J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs, and Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

The weekly sale of prime stock at NWA J36 saw 1524 head forward, with all classes experiencing a rise in trade. Prime hoggs sold to £177 and 352p/kg, Cull Sheep to £180 and Prime Pigs to £230.7


The popular fortnightly sale of pigs saw a rise in trade, with buyers keen to secure all classes and types. Prime pigs sold to a top price of £230 for a pair of Pie Train cross Large White hogs from J Stott, Crosscrake. Closely followed by light weight Pie Train gilts from W Stamper, Chipping achieving £210. Wether hogs achieved £205 from J Stott, Crosscrake and gilts at £200 from J Barkley, Whitehaven. Prime boars sold to £140 from MP Tattersall, Langholm with others at £130 from J Barkley, Whitehaven and J McEwen, Dumfries. Top pence per kilo was 263 achieved by W Stamper, Chipping selling light weight Pie Train gilts. Cull sows sold to £100 from S Jordan, Armathwaite. Several pens of weaners forward saw Large White cross weaner gilts from M&C Greenwood, Middleton sell at £45, with other weaners generally £25 to £30, depending on breed and quality.


- 82 25kg-31kg hoggs averaged 270p/kg or £85
- 202 32-39kg hoggs averaged 302p/kg or £113.50
- 510 39-45kg hoggs averaged 291p/kg or £124
- 250 46-52kg hoggs averaged 290p/kg or £144
- 95 53kg plus hoggs averaged 278p/kg or £155

The weekly sale of hoggs saw the trade peak at £177 for Beltexs from L McCarrick, Chorley with Texels to £173 from T&CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping. Suffolks sold to £172 from L McCarrick, Chorley. Heavy hoggs were in keen demand with these regularly selling at £150 to £160. An improved trade for all best bred and butcher type hoggs was seen, with as pen of eleven Texels selling to 352p/kg from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside with Beltexs to 348p/kg from JA&KJ Allen, Ings. A run of Leicester hoggs sold to £162 from TMW&H Hodgson, Ulverston. A large entry of hill bred hoggs was seen, with Cheviots to £154 from S Crawford, Staveley. Mule hoggs saw a top of £139 from AW&AM Clarke, Windermere with other pens to £136 from Messrs Long & Knipe, Ulverston. Dalesbreds sold to £126 from R Capstick, Ingleton with Rough Fells to the same price from AEA Harrison, Kentmere. Other pens of Rough Fells sold to £124 from PE Allen, Ings. Swaledales sold to £118 from K Wrathall, Broughton in Furness.


409 cull ewes sold to a top price of £180 for pure Texels from J Capstick, Ingleton who sold others at £175. Other pure bred medium ewes were generally £140 to £160. First cross ewes saw Texel cross to £162 from S Mawson & Son, Orton with other well fleshed sorts generally £125 to £140, to include Suffolk cross at £132 from Messrs Long & Knipe, Ulverston. Mediums were nicely selling at £102 to £115, with lighter leaner sorts £80 to £95. Hill bred ewes sold to £135 for Cheviots from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside with Rough Fells to £106 from W&J Penny, Kirkby in Furness. Swaledales sold to £82 from BW&G Robinson, Ingleton with a ring full ring at £81 from PE&M Capstick, Millom. Dalesbreds sold to £80 from R Capstick, Ingleton and Herdwicks to £64 from Messrs Hodgson, Ambleside. Cheviot Mules sold to £129 from D&DW Prickett, Ingleton with others at £127 from B Wilson & Sons, Selside with Rough Fell Mules to £118 from M Bland & Sons, Staveley and North Country Mules £115 from Messrs Long & Knipe, Ulverston. Heavy well fleshed Mules were generally £105 to £115, with mediums £90 to £102 and smaller well fleshed sorts £80 to £88. Small and leaner hill ewes experienced a rise in trade, with the best at £65 to £70, mediums £50 to £60 and the smallest £38 to 365.
A trio of goatlings from M&G German, Middleton sold at £68.
21 cull rams forward saw medium continentals generally £120 to £140, will hill bred rams £80 to £100.

Top Prices


Beltex: £177 Longfield Manor, £138 Cumbrae, £130, £126 St Annes Farm, £109 Holmelands. Texel: £173 Brown Brook, £168 Lane Ends Farm, £166 Fell End Farm, £165 Steel Croft, £164 Fell End Farm, £164 Low Longmire. Suffolk: £172, £168 Longfield Manor, £153 Mansrigg Hall, £146 The Glen, £143 (x2) Lane Ends Farm. Charollais: £166 Lane Ends Farm, £156 Oak Aveune, £152, £143 Lane Ends Farm. Leicester: £162, £156 Arklid Farm, £151 High House Farm, £139 Boundary Beck, £132 Brown Brook, £114 Boundary Beck. Continental: £157 Longfield Manor, £149, £147 High House Farm, £147 The Glen, £140 Underhelm Farm, £139 St Annes Farm. Cheviot: £154, £146 Seedhowe Cottages, £145 Croziers Croft, £142 Mansrigg Hall, £129.50 Poppy Farm, £129 Croziers Croft. Dutch Spotted: £140, £135 Lane Ends Farm. Mule: £139 Low Longmire, £136 The Glen, £124 Well Foot, £117.50 Poppy Farm, £116 Greaves Farm, £115.50 Higher Core Farm. Rough Fell: £126 Millriggs, £124 St Annes Farm, £116 Seedhowe Cottages, £115 St Annes Farm, £110 Seedhowe Cottages, £110 Millriggs. Dalesbred: £126 Fell End Farm, £113.50 Brown Brook, £110 Fell End Farm. Swaledale: £118 Cockley Beck Farm, £113 Millriggs, £107.50 Higher Core Farm, £106 Well Foot, £106 Arklid Farm, £106 Low Longmire. Gritstone: £114, £100 Higher Core Farm. Herdwick: £98 Badger Barn, £83 Cockley Barn Farm, £74 Waterhouse Close.


Texel: £180, £175 Fell End Farm, £166 Bowkerstead Farm, £140, £136 Moor House, £135 Low Gregg Hall. Continental: £163, £128, £76 Moor House. Cheviot: £135, £106 Poppy Farm, £97 High Farm, £96 Ashtead, £82 (2) Poppy Farm. Beltex: £130 Warth Sutton Farm. Cheviot Mules: £129 Farleton House, £127 Ashstead. Suffolk: £132, £112 The Glen. Dorset: £124 Warth Sutton Farm.Mule: £118 Low Fold, £115 The Glen, £111 Oakfield, £109 Hollowmire Farm, £106 Moor House, £100 Low Fold. Charollais: £110 Low Gregg Hall. Leicester: £110 Whicham Hall. Rough Fell: £106 Marsh Grange Farm, £94 High Farm, £90 Low Deepslack, £87 Marsh Grange Farm, £78 Low Fold. Ryeland: £84 Bowkerstead Farm. Swaledale: £82 Burnt House, £81 Whicham Hall, £80 Barrowfield. Dalesbred: £80 Fell End Farm. Goat: £68 Sowermire Farm. Herdwick: £64 Rydal Farm.


Leicester: £138, £98 Whicham Hall, £90 Forest Hall. Texel: £130 Moss End Farm, £126 Todds Farm, £80 Matson Farm. Charollais: £130 Moss End Farm, £100 Cockley Beck Farm. Beltex: £122 Rydal Farm. Continental: £120 High Farm, £80 Matson Farm. Swaledale: £96 Whicham Hall.

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