Lancaster Livestock Auction: 20% of Cattle Sell in Excess of £1200

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle, once again, had an entry in excess of 300 forward, selling to a decent trade and it was good to see one or two buyers returning round the ring. Well-fleshed cattle and stylish well-bred cattle always sell to a premium at Lancaster with a larger quantity of Black and Whites forward today meeting plenty of demand.

Fifteen Cattle sold in excess of £1400 topping twice at £1520, firstly by a British Blue Bullock from MS Dugdale & Sons of Tewitfield and then a pen of Aberdeen Angus and Limousin Bullocks from T & M Halhead of Priest Hutton.

A pen of Charolais Bullocks from RH Dodgson of Burton in Lonsdale sold to £1490. Vendors are, once again, reminded that buyers like to purchase cattle batched in larger groups.

Heifers sold to £1380 for Simmentals from KG & LM Park of Witherslack. Nearly 20% of the Cattle sold in excess of £1200 today. A pen of five Black and White Bullocks sold to a top of £1070

Cast Cows

There was a larger entry of Cast Cows forward this week, with 92 forward selling to an overall market average of 121p/kg.
OTM Heifers continue to sell well at Lancaster with heifers topping at 194.5p/kg or £1137 for Herefords from P & A Bell of Pilling. Black and White OTM Heifers sold to 171.5p/kg and 164.5p/kg from E & N Wright and Sons of Roeburndale East with other Black and White Heifers from B Butterfield & Son of Burton in Kendal sold to 169.5p/kg of £1074.

Beef Cows sold to a top of 179.5p/kg from JA & J Harper of Killington with Limousin Cows.

Black and White cows sold to a top of 144.5p/kg or £1353 from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel.


There was 40 Calves for the Weekly Calf Sale at Lancaster this week selling to a top price of £370 twice, firstly for Aberdeen Angus Bull Calves from David & Eileen Wallbank of Over Wyresdale and secondly by J & G Thornley Ltd, Roseacre with a British Blue Bull.

Aberdeen Angus Bulls sold to £360 and Hereford Bulls £355. J & R Newsham and Son of Conder Green sold 16 days Simmental Bull Calves to £300.

Black and White Bull Calves sold to a top of £130 and £115 from D & E Wallbank of Over Wyresdale with Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale selling to £115 and WN & S Smith & Sons of Cockerham achieved £115 and £120. All Black and Whites forward sold to a market average of £84

Breeding Sheep

The second sale of breeding sheep and breeding rams at Lancaster took place on Friday 1st September. Gimmer shearlings sold to a top of £148 for Texel x Beltex from S & SE Capstick of Warton with Texel x mules shearlings from EI, EA & TW Wilson of Flookburgh selling to £135 and mules selling to £130 twice. Mule one crop ewes sold to £125 and £120 from PD Anderton of Scorton with aged Texel ewes selling to £98 from A & J Rhodes of Ellel. Just a small handful of breeding rams forward saw Beltex x Texel tups shearlings sell to £200 and rams lambs to £150 from S & SE Capstick of Warton.

Top Prices


BRB: £1520 Tewitfield Farm; £1320 High Green; £1300 New House Farm. LIM: £1520 Upp Hall; £1400 Tewitfield Farm; £1200 Threlfalls Farm. AA: £1520 Upp Hall; £1490 Weavers Farm; £1460 184 Kirkham Road. CHAR: £1490 Kilburn House; £1190 Higher Broomfield. HERE: £1270 Godson House Farm; £1150 High Green; £1100 Windy Hill Farm. JER: £1200 Threlfalls Farm. MON: £1180 Godson House Farm; £1050 Lane House. SIM: £1140 New Ridge Farm; £1000 Low Fell End. FR: £1070 Threlfalls Farm; £1060 Colloway Farm; £910 Fellside Farm.


SIM: £1380 Low Fell End. BRB: £1260 Threlfalls Farm; £1190 Newsham Hall Farm; £1170 Windy Hill Farm. LIM: £1200 Red Scar; £1140 New House Farm; £1050 1 River View. AA: £1180 Low Levens; £1180 Foredales Farm; £1140 Windy Hill Farm. CHAR: £1160 Langthwaite Heights; £1000 Lane House. FR: £1040 Low Levens.


LIM: 179.5 Capplethwaite Hall. AA: 154.5 Upp Hall; 149.5 Post Office Farm; 144.5 Cragg Farm. BRB: 149.5 Capplethwaite Hall; 144.5 Overhouses. MRI: 144.5 Village Farm. FR: 144.5 Walkers I’th Fields; 139.5 Park Farm; 139.5 Derby Lodge Farm. SRW: 139.5 White Lund Farm; 129.5 Walkers I’th Fields. BRB: 129.5 Brookside. MON: 119.5 White Lund Farm.


HERE: 194.5 Village Farm. FR: 171.5 Allcocks Farm; 169.5 Moss House Farm. LIM: 134.5 Green Dragon Farm.


LIM: 154.5 Yew Tree House; 139.5 Green Dragon Farm.


SIM: 164.5 Fellside Farm. LIM: 129.5 Quarry House Farm.


BRB: £290 Tills Farm. HERE: £255 Derby Lodge Farm; £130 Forton Hall Farm.


BRB: £370 Derby Lodge Farm. AA: £370 Tills Farm; £360 Derby Lodge Farm. HERE: £355 Derby Lodge Farm; £295 Barrow Greaves Farm. SIM: £300 Sellerley Farm. FR: £130 Tills Farm; £120 Catshaw Hall Farm; £115 Cocker House Farm.


MULE: £125, £120 Wyre Farm.


TEX: £148 Kellameragh Barn; £135 Guides Farm. MULE: £130 Guides Farm; £118 Park Farm Barn. SUFF: £125 Park Farm Barn.


TEX: £150x3; £145 Kellameragh Barn.


BEL: £200x3, £190 Kellameragh Barn.

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