J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Rural Auction Centre Sale of Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep. Tuesday 21st November 2023

Another full market saw over 2200 prime sheep forward selling to a trade continuing to increase week on week.


Prime lambs saw an overall market average of 255p/kg for lambs ranging from 29kg to 64kg. Heavy weight lambs continue to be well sort after at NWA J36. This week selling to £158 on two occasions for Texel cross lambs from TMW&H Hodgson, Nibthwaite, with others at £156 from J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor, BJ Bowness, Kendal. Other were regularly £138 to £145. Standard weight lambs sold to £137 for Beltex cross from IOM, with others at £132 for Texel cross from BHM&S Boyren, Colton with others at £130 from Robyn Allen, Ings and £128 from D Black, Milnthorpe. Light weight lambs sold to £104.50 for Texel cross from WS Burrow Ltd, Carnforth with others at £104 for Texel cross from RG&L Potter, Tebay and MW&MR Black, Staveley. Pure hill lambs sold to £132 for Cheviots from BR Harrison, Staveley with others at £127 from Stockdale Farms, Sedbergh. Herdwick cross sold to £120.50 from H Chapman & Son, Middleton, Dalebreds sold to £110 for a ring full from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton with Rough Fells to £102 from Stockdale Farms, Sedbergh and others at £99. Mules sold to £116 from Stockdale Farms, Sedbergh with others at £116.50 from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside and £114 from TA&J Dixon, Selside.
Well bred and finished lambs sold to 297p/kg for Beltex from IOM, with others at 293p/kg from RMS&H Boyren, Colton and 290p/kg from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside. Other well finished lambs were regularly 260p/kg to 280p/kg with well finished grass lambs 245p/kg to 260p/kg. Mules sold to 259p/kg from TMW&H Hodgson & Son, Ulverston with other hill lambs selling to 250p/kg for Herdwick cross from BR Harrison, Staveley. Horned lambs sold to 234p/kg from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton.


815 ewes saw keen buyer interest for all classes and types, with today being one of the strongest shows of ewes for several weeks. The best pure and heavy ewes sold to £160 from IOM with others nicely £130 to £135. First cross ewes sold to £129 for Charollais cross from FE&CM Robinson & Son, Milnthopre, with others at £129 from S Mawson & Son, Orton. Other heavy well fleshed first cross ewes were regularly £110 to £120. Cheviot Mules sold to £121 from TE&J Waddsworth & Son, Sedgwick with North Country Mules selling to £109 for a ring full from RR&JA Knowles, Docker with other at £107 from DM&D Cook, Ulverston. Heavy Mules were generally £90 to £108, with mediums £85 to £90. Pure hill ewes sold to £110 for Cheviots from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with Lleyns to £106 from JA&R Geldard & Son, Levens. Horned ewes sold to £66 for Rough Fells from JW&E Woof & Son, Sedbergh with Scotch Black Face to £62 from RI Dixon, Low Newton and Swaledale to £59 from P Whitton & Son, Burneside. Smaller leaner hill ewes were generally £38 to £45.
Cull rams sold to £144 for medium Texels with others £116 to £130. Lighter weight rams were generally £85 to £110.

