J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle, Thursday 22nd June 2023


The calf trade continued to fly at Junction 36. A run of Limousin calves from Langley Park Farms, Millom saw six bull calves from this good home all selling at £480, with British Blue bulls selling to the same price from JW&TE Sharpe, Lyth. The best Continental bred bull calves sold regularly at £400 plus. Aberdeen Angus bulls sold to a top of £420 from N Howard, Darlington.

Heifer calves sold to a top of £450 for Limousins from Langley Park, Millom with British Blues selling to £445 from JW&TE Sharpe, Lyth. A four week old British Blue heifer from A Pickthall & Son, New Hutton sold to £350.
Dairy bred bulls continue to sell to a nice trade with the best selling to £220 from Langley Farms, Penrith. Rearing Black and Whites were either side of the £100 mark.
65 stirks were forward with all selling to their full value. A pair of Limousin bullocks from JH Atkinson, Selside achieved £975. Other Limousin bullocks sold to £800 from A Taylor & Sons, Berwick upon Tweed. The heifer trade saw dairy bred Aberdeen Angus’s sell to £690 from D Jordan, Bishop Auckland.
An increased entry of young bulls were forward, selling to a sharp trade. topping at £770 for a Limousin from FW Park, Windermere.


There was no let up in the store cattle trade today, with a full ringside of buyers bidding eagerly through out the sale. British Blue heifers saw a top of £1460 from MJ Waller, Lupton with yearling Charolais heifers from HR&K Hodgson, Barbon selling to £1390. The best end heifers were regularly selling at £1300 plus. Grazing heifers were regularly selling at £950 to £1000.
Bullocks peaked at £1400 for a pen of three Herefords from MJ Waller, Lupton. Yearling Limousin steers sold to £1350 twice, first for a Limousin from JA&KJ Allen, Ings and then from J Miller, Claughton on Brock. Plenty of suckler bred yearling steers sold at £1100 to £1200.
More bulls forward today which sold to a sharp trade. Aberdeen Angus’s sold at £1300 from MJ&JD Handley, Sedbergh. Eight month old Limousins sold to £1100 from A Airey, Old Hutton. More Friesian bullocks were forward with sixteen month old Friesian bullocks selling to £950 from J Twigge, Lindale and a pen of seven twelve month old bullocks selling to £820 from ME&PC Capstick, Milnthorpe.


A mixed entry of 70 cull cows saw an overall market average of 180p/kg and £1109 achieved, with a large proportion of leaner dairy cows direct out of the parlour.
Beef cows led the sale topping at 229.5p/kg for a Bazadaise x from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley with others at 224.5p/kg for a Simmental x from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook, 219.5p/kg from M Allen, Carnforth and JW&M Taylor & Son, Dent. Feeding type beef cows were generally 195p/kg to 210p/kg, depending on quality and type. Top grossing beef cow was an Aberdeen Angus x from M Allen, Carnforth totalling £1909 with £1833 achieved twice for a Bazadaise x from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley and Charolais from M Allen. Other heavier and well fleshed beef cows were regularly £1400 to £1600, with feeders £1200 to £1400.
Dairy cows sold to 190.5p/kg for a Fleckvieh from T Atkinson, Ulverston with others medium cows generally 175p/kg to 188p/kg. Leaner cows were 150p/kg to 170p/kg, with the very leanest and light weights at realisation. Top grossing dairy cow was a Holstien Friesian from JR Robinson, Carnforth totalling £1354.
Cull bulls sold to 199.5p/kg for a Limousin from W Beck & Son, Tebay.

Top Prices


Bazadaise: 229.50 Fairbank farm, 189.50 The Howes. Simmental: 224.50 Capplerigg farm, 209.50 Old school house, 177.50 West plain farm. Limousin: 219.50 High Laning farm, 217.50 Caplerigg farm, 217.50 Fell Gate, 204.50 Mouse Skye, 204.50 Mouse Skye, 204.50 Caplerigg. Saler: 219.50 Yealand manor, 209.50 Fairbank farm. British Blue: 217.50 Yealand Manor, 214.50 Lower Hawthwaite, 211.50 Mireside Farm, 194.50 Old school house, 184.50 Swallowmire, 179.50 Fell Gate. Charolais: 217.50 Yealand manor, 207.50 Yealand manor, 164.50 Cleasby. Hereford: 214.50 West plain farm, 207.50 The Howes. Angus: 214.50 Yealand manor, 189.50 Yealand manor, 127.50 Old school house. Stabiliser: 204.50 Kit Cragg, 189.50 Kit Cragg, 174.50 Kit Cragg. Longhorn: 204.50 Kate Farm, 189.50 4 Station Lane. Flekvieh: 190.50 Newland View, 185.50 Newland View, 174.50 Newland View, 174.50 Newland View, 164.50 Newland View. Friesian: 179.50, Moss house farm, 177.50 Hollins Farm, 177.50 Hollins farm, 177.50 Hollins farm, 177.50 Homescales farm, 169.50 Capplerigg. Montbeliarde: 144.50 Moss house farm. Galway: 159.50 Craketrees, 159.50 Craketrees, 145.50 Mouse Skye, 139.50 Craketrees.


