J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale of Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 17th October 2023


1200 lambs were forward, which sold to a much improved trade on the week with an overall averaged of 261p/kg achieved. Once again weight was selling to a premium at Junction 36, with super heavy Beltex lambs selling to £177 from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston, Texels to £162 from TMW&H Hodgson, Ulverston, £160 twice from JG&BJ Escolme, Killington and JR Handley, Whinfell. Suffolks sold to a top of £145 from DW Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. Continental bred heavy lambs, full of meat were regularly selling at £130 plus. Handy weighted lambs were keenly bid for, with these regularly selling at 265p/kg to 275p/kg. 41kg lambs sold to £120 from J Twigge, Lindale. Beltex lambs sold to a top of 292p/kg from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside with others to 290p/kg from DH Ashworth, Holme. The best bred lambs were regularly selling at 280p/kg to 290p/kg. More Mule and hill bred lambs were on offer today, with Cheviot Mules to £126 from S Crawford, Staveley. Mule lambs sold to £118 from ST&SE Allen, Tebay with others to £115.50 from J Handley, Ingleton. Swaledale lambs sold to a top of £103 from RS&B Harker, Holme. More lambs are needed weekly for our nine active buyers.


707 genuine farmer ewes were forward, with keen competition from buyer for all classes and types, with several grazing order ring side. The sale peaked at £166 for a Texel ewe from IOM with Beltex ewes selling to £164 from A Mason, Whinfell and heavy Cheviots to £152 from C Ainscough, Pilling. Other heavy pure and ¾ bred ewe were generally £125 to £150. Well finished, fit not fat, ewe attraction the keenest attention at £100 to £120. Hill bred ewes sold to £112 for Llynes from JR Handley, Whinfell. Mules sold to £106 for a pen full of Cheviot Mules from MP&CE Buckley, Staveley with North Country Mules to £100 from LA&M Lambert, Lupton. The heaviest Mules were £90 to £100, with others regularly £80 to £90, medium Mules £70 to £80. Buyers were showing caution towards over fat ewes. Horned ewes sold to £67 for a ring full of Rough Fells from MJ&J Handley, Sedbergh with Swaledales to £58 from Fishwick Bros, Longsleddale and Herdwicks to £43 from J&C Denny, Tebay. A large proportion of the sale today comprise of lean and hard worked Swaledales and Herdwick, with the stronger end achieving £35 to £40, mediums £25 to £35 and the very smallest and leanest at realisation.
Cull rams sold to £150 for Texels from IOM, with others at £145 from A&A Newbold, Tebay.

Top Prices


Beltex: £177, £158 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Texel: £162 Arklid Farm, £160 Craketrees, £160 Low Stangerthwaite, £160 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £158, £151 Barrowfield. Suffolk: £145 Swallomire Farm, £143 Smithy Green Farm, £140, £138 Kendal House Farm, £137 Swallomire Farm, £137 Maddison Aveune. Charolais: £136, £135.50 Hampsfield Hall, £113.50 Gaitbarrow Farm. Cheviot Mule: £126 Seedhowe Cottages, £112 Poppy Farm. Mule: £118 Hillcroft, £115.50 Gunner Fleet Farm, £110 Red Scar Farm, £108.50 Overthwaite Farm, £108.50 Lunesdale House, £108.50 Overthwaite Farm. Hampshire: £116, £108.50, £106 High Gregg Hall Farm. Leicester: £110 Scar Sykes Farm. Continental: £107 Ninezergh, £99.50, £86 Millbeck. Swaledale: £103 Overthwaite Farm, £81, £72 Meadow View Park, £70 Middle Sadghyll.


Texel: £166 Isle Of Man, £144 Patton Bridge Cottage, £140 Isle Of Man, £138 Patton Bridge Cottage, £130 Capplerigg Farm, £126 Gaitbarrow Farm. Beltex: £164 Patton Bridge Cottage, £146 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £132 Patton Bridge Cottage, £115 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Cheviot: £152 Sandside Farm, £140, £120, £118 Cooper House, £116 Craketrees, £116 Sandside Farm. Charollais: £149 Isle Of Man. Continental: £127 Kirket Nook, £107 Moss End Farm, £90 Patton Bridge Cottage. Dorset: £122, £110, £106 (2), £105, £100 Isle Of Man. Suffolk: £112 Brow Head, £108 Smithy Green Farm, £96 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £90 Sunny Brow, £88 Moss Side. Lleyn: £112 Craketrees. Leicesters: £112 Rydal Farm, £106 Longwell. Cheviot Mule: £106 Fairbank Farm. Mule: £100 Brow Head, £100 Isle Of Man, £95 Smithy Green Farm, £94 Isle Of Man, £93 Low Groves Farm, £88 Isle Of Man. Zwartble: £88 Castle Syke Farm, £85 Patton Bridge Cottage. Jacob: £88 Wood Farm. Rough Fell: £67 Catholes. Herdwick: £43 Sunny Brae.


Texel: £150 Isle Of Man, £145 Killington Hall Farm, £134 Isle Of Man.

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