Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle Friday 17th November

Store Cattle

There was another large entry of Store Cattle for the time of year today, which is great to see at Lancaster, fulfilling the requirements of a busy ringside of buyers. All specification of cattle sold to a sharper trade with today’s trade topped by D & NS Alderson, High Green selling Charolais Bullocks to £1460. Limousins twice topped at £1330 from DE & SM Moorhosue, High House and BN Greenwood, Daniel Fold Farm. There was a dozen cattle that sold for £1300 or more.

As always at Lacnaster, native bred cattle were in strong demand, with Angus bullocks topping at £1330 from L Parsons & Sons, Low Levens. A pen of three Hereford bullocks topped at £1240 from R Escolme of Ivy Barn.

Heifers sold to a top of £1160, twice, firstly for Charolais from R & C Parkinson of Hambleton and secondly for Limousins from JD & GM Bracken of Greenlands Farm.

Black and white bullocks topped at £1110 and £1080 from R & E Ladds, Benson Hall Farm with yearling black and white bullocks selling £500 from RW Bainbridge & Son of Outfield Farm.

All sizes and ages of cattle are in demand at Lancaster.

OTM Cattle

Once again, another big entry of Cast cows forward at Lancaster saw 145 sell to another brisk trade with the entry being mainly made up of plain dairy parlour cows.

Cast Bullocks and Heifers continue to be in plenty of demand at Lancaster with Angus Heifers topping at 184.5p/kg from P & A Bell, Village Farm. Beef cows sold to a top of 159.5p/kg for British Blues from Ballacutchel Farms who also sold Limousin cows to 151.5p/kg. Best beef were regularly selling in the 140p/kg mark. Heavy beef cows sold to a top of £1202 from JL & LM Clarke of Beckside with Dairy cows topping at £1165 for Fleckvieh from EW & RM Towers of Holme Head with Black and White cows topping at £1052 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel.

An overall market average of 113p/kg was achieved with dairy cows selling to a market average of 105p/kg.

Please could vendors make sure they have completed the correct paperwork before attending the sale. Which are available from our office or downloaded from the website.

Calves and Stirks

There was a similar entry of 40 calves and stirks forward this week, with the majority of the calves being beef bred, all of which were eagerly bid for, selling to a very competitive trade with many saying the trade was outdoing many local auction centres.

Topping the trade today was the Cornthwaite Family of Moors Farm, selling British Blues selling to a top of £390 for a bull and heifers sold to £310. Herefords from the same good home sold to £330. Good conformation beef calves were regularly selling in the £300 and younger beef calves selling in the mid to late two hundreds. All British Blue Bull calves sold to a market average of £305.

Once again, a competitive black and white trade at Lancaster saw best rearing types sell in excess of £100, topping at £120 from David and Elieen Wallbank, Tills Farm, with Colin Birkett selling calves to £118, twice. There was more interest in little bobby calves today which saw them selling either side of the £30 mark. All black and whites forward sold to a market average of £65.

Just a handful of Angus Steer stirks in the market today, being 5 month old sucklers, sold to £500 from K & A Nicholson of Applegarth.

Top Prices

Store Bullock

Friesian: £1110, £1080 Benson Hall; £1030 Moss House Farm; £880 Sunderland Brows Farm. Angus: £1300 Low Levens; £1280 Hawkrigg End; £1250 Lowgill Farm; £1240 Kilburn House. Short Horn: £740 Snapewood Farm. Limousin: £1330 High House Farm; £1330 Daniel Fold Farm; £1300 High Green; £1290 Station Hotel. Charolais: £1460 High Green; £1290 Langthwaite Heights; £1280 High House Farm. Hereford: £1240 Ivy Barn; £1120 Cock Hall Farm; £1070 Hawkrigg End. Simmental: £1120 New Ridge Farm; £1060 Bouthwaite Farm; £960 Stubb Hall Farm. Stabiliser: £1040 £970 Park House Farm. British Blue: £1300 £1270 High Green; £1170 Low Hundhowe; £1170 Benson Hall. Montbeliarde: £1260 High Green; £1060 Bouthwaite Farm. Swedish Red & White: £1060 Middle Ridge Farm; £1030 Moss House Farm. Fleckvieh £640 Throstle Nest Farm.

Store Heifer

Friesian: £830 Holly House Farm; £740 Old Hall Farm. Angus: £1120 Greenlands Farm; £1120 Sowerby Lodge; £1100 Rowell Farm. Short Horn: £1040 Rowell Farm; £1020 Bouthwaite Farm; £900 Ivy Barn. Limousin: £1160 Greenlands Farm; £1150 Low Levens; £1100 Toulbrick Farm; £1070 Rowell Farm. Charolais: £1160 Toulbrick Farm; £1060 Gunnerthwaite. Hereford: £1070 Rowell Farm; £1060 Low Levens. Simmental: £960 Marsh House Farm; £940 Stubb Hall Farm. British Blue: £1100 Cragg Farm; £1100 Windy Hill Farm; £1090 Bugle Horn Farm; £1080 Challon Hall Farm. Blonde: £920 Mount Murray.

OTM Cows:

Friesian: 149.5 Cote Farm; 149.5 Elm Tree Farm; 139.5 Green Dragon Farm; 139.5 Deerslet Farm. Ayrshire: 99.5 Hodgkinson Farm. Angus: 147.5 Beckside; 134.5 Low Groves Farm; 134.5 Ellers Farm. Short Horn: 107.5 Mount Murray. Galloway: 84.5 Middle Ridge Farm. Limousin: 151.5 Mount Murray; 149.5 Farleton House; 147.5 Beckside. SD: 141.5 Braida Garth. Charolais: 139.5 Braida Garth. Simmental: 144.5 Mount Murray. Stabiliser: 144.5 Mount Murray. Montbeliarde: 134.5, 117.5 Lane House; 114.5 White Lund Farm. Swedish Red & White: 94.5 White Lund Farm. Fleckvieh: 147.5 Holme Head. Blonde: 141.5 Mount Murray. Jersey: 101.5 Birkland Barrow.

OTM Heifers

Friesian: 149.5 131.5 Batty Hill; 124.5 Spital Farm; 119.5 Blackleach House Farm. Angus: 184.5 Village Farm. Montbeliarde: 144.5 White Lund Farm. Swedish Red & White: 134.5 Docker Hall Farm; 124.5 Sandvilla.

Cast Bullocks:

Friesian: 164.5 low Deepslack; 119.5 Ivy Farm. Limousin: 131.5 Mount Murray; 94.5 High Green. British Blue: 149.5 High Green. Jersey: 104.5 Ivy Farm.

Cast Bull:

Limousin: 124.5 Beckside. Montbeliarde: 114.5 Lowfields Farm

Heifer Calves:

Limousin: £190 Moors Farm. Hereford: £205 £190 Moors Farm. British Blue: £310 £265 Moors Farm.

Bull Calves:

Friesian: £120 Tills Farm; £118 Netherbeck Barn; £115 Tills Farm. Angus: £275 Moors Farm; £250 Barrow Greaves Farm. Hereford: £330 Moors Farm; £210 Barrow Greaves Farm. British Blue: £390 £330 Moors Farm; £270 North Farm.

Steer Stirk

Angus: £500 Applegarth.

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