J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 20th July 2023.


Despite many people snatching silage, there was another strong entry of weanlings and calves forward at NWA J36, with this sale continuing to attract new customers.
Rearing calves sold to £450 for a six week old British Blue x heifer from W&S Airey, Whittington with others at £390 from the same home. Simmental x heifers from Bambers Farm Ltd, Cockerham sold to £310 with Beef Shorthorn heifers from RG&J Clark, Endmoor selling to £260. Other heifer calves were regularly £230 to £270, depending on breed and quality.
Bull calves sold to £440 for a six week old Aberdeen Angus x from W&S Airey, Whittington with JW&TE Sharpe Ltd, Lyth selling the best of their run at £395 and £390. Limousin x bulls sold to £370 from Bambers Farm Ltd, Cockerham and R&JE Wharton & Son, Appleby. Other younger rearing bull calves sold to £305 for a Beef Shorthorn from RG&J Clark, Endmoor and British Blue x selling to £300 from Messrs Wharton & Son, Appleby with others regularly £260 to £300.
Dairy bull calves sold to £115 for a three week old Holstein Friesian from HJ Robinson & Son, Milnthorpe with other younger dairy bulls regularly £60 to £90.
Weaned calves sold to £660 for a British Blue x bull from Messrs Sowerby, Appleby who sold other at £640 and £600. Well reared recently weaned Limousin and Aberdeen Angus x heifers from Bambers Farm Ltd, Cockerham sold at £520, with bulls at £500. Weaned dairy bulls sold to £350 for Holstein Friesians from Whitestone Farm, Penrith who sold others at £290.
A large crowd of buyers were ring side today with many leaving empty handed, 100 rearing calves are required every sale to satisfy buyer demand.


A mid-summer show of store cattle was put before a busy ring side of buyers, with some going home empty handed. The trade was slightly sharper on the fortnight.
Aberdeen Angus bullocks led the way from G Cuthbertson, New Hutton selling to £1530. A pair of British Blue bullocks sold to £1480 from AJ&H Clark, Sedbergh. Limousin bullocks sold to £1420 from GM Metcalfe, Underbarrow with strong Continental bred bullocks regularly selling at £1300 plus. Yearling bullocks were keenly sort after with a Limousin selling to £1220 from FW Park, Windermere and Shorthorns selling to £1120 from J Turnball, Meathop.
A strong heifer trade was seen throughout the sale, with Limousin selling £1245 from S&M Cooper, Leece. Charolais heifers sold to £1230 from G GU & D Swarbrick, Meathop. A run of home bred Limousin heifers from AG Riley, Nether Kellet saw his best sell to £1160 with other pens to £1150.
Plenty of interest was shown for young bulls at J36, with Charolais selling to £1000 from J Miller, Claughton on Brock. 8 month old Beef Shorthorn sold to £890 from JDI &JD Boyd, Longsleddale.


Cull cows sold to 209.5p/kg for a British Blue x from I&AJ Armer, Burneside and a Norwegian Red and White from J&H Bland & Son, Ninezergh. Other heavy well fleshed beef and dairy cows were regularly 185p/kg to 200p/kg, with a large proportion of the sale being medium feeding types at 165p/kg to 180p/kg. Top grossing cow was a Norwegian Red and White from J&H Bland & Son, Ninezergh achieving £1533. Other dairy cows saw £1441 from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal and £1412 from Messrs Dennison, Ulverston.
OTM heifers sold to 199.5p/kg from Jenkin Cragg Farm, Kendal and £1193 from M&S Blease, Carnforth.
Cull bulls sold to 179p/kg from Messrs Dennison, Ulverston for a Holstein Friesian with a Beef Shorthorn from J&E Lancaster, Ulverston achieving £1550.

Top Prices


Limousin: £500 Bambers Farm, £370 Mount Pleasant, £370 Bambers Farm. Angus: £440 West Hall. British Blue: £395, £390, £355 Flodder Hall, £300 Mount Pleasant, £275 Elm Tree Farm. Shorthorn: £305, £275 Far Audlands. Friesian: £115 Elm Tree Farm.


Angus: £520 Bambers Farm. Limousin: £520 Bambers Farm. British Blue: £450, £390 West Hall, £260 Hagg Farm, £230 Low Brundrigg. Hereford: £440 West Hall, £250 Craketrees. Simmental: £310 Bambers Farm. Shorthorn: £260, £230, £190 Far Audlands.


British Blue: £230 Stirzaker House Farm.


British Blue: £660, £640, £600, £580 Townhead Farm. Friesian: £350, £290, £200 Whitestone Farm.


British Blue: £540 Townhead Farm.


British Blue: £640 Townhead Farm.


British Blue: 209.50, 171.50 Bowston Hall. Hereford: 199.50 Bowston Hall, 181.50 Rakesmoor Farm, 111.50 Milton Mill. Limousin: 197.50, 184.50 Arklid Farm, 167.50 Mireside Farm. Friesian: 181.50 Scales Park Farm, 177.50, 171.50 Jenkin Crag, 157.50 Scales Park Farm, 147.50 Jenkin Crag. Dairy Shorthorn: 151.50 Paddock View. Fleckvieh: 144.50 Ninezergh, 127.50 Laithwaite Farm.Meuse Rhine Issel: 117.50 Ninezergh.


Norwegian Red: 209.50 Ninezergh. Friesian: 199.50, 189.50, 184.50 Jenkin Crag, 169.50 The Barn, 149.50 High Barnes.


Friesian: 179.50 Scales Park Farm. Angus: 159.50 Milton Mill. Shorthorn: 159.50 Bandrake Farm.


Angus: £1530 Capplerigg. British Blue: £1480 High Hollins, £1335 Tarnside Farm, £1330, £1270 Cockrigg Farm. Limousin: £1420 Low Gregg Hall, £1390 Cockrigg Farm, £1220 The Howes, £1200 Mireside Farm, £1030 Westfield Farm. Charolais: £1230 Kate Farm, £1050 Thornlea. Simmental: £1230, £1080 Kate Farm. Hereford: £1150 Westfield Farm, £1070 Tarnside Farm. Shorthorn: £1130 Tarnside Farm, £1120, £1090 Meathop Park Farm Lodge.


Angus: £1245 Tarnside Farm. Friesian: £1245 Tarnside Farm, £1170 High Barnes. Limousin: £1245 Tarnside Farm, £1160, £1050, £1040, £900 Westfield Farm. Charolais: £1200 Kate Farm, £1120 Tarnside Farm. Simmental: £1200 Kate Farm. British Blue: £1130 Tarnside Farm.

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