Top Prices


Continental; £158.00 Arklid Farm, £142.00 Myers Farm, £134.50 Smithy Green Farm, £133.50 17 Longfield Manor, £133.50 17 Longfield Manor, £129.50 Hill Park. Texel; £158.00 Arklid Farm, £156.00 Blea Tarn Road, £156.00 Endmoor Farm, £155.00 Blea Tarn Road, £146.00 Blea Tarn Road, £145.00 The Coach House. Beltex; £137.00 I of M, £130.00 Corner Cottage, £129.00 Gibraltar Farm, £127.00 Poppy Farm, £125.00 Poppy Farm, £117.00 Gibraltar Farm. Zwartble; £137.00 Arklid Farm, £117.00 Strickland Hill Farming. Charollais; £133.00 Strickland Hill Farming, £131.00 The Old Vicarage, £112.00 Spital Farm. Herdwick; £133.00 The Old Vicarage, £120.50 Millbeck. CHEV; £132.00 The Old Vicarage, £127.00 Bowers Farm, £122.00 Bowers Farm, £118.50 Low Gregg Hall, £118.00 Low Gregg Hall, £116.50 Poppy Farm. Suffolk; £130.00 Birkrigg Park Cottage, £122.00 Raw Head, £121.50 Stickland Hill Farming, £118.50 17 Longfield Manor, £118.50 Garnett Folds, £117.00 Yoad Pot. Mule; £116.00 Bowers Farm, £115.50 Poppy Farm£114.00 Yoad Pot, £111.50 Arklid Farm, £111.00 Fell End Farm, £110.00 Greaves Farm. Dutch Spotted; £112.00 Scales Park Farm, £107.00 Scales Park Farm. Dorst; £110.50 Cumbrae, £105.00 Lyndarick, £96.00 Cumbrae. Dalesbred; £110.00 Fell End Farm, £83.00 Ubarrow Hall. Teeswater; £107.00 Foulstone Farm. HRN; £105.00 Gibraltar Farm. Rough Fell; £102.00 Bowers Farm, £99.00 Bowers Farm, £80.00 Low Waterside. Swaledale; £77.00 Thorn Cottage Scotch Black Face; £72.50 I of M


Beltex; £160 I of M, £129.00 Moor House. Suffolk; £138.00 Birkrigg Park Cottage, £134.00 Birkrigg Park Cottage, £106.00 Smithy Green Farm, £96.00 Poppy Farm, £70.00 Higher Standen Drive. Texel; £132.00 North Lodge, £130.00 Higher Underbrow Farm, £124.00 Warth Sutton Farm, £214.00 I of M, £122.00 Lyndarick, £118.00 North Lodge. Charollais; £129Warth Sutton Farm, £106.00 I of M. Continental; £127.00 Moor House, £116.00 I of M, £116.00 Higher Standen Drive, £106.00 Higher Standen Drive, £96.00 I of M, £96.00 Higher Standen Drive. Cheviot Mule; £121.00 Raines Hall, £109.00 Raines Hall, £100.00 High Tenement Farm. Cheviot; £110.00 Mansrigg Hall, £106.00 High Tenement Farm, £105.00 High Tenement Farm, £92.00 Bowers Farm, £90.00 Mansrigg Hall, £84.00 Bowers Farm. Mule; £109.00 I of M, £109.00 Myers Farm, £108.00 I of M, £107.00 Smithy Green Farm, £104.00 Middle Birkby Farm, £103.00 Warth Sutton Farm. Lleyn; £106.00 Low Foulshaw Farm, £104.00 Low Foulshaw Farm, £102.00 Low Foulshaw Farm, £90.00 Low Foulshaw Farm, £66.00 Low Foulshaw Farm. Zwartble; £90.00 Warth Sutton Farm, £80.00 Raines Hall, £74.00 Bowston Hall. Dorst; £83.00 Warth Sutton Farm. Leicester; £74.00 Yoad Pot. Masham; £73.00 Grate Farm. Rough Fell; £66.00 Ghyll Farm, £52.00 Somme Avenue, £50.00 Higher Standen Drive, £44.00 Howes Lodge. Horned; £66.00 Cottage Farm, £48.00 Rosebank, £47.00 Rosebank. Scotch Black Face; £62.00 Low Newton Farm, £43.00 I of M. Swaledale; £59.00 High Tenement Farm, £57.00 Mansrigg Hall, £56.00 Yoad Pot, £56.00 Whelpside Farm, £53.00 Town End, £51.00 Saddlers Croft. Dalesbred; £54.00 Millriggs Farm. Ryel; £52.00 Tebay Ghyll. Herdwick; Hodgsons Green Farm, £43.00 Far Kiln Bank, £41.00 High Tenemant Farm. Gritstone; £44.00 Garnett House Farm. Shetland; £18.00 Meadow Lane, £18.00 Meadow Lane.


Texel; £144.00 I of M, £120.00 I of M, £118.00 Red Scar Farm, £112.00 Highfield, £102.00 North Lodge, £84.00 I of M. Leicester; £116.00 Thorn Cottage, £116.00 Thorn Cottage, £76.00 Whelpside Farm, £74.00 Whelpside Farm. Zwartble; £94.00 I of M, £84.00 Raines Hall.

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