J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs, Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 10th October 2023


The call for prime pigs was answered, with vendors well pleased with prices achieved and buyers grateful for the pigs being presented for sale. The sale topped at £235 for a Large White x gilt from W Stamper, Chipping who sold others at £225, £220 and £205. Other pigs to break the £200 barrier saw a pen full of Large Black x gilts from H Kent, Cockerham achieving £205 with P&L Murrey, Penrith selling a Large White x at £200. Other well bred well finished gilts and hogs were regularly £180 to £200. C Dean & LJ Brennand, Clapham topped the market with light weight hogs at 253p/kg, with others at 244p/kg and 238p/kg. Other well finished gilts and hogs were 195p/kg to 200p/kg, with lighter weights 170p/kg to 190p/kg. Cull sows sold to £155 and 73p/kg form R Jackson, Cockermouth with boars to £150 and 59p/kg form A Preston, Whitehaven. Store pigs sold to £85 for Large White x from SP Phoenix, Preston with Saddleback x boars selling to £66 from Belmont Farm, Crook. Weaners sold to £62 for GOS from Messrs Whitley, Summer Bridge with Large White x selling to £48 from M&C Greenwood, Middleton.


More lambs were forward with 1513 put before our ever increasing ring side of buyers, with all selling to a market averaged of 251p/kg. Heavy lambs were once again keenly bid for at Junction 36 with Texels selling to £159 from E Dodgson, Kendal with other pens to £150 from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon. Super heavy lambs (50-55kg) were regularly selling at £130 to £140. Charollais lambs sold to £134 from RR&JA Knowles, Docker with Suffolks selling to £133 from DE&SM Moorhouse, Natland. Medium export lambs were keenly bid for with these regularly selling at 255p/kg to 260p/kg or £112 to £115 per head. Beltexs saw the best sell to £130 from WS Burrow, Silverdale. More hill lambs are coming forward with Cheviots selling to £120 from GM Metcalfe, Underbarrow who also sold Cheviot Mules to £117. Mule lambs sold to £116 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale with other pens selling to £112.50 form WJ&I France, Chipping. More horned lambs are coming on offer with Swaledales selling to £94 from AW&AM Clarke, Windermere. No real super stars on offer today with the best pens selling to 284p/kg form LE&A Ridding, Selside with other pens selling to 280p/kg form WS Burrow, Silverdale.


Another record number of ewes forward with 922 local farmer sheep this week. The sale topped at £236 for a Texel from H Geldard, Levens with others selling at £230 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. Other heavy Continental ewes were generally £120 to £135, with mediums £85 to £110 and leaner sorts £70 to £85 with several grazing orders ring side. Mules sold to £136 for Cheviot Mules from WB Kellet, Pilling with other Cheviot Mules at £119 from G Gu & D Swarbrick, Meathop. North County Mules sold to £99 from WB Kellet, Pilling with others at £95 from P&TL Edmondson Ltd, Kirkby in Furness and £94 from TH Garnett & Son, Stank with other pens of Mules generally £78 to £85. A large number of planer ewes were £60 to £75. Hill bred ewes sold to £100 for Cheviots from G GU & D Swarbrick, Meathop with Lleyns to £96 from JA&R Geldard & Sons, Levens, Rough Fells to £92 from J Hodgson, Askham, Swaledales to £86 from WJ&I France & Son, Chipping who also sold Gritstones at £84. Herdwicks to £76 from PW Clark, Crossthwaite. Goats sold to £72 from ME Guy, Grayrigg. A large purporting of todays sale comprised of leaner smaller hill bred ewes, with the better end £40 to £50, mediums £30 to £40 and the smallest at realisation.
Cull rams sold to £130 for Texels from TH Garnett & Son, Stank and W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe with hill rams selling to £86 from WJ&I France & Sons, Chipping.

Top Prices


Texel: £159 Spital Farm, £150 Howriggs, £148 Low Brundrigg, £147 Low Brundrigg, £143 Far Orrest, £135 Arklid Farm. Charollais: £134 Myers Farm, £109.50 Templand Farm, £106 Holmelands. Suffolk: £133 High House Farm, £125 Swallowmire, £119 Yoad Pot, £119 High House Farm. Beltex: £130 Gibralter Farm, £118 Helm Croft, £115 Poppy Farm, £114 Holmelands, £110 Helm Croft. Zwartble: £129 Arklid Farm. Continental: £122 Howriggs, £107 Higher Core Farm, £105 Millriggs. Cheviot: £120 Low Gregg Hall, £99 Lower Core. Cheviot Mule: £117 Low Gregg Hall, £112.50 Poppy Farm. Mule: £116 Catshaw Hall Farm, £112.50 Higher Core Farm, £111 Middale Farm, £107.50 Nether House Farm, £106 Low Hall Farm. Swaledale: £94 Low Longmire.


Texel: £236 Low Foulshaw Farm, £230 Catshaw Hall Farm, £168, £128 New Close, £126 Low Tarn Green, £121 Holmelands. Cheviot Mule: £136 Low Croft, £119 Kate Farm, £107 Low Tarn Farm, £88 Kate Farm, £85 Broadhead. Charollais: £124 New Close, £116 Low Foulshaw Farm, £98 Aynsome Manor Farm. Continental: £120 New Close, £116 High Underbrow Farm, £115 Low Hall Farm, £112 Chapel House, £106 Low Longmire, £106 Tock How Farm. Leicester: £120 Low Kinmont, £109, £96 Yoad Pot, £96 Barbon Fell House. Suffolk: £118, £110 New Close, £100 Aynsome Manor Farm, £90 Ackenthwaite Farm, £86 Cowran Estate. Zwartble: £114 Low Foulshaw Farm, £86 Corner Cottage. Beltex: £110 Far Cappleside Farm. Cheviot: £100 Kate Farm, £84 Tock How Farm. Mule: £99 Low Croft, £95 Low Hall Farm, £94, £90, £87 New Close, £82 Rowe End Farm. Lleyn: £96 Low Foulshaw Farm, £92 Brookside, £80 Low Foulshaw Farm, £72 Brookside. Gritstone: £84 Higher Core Farm. Blue Texel: £84 Home Farm. Masham: £80, £70 High Underbrow Farm. Goat: £72 Broadhead. Swaledale: £67 Braestead. Rough Fell: £59 Low Longmire, £54 Boundary Beck.


Texel: £130 Ackenthwaite Farm, £130 New Close. Swaledale: £86 Higher Core Farm. Continental: £77 Kate Farm. Herdwick: £76 Woodside Farm. Leicester: £74 Yewbarrow.

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