J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle, Thursday 16th May 2024


The fortnightly sale of calves at Junction 36 saw the trade go up another gear. British Blue bulls were the pick of the day with the sale topping twice at £540 for five to six week olds from Dolphenby Farming Ltd, Penrith and A Pickthall, New Hutton. Numerous British Blue rearing bulls broke the £500 barrier. Charolais bulls sold to £490 from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall with Limousins at £455 and Aberdeen Angus at £435 from this good home. A few younger bulls forward sold to £270 for three week old British Blues from TK Robinson & Sons, Old Hutton. A handful of dairy bred bulls in today sold to £270 for a Fleckvieh from R Heath, Bootle with black and whites £100 to £150.
Heifer calves sold to a top of £530 for a cracking Limousin from R&J Dodgson, Natland followed by Charolais’s at £485 from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall and month olds sold to £335 for British Blues from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with Simmentals at the same price from MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton.


An entry of over seventy reared and weaned calves saw a full ring side of local and travelled buyers, all keen to secure stock for turnout. Steers sold to £860 for a pen full of British Blue cross, with others at £820 and £810. Native sired steers sold to £790 for Aberdeen Angus with young suckler breds to £760. Dairy breds sold to £710 for Fleckviehs. Younger recently weaned steers sold to £690 for Aberdeen Angus cross with Limousin cross to £600 and Holstein Friesian selling to £490.
Heifer stirks sold to £840 for British Blue cross with stronger six month olds heifers regularly £600 to £750. Younger native heifers sold to £650 for Aberdeen Angus cross, with other at £550 and Hereford cross also £550. Younger recently weaned British Blue cross heifer sold to £540. The best six month old British Blue cross bulls sold to £720 with four month old Aberdeen Angus cross bulls to £560 and a ring full at £510.


The annual May show and sale of pedigree bulls and females saw a strong trade for all sold. Pedigree Charolais bulls sold to 3500gns for Trefaldwyn Tokyo consigned by RA Owen, who sold others at fourteen months to 2700gns. An eight year old Limousin bull Whittakerhall Navigator consigned by DP Escolme sold to 2500gns. Native sired bull saw Herefords sell to 2600gns from B&S Milby, with Amberfield 1 Wizard to 2500gns consigned by Messrs Hewson.
A consigned of Charolais heifers with calves from GJ&G Billington, Garstang saw their best sell to 3600gns and 3200gns with a heifer calves at foot.


The first cow and calf sale of the spring saw plenty of interest with Saler heifers with Limousin calves selling to £2500 from JE&DJ Hutchinson, Sedbergh who sold others to £2200. First cross British Blue heifers with month old Limousin heifer calves sold to £2200 from CD Slinger & LJ Eaton, Sedbergh with the same home selling others to £2100. An eight year old cow with an Aberdeen Angus heifer calf sold to £1500 from R&SA Rawsthorne, Cark in Cartmel.
Entries are wanted for our next beef breeding sale on Thursday 13th June.


An increases number of cows forward, sold to an overall 178p/kg, for an entry of predominantly dairy cows. Of the few beef cows forward, these sold to a top 234p/kg for Aberdeen Angus cross from TM&D Dobson, Crosthwaite. Other stronger end beef cows were regularly 200p/kg to 220p/kg, with feeding types 185p/kg to 200p/kg. Top grossing being an Aberdeen Angus from MW&PA Rollason, Meathop achieving £1809. Dairy cows sold to 209p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Strickland Hill Farm, Witherslack with other stronger end dairy cross 185p/kg to 200p/kg, with the best parlour types 170p/kg to 185p/kg and lighter weight and leaners sorts 145p/kg to 160p/kg. Top grossing Black and White being a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg, Kendal achieving £1832.
OTM steers averaging 208p/kg, selling to 214p/kg for a Belted Galloways from S&A Gardner, Carnforth and £1164 for a Hereford from S&M Carter, Witherslack.
OTM heifers sold to 229.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus cross from RA&E Edmondson, Levens with dairy heifers to 219.5p/kg and £1376 for a Holstein Friesian from RR&JA Knowles, Docker.
Cull stock bulls sold to 209.5p/kg and £2055 for a Limousin from J&SE Woof, Dent with Herefords to 174.5p/kg and £1832 from DJ Dickinson, Ulverston.


With the grass growing outside, trade heated up. Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold to £1740 from BJ Bowness, Kendal who sold others to £1730. The strongest bullocks were regularly £1560 to £1600. Yearling bullocks saw plenty of demand, with Blondes selling to £1440 from SJ&NS Wood, Windermere. A pair of Luings sold to £1370 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth with Limousins to £1320 from S Wood, Hawkshead. Grazing bullock as were regularly selling at £950 to £1050.
Limousin heifers sold to £1590 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton with British Blue heifers to £1380 from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe who sold large pens to £1310. The strongest heifers sold at £1300 to £1400. Yearling grazing heifers were well sort after, with the best to £1300 from WA Hodgeson, Selside. Aberdeen Angus sold to £1260 from T&D Wright, Wray with the youngest smart bred sorts £900 to £1000.
A small show of bulls forward today, with new men round the ring ensuring a strong trade was seen. Eight month old South Devon bulls sold to £1070 from AT Threlkeld, Satterthwaite with Shorthorns to £1060 for JK Higgs, Ulverston.

Top Prices


British Blue: £540 £530 Dolphenby Farm, £540 Borrans Farm, £520 Townhead Farm, £500 Borrans Farm. Charolais: £490 Tunstall Hall, £ 430 Holmescales Farm. Limousin: £455 £450 £365 Tunstall Hall, £180 Holmescales Farm. Angus: £435 Tunstall Hall. Blonde: £340 £230 £180 Midtown Farm. Fleckvieh: £270 £220 Midtown Farm. Friesian: £160 Holmescales Farm, £115 Low Brundrigg.


