J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Easter Spring Lamb Show and Sale, Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep and Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Tuesday 4th April 2023.

Spring Lambs

The opening show and sale of spring lambs was kindly sponsored by WCF Fuels & MB Nutrition which attracted much interest, with the prizes awarded as follows:

Best Continental Lamb
1st W Musgrave & Son, Carden Hall - £202
2nd JR Robinson & Son, Hollins Farm - £161
3rd FE&CM Robinson & Son, Warth Sutton Farm - £154

Best Native Lamb
1st FE&CM Robinson & Son, Warth Sutton Farm - £134
2nd RJ&J Towers, Greenlands Farm - £165
3rd J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor Farm - £160

Champion: W Musgrave & Son, Carden Hall

The overall champion from W Musgrave & Son, Dalston attracted fierce bidding from several buyers, selling to a top price of £202 to weekly supporter Browns Quality Meat, Ulverston. This lamb also achieved a top price per kilogram of 481p/kg. The best Beltex bred lambs sold regularly at £4 a kilo plus. Charollais lambs sold to £169 from JR Robinson & Son, Nook with Suffolks selling to £165 from RJ&J Towers, Ingleton. Heavy Hampshires from J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor sold to £160. Dorset lambs from FE&CM Robinson & Son, Milnthorpe sold to £154.50. An overall average for 30 spring lambs was 351p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

1050 prime hoggs were forward to our usual ring side of eleven active buyers, with more number need on a weekly basis to fulfil orders. An overall market averaged of 270p/kg was achieved.
Heavy hoggs were keenly sort after with a run of well finished hoggs from M&S Blease, Carnforth selling to £168, with others from the same home selling to £165. SH&LE Birkett, Nether Kellet sold full pens of Texel hoggs to £150 with heavy Cheviot hoggs from this home selling to £144. Heavy hoggs were regularly selling at the £138-£140 mark. Export type Continental bred hoggs were frequently selling around 300p/kg mark. Mule hoggs sold to a top of £130 from M&YS Barker, Halton with other Mule hoggs selling to £128 from Cornthwaite Moors, Hambleton. An outstanding pen of Herdwick hoggs at 49kg sold to £130 from JW Hodgson, Little Langdale. Good runs of Horned hoggs forward saw 42kg Swaledale hoggs selling to £119 from DC&EM Miller, Claughton on Brock. Black Face hoggs sold to £122 GM&J Jackson, Little Eccleston followed by £118 from M&YS Barker, Halton.

Cast Sheep

A wide variety of cull sheep were forward at todays sale with buyers ringside actively competing for all classes and types. A shortage of the best heavy and pure bred ewes today with those forward selling to a top price of £205 for a Texel from Drinkall Bros, Abbeystead. Other Texels sold at £160 from PW&D Swindlehurst, Underbarrow and £152 from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoore. A large proportion of todays sale were medium type Continental ewes selling to £128. Texel x from JW&TE Sharp Ltd, Lyth sold Suffolks to £126 with others generally £105-£115, with the next class down £85-£100. Mule ewes sold to £138 from Drinkall Bros, Abbeystead with others pens of the heaviest
£118 -£130. Medium types nicely sold at £90-£110. Hill bred ewes sold to £108 for a Cheviots from FI&ME Little, Kendal with Swaledales to £98 and Rough Fells £96.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

100 outfits were forward at J36 consisting of mostly Mule ewes. Younger Mule ewes with young Texel lambs from G&ID Postlethwaite, Howgill sold to £225, with Mule shearlings from JM&NJ Strickland, Whinfell selling to £220. Hornby Hall Farms sold a run of aged Mule ewes with Texel twins topping at £210. Single outfits were in the keenest interest today with Texels ewes selling to £172 from C Postlethwaite, Gosforth and aged Mule ewes with Texel singles from Hornby Hall selling to £158. An increase in number are starting to come forward with an entry of 20 pure bred Beltex ewes with Blue Texel lambs already entered for next week.

Top Prices


Mule (Twins): £220 Riddings, £220 The Borrans. Mules (Singles): £158 Riddings, £158 Riddings.


Mule (Twins): £225 Riddings, £210 Low Woodside, £210 Low Woodside, £200 Low Woodside. Charollais (Twins): £200 The Borrans. Continental (Twins): £192 Applegarth. Hampshire (Twins): £170 Red Syke Lodge, £168 Red Syke Lodge. Mule (Singles): £158 Low Woodside, £142 Keskadale. Texel (Singles): £158 Rainors Farm. Hampshire (Singles): £155 Red Syke Lodge. Suffolk (Singles): £138 Keskadale. Masham (Singles): £122 Applegarth.


