J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs, Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 11th April 2023.


Prime Pigs flying at NWA J36
Prime pigs sold to another flying trade topping at £252 for a pair of Pietrain x Saddleback hogs from PK&R Woof, Stainton who sold gilts at £205. J Stott Jnr, Kendal sold the best of his gilts at £242. Pietrain gilts from T Hornsby, Silloth sold at £240, who also sold boars at £210. Top pence per kilo this sale was 255p/kg achieved by J Stott with others regularly 210p/kg-250p/kg.
Stores sold to £78 for Large White x from A&E Clarkson, Cockerham with weaners from SP Phoenix achieving £54.
More prime pigs are needed to satisfy our ten regular buyers.


A super pen of spring lambs from WA&LM Jenkinson, Stalmine saw Texel x lambs sell to £150 with others at £140 on two occasions. Handy weighted lambs sold to 359p/kg with a market average of 352p/kg. we have butchers orders each week for spring lambs.


Cull sheep stepped up a gear today with all classes and types in big demand and all sold averaging £101. Heavy ewes were in serious demand and a real shortage of them today, those forward selling to £242 and £230 for Suffolks from AR Edmondson, Ulverston. Texel sold to £194 from WA&LA Jenkinson, Stalmine with others generally £170-£190. First cross ewes sold to £176 for Suffolks x from LF Horton & Son, Leigh and Texel x to £168 from R&E Ladds, Kendal. The best heavy Mules £130-£145 topping at £148 from WT Whittaker & Son, Nether Kellet. Hill bred ewes sold to £130 for Rough Fells from E&K Bland, Tebay, Cheviots to £128 from S Thompson, Flookburgh, Swaledales £119 from AR Edmondson, Ulverston and Herdwicks £82 from CS Long, Backbarrow. Medium ewes of all breeds generally £85-£105 with the leanest £65-£80.
A larger number of cull rams forward, being mainly hill breeds with Rough Fells selling to £160, Cheviots £124 and Swaledales £116. Lowland tups sold to £188 for Suffolks.


The sheep and lamb trade improves week on week but with the dreadful weather some potential buyers are holding off for the grass to grow. J&M Wilson, Selside has a good day selling Texel one crop ewes with twin Texel lambs to £300. Strong Texel ewes with twin lambs were regularly selling at the £240-£260 mark. Aged Mule ewes with Texel twins topped at £200 from M Moorhouse, Field Broughton. More shearlings were on offer today, with a busier ring side of buyers forward today looking for younger outfits. Home bred Texel shearlings from J&M Wilson, Selside with Texel twin lambs sold to £300, with Scotch Mule shearlings from G&ID Postlethwaite, Howgill selling to a top of £215. A run of pure Beltex ewes with Blue Texel lambs from J Bailey, Leyburn saw singles sell to £225 and £200. Please note next weeks sale includes the annual show and sale of ewes and shearlings. We have 200 outfits already pre entered.


The hogg trade keeps improving week on week, with heavy weights taking the biggest jump on the week. Top price of £182 was achieved twice for Texels from WG&D Wilkinson, Torver and AW Crowe, Witherslack. Super heavy Continental hoggs were regularly selling at the £175-£180 mark. Suffolk hoggs sold to a top of £165 from AG Butler, Hambleton. Heavy Mule hoggs sold to £154 from K Hartley, Winster. More hill bred hoggs were in offer today with Cheviots selling to a top of £153 from Stockdale Farms and Scotch Black Faces to £131 from M&YS Barker, Halton. Meated light hoggs were in super demand with 38kg Texel hoggs selling to £123 from D&J Woof, Down Biggin. A ring full of scotch hoggs sold to £103 from T Williamson, Askham in Furness. All types of hoggs are required for our busy ring side of buyers.

Top Prices


Texel: £300 Cooper House, £238, £168 Harmby Road, £160 Low Garths Farm. Continental: £215 Riddings, £170 Low Garths Farm. Mule: £215, £212, £210 Riddings, £202 The Borrans. Suffolk: £200 Harmby Road.