Limousin: £530 Cracalt Farm, £380 Tunstall Hall. Charolais: £485 Tunstall Hall. British Blue: £390 £360 Townhead Farm, £350 £345 £330 Dolphenby Farm, £350 Hagg Farm, £335 Elm Tree Farm. Angus: £375 Tunstall Hall, £240 £220 Elm Tree Farm. Simental: £335 Holmescales Farm. Hereford: £170 Dolphenby Farm. Blonde: £100 £80 Midtown Farm.


Charolais: £770 Cragg House Farm. British Blue: £720 Townhead Farm. Angus: £560 £510 Hill Crest Farm. Limousin: £350 Hill Crest Farm.


British Blue: £840 £720 £660 Holme House Farm, £650 £560 Crosby Ravensworth, £540 £460 Crest Farm. Limousin: £760 Holme House Farm, £660 High Farm. Angus: £610 Holme House Farm, £560 Moss End Farm, £550 Bank Farm. Hereford: £550 Coldcotes Farm. Friesian: £190 Bank Farm.


British Blue: £860 £820 £810 Holme House Farm. Angus: £790 Holme House Farm, £690 Moss End Farm. Limousin: £760 High Farm, £720 Holme House Farm, £600 Hill Crest Farm. Fleckvieh: £710 £670 £500 Holme House. Friesian: £490 Holme House Farm, £370 Moss End Farm.


Angus: 234.5 189.5 Yak Leaf, 224.5 219.5 Black Bull Cottage, 189.5 Kendal House Farm, 184.5 Cooper House. British Blue: 214.5 High Borrowbridge, 20405 Riddings, 204.5 Field Head. Friesian: 209.5 Strickland Hill, 199.5 Mire House Farm, 194.5 191.5 Jenkin Crag, 191.5 Myers Farm, 191.5 Wall End Farm. Limousin: 209.5 Kendal House Farm, 204.5 Long Green Head, 191.5 Cooper House, 191.5 Ploveriggs Farm, 189.5 High Farm. Saler: 204.5 Millbeck. Hereford: 194.5 Riddings, 189.5 Kendal House Farm. Simmental: 194.5 Kendal House Farm. Continental: 184.5 Wasdyke Farm. Belted Galloway: 179.5 Back O’The Fell Road. Galloway: 171.5 Long Green Head. Fleckvieh: 167.5 Cracalt Farm. Brown Swiss: 139.5 Longworth Farm.


Angus: 229.5 High Barnes. Friesian: £219.5 Myers Farm, 191.5 Heathwaite Farm, 149.5 High Barnes. Limousin: 189.5 Borwick Lodge Farm.


Belted Galloway: 214.5 Rose Cottage, 204.5 199.5. Hereford: 201.5 Black Bull Cottage.


Limousin: 209.5 Rhumes. Hereford: 174.5 Lane Ends Farm.


Angus: £1740 Blea Tarn Road, £1300 Low Groves Farm, £1260 £1150 £1120 Birks Farm, £1010 Crabtree Farm. Blonde: £1440 £1290 £1260 Causeway Farm. Continental: £1370 £1010 Flodder Hall. British Blue: £1330 Broughton House Farm, £1310 Ackenthwaite Farm ,£1140 Villa Farm, £940 Scroggs Farm. Limousin: £1320 Hawkshead Hall Farm, £1290 Cockrigg Farm, £1230 Ackenthwaite Farm, £1200 £1130 Scroggs Farm, £1140 Causeway Farm. Charolais: £1280 The Bungalow, £1150 £1060 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. Hereford: £1270 West Plain Farm, £960 Crabtree Farm, £800 Old School. Simmental: £1220 Kate Farm, £870 Bellart Howe, £650 Keld Farm. Shorthorn: £1180 Beckside Road, £1040 Meathop Park Farm. South Devon: £1100 Bowkerstead Farm. Friesian: £900 Birks Farm, £870 Back O’The Fell Road. Fleckvieh: £890 Back O’The Fell Road. Saler: £880 £840 Fell House. Norwegian Red: £870 Back O’The Fell Road.


Limousin: £1590 Cockrigg Farm, £1300, £1230 Whelpside Farm, £1220 Ackenthwaite Farm, £1110 Scroggs Farm, £1100 Fold Farm, £1080 Borwick Lodge Farm, £1070 Allcocks Farm. British Blue: £1380 Ackenthwaite Farm, £1280 Cockrigg Farm, £1280 Birks Farm, £1270 Bouthwaite Farm, £1200 Cockrigg Farm, £1190 Birks Farm, £1090 Crabtee Farm, £980 Villa Farm. Angus: £1260 Allcocks Farm, £1200 Archers Hall, £1160 Crabtree Farm, £1110 Bleaswood Road, £1090 Low Groves Farm, £1060 Crabtree Farm, £1050 Archers Hall, £1000 Crabtree Farm. Shorthorn: £1260 East Backstone Gill Cottage. Simmental: £1220 Kate Farm, £800 High Skelghyll. Hereford: £1160 East Backstone Gill Cottage, £1100, £1070 West Plain Farm, £1020 Bouthwaite Farm, £980 Mireside Farm, £950 Coldcotes Farm, £900 Mireside Farm. Charolais: £1140, £1020 Dawson Fold, £940 Birch Bank, £930 Angerton Farm, £880 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. Blonde: £950 Causeway Farm. Saler: £880 Hill Farm. Jersey: £800 Low Sizergh Farm. Continental: £800 Low Sizergh Farm.


South Devon: £1070 Bowkerstead Farm. Shorthorn: £1060 Beckside Road. Simmental: £970 Keld Farm

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