Friesian: 169.50 Cockrigg Farm.


Limousin: 199.50 Barugh Farm, 129.50 Beckfoot Farm.


Limousin: £480 Langley Park Farms, £480 Langley Park Farms, £480 Langley Park Farms, £480 Langley Park Farms, £480 Langley Park Farms, £480 Langley Park Farms. British Blue: £480 Flodder hall, £390 Elm Tree Farm, £370 Low Audlands, £365 Hagg Farm, £370 Low Audlands, £365 Hagg Farm, £200 Field House Farm, £115 Greaves Farm. Charolais: £260 Homescales Farm. Friesian: £220 Whitestone farm, £130 House Farm, £120 Low Audlands. Shorthorn: £210 Stirzaker House, £210 Stirzaker House, £210 Stirzaker House. Angus: £210 Hagg Farm, £200 Elm Tree Farm, £160 Whitestone Farm, £160 Raw End Farm, £115 Elm Tree Farm, £105 Raw End Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £210 Stirzaker house, £185 Wyke Farm. Hereford: £180 Wraysholme Tower, £155 Wraysholme Tower.


Limousin: £450 Langley Park, £400 Langley Park, £395 Langley Park, £270 Homescales Farm, £210 Langley Park. British blue: £445 Flodder Hall, £420 Field House Farm, £375 Homescales Farm, £370 Homescales Farm, £350 Borrans Farm, £340 Low Audlands. Angus: £180 Raw End Farm, £160 Whitestone Farm, £155 Raw End Farm, £140 Whitestone Farm, £140 Whitestone Farm, £130 Raw End Farm. Shorthorn: £135 Far Audlands, £130 Far Audlands. Hereford: £105 Greaves Farm.


Limousin: £800 Hopestead, £770 The Howes, £750 Hopestead, £740 The Howes, £630 High Gregg Hall Farm. Angus: £660 High Greg Hall Farm, £460 Raw End Farm, £460 Raw End Farm, £395 Raw End Farm. British blue: £545 Kitchlow Farm. Continental: £360 Arnside Tower Farm, £290 Arnside Tower Farm. Friesian: £285 Kitchlow Farm, £245 Kitchlow Farm.


British Blue: £690 West View Farm, £530 Kitchlow Farm, £500 Kitchlow Farm, £445 Gill foot Farm. Limousin: £690 Mosergh Farm. Angus: £620 West View Farm, £600 West View Farm, £440 Raw End Farm, £420 Gillfoot Farm, £410 Moss End Farm, £400 Raw End Farm. Stabiliser: £615 Yealand Manor. Hereford: £510 Kitchflow Farm. Continental: £300 Arnside Tower Farm.


Limousin: £975 Mosergh Farm. Stabiliser: £715 Yealand Manor. Angus: £540 West View Farm, £465 Moss End Farm. Friesian:£280 Moss End Farm.


Hereford: £1400 Carlingwha. Limousin: £1350 St Annes Farm, £1180 Cockrigg Farm, £1130 St Annes Farm, £1100 Howriggs, £1080 Corner Cottage. Angus: £1320 Cockrigg Farm, £1145 Shorthorn Farm, £1085 Hawkrigg Farm, £1055 Moss Side Farm, £1040 Mislet Farm, £1005 Hawkrigg Farm. British Blue: £1100 Howriggs, £1050 Moss Side Farm. Simmental: £1050 Outerthwaite Farm, £770 Bellart Howe. Friesian: £950 Homelands, £820 Park House Farms. Shorthorn: £950 Yealand Manor. Stabaliser: £930 Yealand Manor. Fleckvieh: £880 Hawkrigg Farm, £880 Homelands, £835 Park House Farms. Montbeliarde: £880 Homelands. Continental: £860 Millbeck. Charolais: £720 Carlingwaha.


British Blue: £1460 Carlingwha, £1370 Cockrigg Farm, £1140 Bowston Hall. Charolais: £1390 Howriggs, £1350 Thornlea, £1200 Bowston Hall. Angus: £1240 Tarnside Farm, £1140 Moss Side Farm, £1080 Low Fell Gate Farm, £1040 Bellart Howe. Hereford: £1240 Tarnside Farm. Limousin: £1180 Howriggs, £1150 Yealand Manor, £1100 St Annes Farm, £1090 Yealand Manor, £1080 low Fell Gate. Simmental: £935 Outerthwaite Farm. Saler: £910 Millbeck. Stabaliser: £840 Yealand Manor.


Angus: £1300 £1200 Archers Hall. Limousin: £1050 £900 Old Croft, £780 Stribers Farm. Blonde: £800 Greenwood Haw. Friesian: £680 £620 Rakesmoore Farm.

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