Texel: £300 Cooper House, £250 Hampsfield Hall, £232 Heights Farm, £225 Hampsfield Hall, £208, £192 Heights Farm. Beltex: £275, £225, £220, £215 Ivanhoe. Mule: £200 Hampsfield Hall, £185 Zetland, £165 Low Garths, £150 Riddings, £130 Zetland. Cheviot: £178 Ghyll Farm. Continental: £162 Harmby Road, £155 Zetland. Masham: £135 Zetland. Herdwick: £125 Low Garths Farm.


Texel: £150 Woodlands Farm, £140 Woodlands Farm, £140 Woodlands Farm, £135 Woodlands Farm, £135 Woodlands Farm.


Texel: £182 Ashtree Cottage, £182 Brookfield, £180 Ashtree Cottage, £179 Brookfield, £177Park Farm Barn, £172 Park Farm Barn. Charollais: £160 Milestone Cottage, £134 Milestone Cottage, £119 Lower Lingart Farm, £113 Brow Head. Continental: £175 Holmelands, £152 Brow Head, £118 Accraplatts, £109.50 Coat Green Farm, £103 Holmelands, £102 Old School House. Suffolk: £165 Park Farm Barn, £159 Heath Lodge Farm, £154 Heath Lodge Farm, £150 Nether Beck Barn, £148 Halton Park Farm, £147 Oak Avenue. Mule: £154 High House Farm, £140 High Greenside, £133 Hareden Farm, £132 Red Scar Farm, £130 Oak Avenue, £123 Hillcroft, £128 The Glen. Cheviot: £153 Bowers Farm, £146 Stubb Hall Farm, £136 Ghyll Farm, £135 Bowers Farm, £131 Hareden Farm, £126 Bowers Farm, £125 Swallowmire. Leicester: £140 Greaves Farm, £139 Flodder Hall. Scotch Black Face: £131 Halton Park Farm, £131 Halton Barn Farm, £130 Halton Park Farm, £125 Halton Park Farm, £123.50 Greenhills Farm, £120 Greenhills Farm. Beltex: £130 Coat Green Farm, £118 Townfoot, £106 Coat Green Farm. Rough Fell: £129 Millriggs, £123 Boundary Beck, £122 Adamthwaite, £107 Old School House. Swaledale: £127 Cotegill Farm, £119 Nook Farm, £115.50 Yoad Pot, £109 Tongue House Farm, £104 Old School House, £100 Yoad Pot, £99.50 Yoad Pot. Herdwick: £114 Millriggs. Dalesbred: £113 Accraplatts, £112 Accraplatts. Horned: £111 Higher Standen Drive, £105.50 Nether House Farm.


Suffolk: £245 Hawkswell Farm, £230 Hawkswell Farm, £188 Far Kiln Bank, £178 Hawkswell Farm, £176 Heath Lodge Farm, £160 Hawkswell Farm. Texel: £194 Woodlands Farm, £185 Bensons Hall Farm, £179 Ashtree Cottage, £168 Benson Hall, £160 Moss End Farm, £152 Cinder Barrow, £148 Benson Hall. Leicester: £190 Hawkswell Farm, £142 Hill Park, £122 Moss End Farm, £114 Nether House Farm. Charollais: £172 Hollin Hall, £158 Moss End Farm, £128 The Borrans. Rough Fell: £160 Cotegill Farm, £130 Cotegill Farm, £125 Rash Mill Cottage, £110 Cotegill Farmm, £98 Rash Mill Cottage. Mule: £148 Lane Ends Farm, £145 Hollin Hall, £140 Benson Hall, £139 Overthwaite Farm, £138 Ashtree Cottage, £138 Ashtree Cottage, £137 Nook Farm, £137 Benson Hall. Zwartble: £137 Heath Lodge Farm, £109 Accraplatts. Beltex: £130 Holmelands. Cheviot: £128 Somme Avenue, £124 Sella Farm, £122 Holmelands, £120 Re Braida Garth, £112 Re Braida Garth, £110 Kendal House Farm. Swaledale: £119 Hawkswell Farm, £116 Yoad Pot, £116 Middle Sadghyll, £116 Cotegill Farm, £112 Overthwaite, £110 Nook Farm, £105 Overthwaite. Dalesbred: £96 Accraplatts. Herdwick: £82 The Glen, £81 The Glen.

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