Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle Sell to £1500 at Lancaster

Store Cattle

There was a fantastic catalogue entry of 483 Store Cattle this week. The day’s trade was topped at £1500 for an Aberdeen Angus Bullock from CB Heald and Son of Ingleton which was closely followed by JD & GM Bracken of Garstang selling a pair of Angus Bullocks to £1490. Bullocks from RH Dodgson of Burton in Kendal sold to £1480 for a Charolais and £1440 for a Limousin. A large consignment of Charolais Bullocks from P & R Galligan of Woodford saw a pair top at £1390. Aberdeen Angus Heifers sold to £1330 from JD & GM Bracken of Garstang.

Black and White Bullocks sold to £1270 from WS Burrow & Son of Silverdale.


The weekly sale of Calves and Stirks saw a bumper entry of 100 forward.

A run of British Blue Bull Calves sold to £428 with others selling to £412 and £400 from AW & AM Park of Elle. Limousin Bull calves topped at £410 from JN & J Capstick of Brant Beck
Hereford Heifer Calves sold to £305 from Cornthwaite Moors Ltd of Poulton-Le-Fylde with the same good home selling Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £290. Beef calves were eagerly bid for but were in short supply to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

Black and White Calves sold to £95 from Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale.

There was 18 Stirks forward which saw a slightly easier trade due to purchasers cautious of buying due to the weather. A consignment of Stirks from Cornthwaite Moors Ltd saw British Blue Bullocks sell to £490, Aberdeen Angus Bullocks sell to £480, British Blue Heifers sell to £425 and Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £400.

Cast Cows

Once again, the Cast Cow ring saw a large entry of 125 forward selling to a full ringside of buyers which saw an overall average of 120p/kg achieved.

Cast Cows sold to 194.5p/kg for a Limousin Cow from NJ & L Allan of Killington. Dairy Bred Cows sold to 171.5p/kg from J & M Sanderson of Wesham, which also made the top price of Cast Cows selling to £1233.09.
Cast Heifers sold to 184.5p/kg for a Montbeliarde from WR & CM Lawrenson of Preston.

The overall top price of the day was £1315.60 for a Aberdeen Angus Bull from DW & NM Alderson of Middleton.

Top Prices

Store Bullock

FR: £1270 Gibraltar Farm; £1170 Bensons Farm; £1080 Low Levens. AA: £1500 Broats Farm; £1490 Greenlands Farm; £1350 Daniel Fold Farm. SHO: £1080 Cock Hall Farm; £1060 Spout House Farm. WB: £1090 Forton Bank Farm. LIM: £1440 Kilburn House; £1360 Daniel Fold Farm; £1330 Old Glasson. B/SWISS: £1080 Old Glasson. CHAR: £1480 Kilburn House; £1390 218 Woodford Road; £1290 Shay House. HFD: £1110 Ellers Farm; £1070 Holmgarth; £1060 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1390 Broats Farm; £1260 Scotch Green Farm; £1250 Fellside Farm. BB: £1290 Hill Park; £1280 Gibraltar Farm; £1280 Old Glasson. MON: £1240 Kilburn House; £1180 Middle Grange Farm; £1170 Green Lane End Farm. BAZ: £770 Butler Arms Farm. SRW: £1070 Cragg Farm; £950 Fanny House Farm. FKV: £1190 Old Glasson; £1050 Green Lane End Farm.

Store Heifer

FR: £680 Bambers Farm. AA: £1330 Greenlands Farm; £1140 Middle Grange Farm; £1100 Cumming Carr Farm. SHO: £950 Ivy Barn. LIM: £1080 Rowell Farm; £970 Ellers Farm; £850 Low Woodedge Farm. CHAR: £1270 Barrowfield; £1140 Hawkrigg End; £1070 Moser Hill. HFD: £840 Ellers Farm; £650 Singleton Grange Farm. SIM: £1190 Rowell Farm; £1160 Ivy Barn; £1160 Bank House Farm. BB: £1160 Wilson House Farm; £1110 Cragg Farm; £1090 Ellers Farm. BAZ: £850 Butler Arms Farm.


FRI: 171.50 Pasture Barn Farm; 159.50 Borrans Farm; 134.50 Bank End Farm. AA: 117.50 164.50 Gateside Farm. LIM: 194.50 Beck House; 174.50 Overhouses; 151.50 Hill Park. CHAR: 121.50 Beck House. HFD: 154.50 Snapewood Farm. SIM: 164.50 154.50 Bank House Farm; 119.50 Sunny Bank Farm. BB: 144.50 Oak Head Bank; 139.50 Oak Head Farm; 107.50 Thornton Hall. MON: 139.50 Millom Castle; 104.50 White Lund Farm. SRW: 129.50 Walkers I’th Fields; 117.50 White Lund Farm. NOR: 129.50 Holme Head. BLO: 121.50 Holme House Farm. BB: 154.50 Intack Farm; 137.50 Thornton Hall.

OTM Heifer

FR: 159.50 North Farm; 151.50 Stubb Place Farm; 144.50 Sandvilla. LIM: 159.50 Lambrigg Head Farm; 149.50 Green Dragon Farm. SIM: 149.50 Oak Head Bank. MON: 184.50 Cumming Carr Farm.
Cast Bullock: FR: 159.50 Corney Hill Farm.

Cast Bull

FR: 89.50 Liscoe Farm. AA: 184.50 High Green; 149.50 Snapewood Farm.

Heifer Calf

AA: £290 £280 Moors Farm; £290 Pump House Farm; £260 Brown Brook. LIM: £165 North Farm. HFD: £305 £290 Moors Farm; £190 Kitchlow Farm. BB: £300 Espford Farm; £275 Stubb Place Farm.

Bull Calf

FR: £95 Catshaw Hall Farm; £80 Espford Farm; £75 Blackleach House Farm. AA: £280 Tills Farm; £250 Pump House Farm. LIM: £410 £405 Brant Beck; £270 North Farm. BB: £428 Walkers I’th Fields. FKV: £200 Pump House Farm.
Heifer Stirk: AA: £400 Moors Farm; £390 28 Northgate. BB: £425 £400 Moors Farm.

Bullock Stirk

FR: £180 28 Northgate. AA: £480 £470 Moors Farm. BB: £490 £470 Moors Farm.

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