Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 30th August

Store Cattle

The Store Cattle trade remains very similar with little movement in the current deadweight cattle price. Angus bullocks lead the way this week selling to £1180 from J & CG Redmayne of Samlesbury with others selling to £1160 from JD & GM Bracken of Catterall. Charolais bullocks topped at £1150 from TJ Robinson of Milnthorpe with Limousin bullocks to £1140 from TE, JS & SA Carruthers of Kendal. The heifer trade was topped at £1100 for Angus’ from SJ Brass of Ingleton. Dairy bullcoks topped at £1080 for Montbeliarde from RH Dodgson of Burton in Lonsdale.

OTM Cattle

There was a smaller entry of Cast Cows forward with 95 that saw fit cows selling to a sharper trade and other types selling to a very similar trade to the previous weeks. An overall market average this week of 112p/kg was achieved for all cattle forward. Leading the way was a British Blue OTM steer from A & L Huddleston of Wray selling to 169.5p/kg with Montbeliarde heifers selling to 151.5p/kg from A & FM Bolland of Ellel. Limousin cows topped at 147.5p/kg twice for Limousins from MA & JA Winn of Burneside and NJ & L Allan of Killington. Better meated dairy cows regularly sold in excess of the 130p/kg mark. Top price per head was a Limousin bull from L Atkinson of New Hutton selling to £1179. Dairy cows sold to £1065 for Montbeliardes from A & FM Bolland of Ellel with Friesians selling to £1024 from G & ME Woodhouse and Son of Ellel.

Calves and Stirks

The monthly sale of Stirks at Lancaster followed by Calves attracted an entry of 179 forward, the Stirk trade was mixed with well grown hardened off stirks, that had been grazing, in strong demand and younger and softer types harder to place. Black and whites saw good quality types in plenty of demand. Leading the way was yearling British Blue steers selling to £755 and £700 from J Miller of Garstang, who also sold Angus steers to £700 with Angus steers selling to a top of £720. Limousin bullocks topped at £655 from R & J Parkinson of Preesall. Bulls toped at £640 for six-month-old Angus’ from JK & B Birkett and Son of Morecambe. The heifer trade was topped by J & G Thornley of Kirkham with British Blues at £575. Dairy bullocks saw Norwegian reds sell to a top of £450 from MD Close and Son of Arkholme with Black and White bulls selling to £405 from RE & P Miller of Barnacre.

The calf trade was slightly easier for calves reflecting in the easier trade for prime and forward stores. A consignment of calves from I & AJ Armer of Burneside saw Charolais heifers sell to £340 and £315 with Charolais bulls selling to £330. British Blue bull calves sold to £255 from Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale with black and white bull calves from the same home selling to £80.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

Aberdeen Angus £1180 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £1160 Greenlands Farm, £1100 New House Farm, £1090 Billinge Hall. Charolais £1150 Rowell Farm, £1100 Kilburn House, £1070 Billinge Hall. South Devon £1140 Kilburn House. Simmental £1140 Upp Hall, £1090 Batty Farm, £1000 Cock Hall Farm. Limousin £1140 Red Scar, Upp Hall, £1020 Higher Stanworth Farm, £1000 Cock Hall Farm. British Blue £1110 Pasture House Farm, £1100 Yew Tree Farm, £1100 Batty Farm, £1080 Greenlands Farm, £1070 Windy Hill Farm. Montbeliarde £1080, £1040 Kilburn House. Stabiliser £1040 Rowell Farm. Hereford £1040 Higher Stanworth Farm, £1000 Cock Hall Farm, £970 Higher Stanworth Farm. Muse Rhine Issel £1040 Littlewood Hall Farm. Continental £1030 Stanworth Farm. Shorthorn £1000 Cock Hall Farm. Fleckvieh £1000 Cock Hall Farm. Blonde £1000 Cock Hall Farm. Friesian £990 Lower House, £850 Staffords Farm, £790 Barn Hill Farm.

Store Heifer

Aberdeen Angus £1100 Church Street, £1040 Yew Tree Farm, £960 Kays Farm. British Blue £1070, £1040 Gibraltar Farm. Simmental £1000 Intack Farm. Limousin £980 High Snab, £910 Gibraltar Farm. Charolais £900 Corney Hill Farm. Hereford £900 Batty Farm.


Limousin 147.5 High Underbrow, Beck House, Aberdeen Angus 137.5 Rye Close, 129.5 Intack Farm. 804, 127.45 High Underbrow Farm, 111.5 Sunny Bank Farm. Friesian 134.5 Cote Farm, 131.5 Sellerley Farm, 129.5 Boldens Farm, Cuerdale Hall Farm. Montbeliarde 134.5, 131.5 Yeat House, 114.5 Holme Head, 107.5 Heversham Gardens. British Blue 129.5 Beck House. Shorthorn 124.5 Common Farm. Muse Rhine Issle 124.4 Littlewood Hall Farm. Hereford 124.5 Beck House. Fleckvieh 124.5, 117.5 Holme Head, 109.5, 107.5 Green Lane End Farm. Longhorn 109.5 Ellwood Croft.

OTM Heifer

Montbeliarde 151.5, 147.5 Yeat House. Friesian 141.5 High Snab, 137.5 Kiln Hall, 119.5 Downlands Farm. Hereford 127.5 Broder Rigg.

Cast Steer

British Blue 169.5 Overhouses. Friesian 131.5 Yew Tree Farm, 114.5, 111.5, 109.5 Cliftons Farm.

Cast Bull

Limousin 124.5 Dubside. Stabiliser 119.5 Woodside Farm.

Heifer Calf

Charollais £340, £315 Bowston Hall. Limousin £250, £210 Bowston Hall, £210 Deansbiggin, £165 Bowston Hall, Deansbiggin. British Blue £190 Deansbiggin. Shorthorn £90 Far Audlands.

Bull Calf

Charolais £330, £285 Bowston Hall. British Blue £255 Catshaw Hall Farm. Limousin £120 Bowston Hall. Shorthorn £95, £90 Far Audlands. Friesian £80, £72, £70 Catshaw Hall Farm.

Bull Stirk

Aberdeen Angus £640, £430 White Lund Farm, £390 Green Lane Farm. British Blue £530 White Lund Farm, £465 Green Lane Farm, £365, £280 Newfield. Friesian £405, £255 Lower Lingart.

Heifer Stirk

British Blue £575 Derby Lodge Farm, £490 Boon Town Farm , £480 Green Lane Farm, £470 Docker Hall Farm. Limousin £495 Springfield House, £470 Marlholes, £445 Tunstall Hall, £440 Bowfield Farm. Aberdeen Angus £475, £430 Docker Hall Farm, £410 Green Lane Farm.

Steer Stirk

British Blue £755, £700 Sussex Drive. Aberdeen Angus £700 Sussex Drive. Limousin £655, £540 Springfield House, £535 Marlholes Farm, £525 Tunstall Hall. Charolais £515 Longstripes Farm. Hereford £460 Bowfield Farm, £420 Longwood House. Simmental £425 Sellerley Farm. Friesian £370 Boon Town Farm, Bank Wood.

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