing bullocks selling over the seven-hundred-pound mark.
The heifer trade peaked at £760 from a Charolais from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock with Angus heifers from the home selling to £690. There was a larger quantity of bulls on the market today that saw British Blues sell to £745 from O & H Melling, Kirkham. Dairy bulls from the same home saw Flekviehs to £690 and £650. Black and White bullocks sold to £570 from ME & J Swarbrick, Stalmine with plenty of other bullocks and bulls selling around the five-hundred-pound mark.

Top Prices

BRITISH BLUE: £1400 Sunnyside Farm, Ninezergh, £1300 Low Levens, Gibraltar Farm, £1290 Overhouses, £1250 Kitchen Ground Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1390 Outerthwaite Farm, £1330 Rowell Farm, £1300 Deansbiggin, £1290, £1250 Ellers Farm, £1250 Low Levens. LIMOUSIN: £1340 Kirkland Hall Farm, £1250 Dunningwell Farm, £1150 Ellers Farm, £1080 Dunningwell Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1310 Deansbiggin, £1220 Dunningwell Farm, £1160 Deansbiggin. HEREFORD: £1240 Rowell Farm, £1200 Ellers Farm, £1180 Outerthwaite Farm, £1140 Holme House, £1120 Rowell Farm, Deansbiggin. CHAROLAIS: £1220 Holme House. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1140 Low Levens, £1130 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1090 Betts Farm, £1020 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1010 New Laund Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1120 Ninezergh, £860 New Laund Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £1120 Ninezergh. MEUSE RHINE ISSEL: £1120 Ninezergh. AYRSHIRE: £600 Shepherds Hill Farm.

LIMOUSIN: £1290 Greenways, £1160 Low Stanger Thwaite, £1150 Kirkland Hall Farm, £1140 Gibraltar Farm, £1120 Low Pleasant, £1090 Elston Old Hall. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1280, £1260 Rowell Farm, £1240 Steadbank, Lodge Cottage, £1200 Midge Hall Farm, £1190 White Lee Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1200 Abrahams Farm, £1190 Lower Castle O Trim, £1180 Gibraltar Farm, £1160 Burnt House Farm, Stubb Hall Farm, £1140 Gibraltar Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1130 Wood Nook Farm, £860 Kitchen Ground Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1120 Steadbank, £1020 Holme House. SIMMENTAL: £1040 Intack Farm. HEREFORD: £1000 Gardners Farm, Holme House Farm, £940 Holme House.

MONTBELIARDE: £1130 Cumming Carr Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £960 Plantation Farm. LIMOUSIN: £960 Plantation Farm. CHAROLAIS: £940, £810, £730 Plantation Farm.

HEREFORD: £360, £355 Arnside Tower Farm, £290 Catshaw Hall Farm, £280, £270, £250 Arnside Tower Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £350, £280 Arnside Tower Farm, £260 Bailey Hey Farm, £170 North Farm. CHAROLAIS: £340, £270 Lathwaite Farm. SIMMENTAL: £245 Sellerley Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £325 Belmont Farm, £320 Cote Farm, £305 Belmont Farm, £290 Tills Farm, Belmont Farm. LIMOUSIN: £230 Gibsons Farm. SHORTHORN: £190, £140 Cote Farm.

SIMMENTAL: £510 Crook Farm. HEREFORD: £425, £405 Arnside Tower Farm, £320, £295, £265 Sellerley Farm. CHAROLAIS: £390 Bolton Fold Farm, £335 Quakers Farm, Lathwaite Farm. LIMOUSIN: £320 Sellerley Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £320, £290, £285 Belmont Farm, £275 North Farm, New Brows Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £265 Bolton Fold Farm, Bailey Hey Farm, £245 North Farm, £205 Bailey Hey Farm. SHORTHORN: £185 Cote Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £155 Catshaw Hall Farm, £120 Tills Farm, £70 Catshaw Hall Farm, £68 Tills Farm, £52 New Brows Farm, £40 Bannister Farm.