Beltex: £202 Carden Hall, £154 Carden Hall, £150 Carden Hall. Charollais: £169 Hollins Farm, £162 Greenlands Farm, £161 Hollins Farm, £155 Hollins Farm, £154 Warth Sutton Farm, £153 Greenlands Farm. Suffolk: £165 Greenlands Farm, £156 Hollins Farm, £128 Hollins Farm. Hampshire: £160 Endmoor Farm, £142 Endmoor Farm, £142 Red Syke Lodge, £120 Red Lodge, £109 Red Syke Lodge. Texel: £158 Stubb Farm, £153 Stubb Farm. Dorset: £134 Warth Sutton Farm, £119 Warth Sutton Farm, £117 Warth Sutton Farm. Zwartble: £113 Warth Sutton Farm.


Texel: £168 The Barn, £165 The Barn, £158 The Barn, £158 The Barn, £152 Stubb Hall Farm, £152 Stubb Hall Farm. Suffolk: £145 Maddison Avenue, £131 Hodgson Green Farm, £129 Heaton Hall Farm, £127 Maddison Avenue, £125 Halton Park Farm, £125 Headless Close. Cheviot: £144 Stubb Hall Farm, £143 Bowers Farm, £140 Bowers Farm, £129 Lower Lingart, £128 Little Eccleston Hall, £126 Bowers Farm. Herdwick: £130 Dale End. Mule: £130 Halton Park Farm, £128 Moors Farm, £123 Millriggs, £122 Dale End, £120 Hodgson Green Farm, £115 Moors Farm. Beltex: £129 Lower Lingart Farm, £126 Oak Avenue, £122 Oak Avenue, £115 Oak Avenue, £110 Accraplatts, £105 Lower Lingart Farm. Masham: £123 Accraplatts, £111 Middale Farm. Horned: £122 Little Eccleston Hall Farm, £120.50 Little Eccleston Hall Farm, £98 Low Deepslack. Rough Fell: £122 Boudary Beck, £111 Boundary Beck, £106 Bridge Stone, £104 Old School House. Continental: £121.50 Heaton Hall Farm, £116 Yealand Manor, £112.50 Hodgson Green Farm, £105 Yealand Manor, £105 Hodgson Green Farm. Swaledale: £119 Cobble Hey, £117 Cobble Hey, £111 Cobble Hey, £101 Accraplatts. Black Face: £119 Audlands Park, £118.50 Halton Park Farm, £118 Halton Park Farm, £117.50 Halton Park Farm, £115 Halton Park Farm, £112.50 Halton Park Farm. Dorset: £112 Yealand Manor. Jacob: £106 Raw End Farm, £106 Raw End Farm. Dalesbred: £105 Cobble Hey Farm.


Texel: £205 Catshaw Hall Farm, £160 Tranthwaite Hall, £152 Stubb Farm, £138 High Street, £132 Tranthwaite Hall, £132 High Street. Mule: £138 Catshaw Hall Farm, £134 X2, £127 High House Farm, £126 Flodder Hall, £119 Park Aveune, £117 Low Barns Farm. Continental: £136, £120 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £107 Mosergh Farm. Charollais: £130 Low Foulshaw Farm, £114 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £106 Helm Croft. Suffolk: £126 Flodder Hall, £122 High House Farm, £100 Maddison Aveune, £98 Low Groves Farm. Llleyn: £125 Moors Cottage. Leicester: £118 Rydal Farm, £118, £107 Red Syke Lodge. Zwartble: £116 Catshaw Hall Farm. Hampshire: £112 Red Syke Lodge. Cheviot: £108 Helm Croft. Masham: £102 Mosergh Farm, £92 Grate Farm. Swaledale: £98, £93 Catshaw Hall Farm. Rough Fell: £96 Wasdyke Farm. Dorset: £85 Leighton Drive.


Charollais: £138 Stubb Farm. Texel: £138 Hodgsons Green Farm, £112 Dove Nest Lane, £90 High House Farm. Leicester: £125 Strickland Hill. Suffolk: £108 Moss Lane. Rough Fell: £100 Wasdyke Farm.

More Info

Spring Lamb Show Results

Judge: Plumgarths Farm shop
Sponsors: WCF Fuels & MB Nutrition

Best Continental Lamb

1st WL Musgrave & Son, Carden Hall - £202
2nd JR Robinson & Son, Hollins Farm - £161
3rd FE&CM Robinson & Son, Warth Sutton Farm - £154

Best Native Lamb

1st FE&CM Robinson & Son, Warth Sutton Farm - £134
2nd RJ&J Towers, Greenlands Farm - £165
3rd J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor Farm - £160

Champion: WL Musgrave & Son, Carden Hall

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