HEREFORD: £405, £330, £305 Arnside Tower Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £400 Arnside Tower Farm.

BRITISH BLUE: £745 Grange Farm. FLEKVIEH: £690, £580 Grange Farm, £310 White Lund Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £510, £500 Sandvilla, £465 Grange Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £505, £495 White Lund Farm, £420 Boon Town Farm. BROWN SWISS: £380 Sandvilla. CONTINENTAL: £375 Sandvilla.

CHAROLAIS: £760 Cobble Hey Farm, £460 Lathwaite Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £690 Cobble Hey Farm, £620 Tunstead Farm, £585 Cobble Hey Farm, £490 Fields Farm, £400 Lathwaite Farm, £295 Toad Hall Farm Lodge. BRITISH BLUE: £670 Grange Farm, £600 Higher Hollinhead Farm, £580, £530 Lapwing Close, £480 Boon Town Farm. LIMOUSIN: £660 Cobble Hey Farm. HEREFORD: £600 Higher Hollinhead Farm, £525 Coldcotes Farm, £400 Marlholes Farm, £380 Coldcotes Farm. SHORTHORN: £460 Lapwing Close.

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £790 Bridge Farm, £770 Pilling Hall, £735 Bridge Farm, £710 Tunstead Farm, £600 Fields Farm, £340 Marlholes Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £775, £745 Tunstead Farm, £670 Bridge Farm, £650, £640 Boon Town Farm, £620 Lapwing Close. HEREFORD: £770 Slack Farm, £760, £740, £730, £670 Gardners Farm, £560 Coldcotes Farm. CHAROLAIS: £720, £710 Cobble Hey Farm. LIMOUSIN: £710 Tunstead Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £650, £330 Grange Farm. FLEKVIEH: £650 Grange Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £570 Bridge Farm, £510 Gibsons Farm, £490 Gardners Farm, £480 Gibsons Farm, £475 Parkers Farm, £455 Marlholes Farm.

LIMOUSIN: 217.5 Thornbush Farm, 179.5, 169.5, Overthwaite Farm, 161.5 Botton Hall Farm, 151.5 Thornbush Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 184.5, 157.5 Fleets Farm, 149.5 Harbarrow Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 169.5 Fields Farm, 167.5 Bowsbers Farm, 161.5 Curwen Hill, 157.5 Catshaw Hall Farm, 154.5 White Lund Farm, 151.5 Holme Head. STABILISER: 169.5 Harbarrow Farm, 147.5, 139.5 Park House Farms. BRITISH BLUE: 167.5 Harbarrow Farm, High Tenement Farm, 137.5 Capplethwaite Hall, 114.5 Capplethwaite Hall. BAZADAISE: 164.5 Fingerpost Cottage. FLEKVIEH: 151.5 Holme Head, 149.5 Lathwaite Farm. AYRSHIRE: 144.5, 139.5 Rose Farm, 131.5 Sandvilla, 114.5 Bolton Fold Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 129.5 Harbarrow Farm. JERSEY: 79.5 Hallbeck.

BRITISH BLUE: 204.5 Stubbins Farm. LIMOUSIN: 189.5 Botton Hall Farm, 184.5 Stubbins Farm, 177.5, 174.5 High Tenement Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 177.5, 169.5 Lane Ends Farm, 164.5 Tunsteads Farm, Marlholes Farm, 161.5 Hallbeck, 154.5 White Lund Farm. FLEKVIEH: 174.5 White Lund Farm.

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 149.5 Cliftons Farm, 114.5 Park House Farms.

ABERDEEN ANGUS: 179.5, 161.5 Cliftons Farm. HEREFORD: 169.5, 149.5 Cobble Hey Farm. STABILISER: 159.5 Park House Farm. CHAROLAIS: 147.5 Plantation Farm.

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