J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs, Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 22nd November 2022

All Classes of Pigs
A shortage of well finished prime pigs today saw buyers leave empty handed and unable to fulfil orders. A top price of £178 was achieved by MP Tattersall, Langholm for Duroc x gilts. Closely followed by Pietrain x gilts from TS Wilson, Cockermouth achieving £170. Prime boars sold to £160 for Duroc x from MP Tattersall, Landholm with others at £150 from TS Wilson. Prime hogs sold to £145 for Large White x from GG&MA Long, Pennington. Top pence per kilogram today was 181p/kg achieving by TS Wilson selling gilts. Other well finished pigs generally achieving 140p/kg to 170 p/kg depending on breed and type. A huge entry of over 100 store and weaner pigs saw a top price of £63 achieved for Pietrain x gilts from M Skillings, Rosendale who sold others at £146. Weaners sold to £30 for Large White x from J GE Heseltine & Son, Skipton and Dumfries House Farm, Dumfries. The youngest weaners sold to £17 for Gloucester all Spots from MK&LK Whitley & Son, Summerbridge.

Prime Lambs
An entry of 1438 prime lambs sold to an overall market average of 246p/kg for lambs ranging from 31kg to 60kg with over a third of the entry being heavy weight lambs (49kg plus). Well-bred heavy weight lambs sold to a top price of £162 for three quarter bred Texel’s from R Allen, Ings with Suffolk x selling to £149 from WT Whittaker & Son, Nether Kellet, with £148 achieving by F&SA Edmondson, Ulverston and TMW&H Hodgson, Ulverston selling Texel x. Heavy weight lambs regularly sold at £132-£145. Standard lambs sold to £133 for Texel x from Wannops Farms Limited, Morecambe. Beltex x archived £132 from JG&PH Thompson, Selside with others regularly achieving £112-£122. Top pence per kilogram today was a 308p/kg achieved for a pair of Beltex x lambs from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor. Beltex lambs achieving 292p/kg from JG&PH Thompson and Texel to 280p/kg from AJ&SE Burrow, Milnthorpe. Well-bred three quarter and pure bred lambs nicely selling at 260p/kg to 280p/kg. Hill lambs are now coming forward in greater numbers selling to £138 for Cheviots from Stockdale Farms, Sedbergh and Messers J Allonby & Sons, Grayrigg. Mules sold to £132 from F&SA Edmondson, Ulverston.

Well finished light weight lambs continue to sell to a premium, selling to £101 for Texel x from EM Standing, Witherslack with others at £98 from M Allen, Yealand. Hill lambs sold to £77 for Swaledales and £68 for Rough Fells. Light weight lambs regularly achieving 225-240p/kg depending on breed, quality and finish.

Cast Ewes
- 650 ewes were forward today at Junction 36.
- Suffolks topped at £146 from F&SA Edmondson, Ulverston.
- Leicesters sold to ££140 from R Harker & Son, Grayrigg.
- DM Bargh, Heaton achieved £132 for Texels.
- Mule topped at £116 on two occations from WT Whittaker & Son, Nether Kellet and JW Thwaites, Penrith followed by £115 from M Allen, Carnforth.
- Cheviot Mules sold to £115 from TH&D Cornthwaite, Grange Over Sands.
- Hill bred sheep saw Swaledales to £90 from I Clarke, Crosthwaite, £85 from F&SA Edmondson, Ulverston and £85 from JW Thwiates, Penrith.

Cast Rams
- Cast rams topped at £140 for Suffolks from A Clarke & Johnson, Windermere.
- Leicesters sold to £140 from RS&BA Harker, Holme.
- Cheviots topped at £110 from JW&E Woof & Son, Firbank.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs
Texel: £162 St Annes Farm, £148 Arklid Farm, £146 Burnt House Farm, £142 Birks Farm, £141 Low Stangerthwaite, £141 Ashstead. Suffolk: £149 Lane Ends Farm, £148 Netherhouses farm, £142 Lane Ends Farm, £141 Low Shaw Farm, £130 Newton, £129 Low Shaw Farm. Continental: £138 Low Shaw Farm, 124 Lambrigg Head Farm, £122 Dawson Fold, £120 Poppy Farm, £118 Red Scar Farm. £117.50 Ambleside Farm. Cheviot: £138 Bowers Farm, £138 Green Head, £137 £135 Mansrigg Hall, £129 Green Head, £128.50 Bowers Farm. Beltex: £132 Poppy Farm, £125 Hallbeck, £124 Methop Park Farm Lodge, £120 Oldfield End, £120 Poppy Farm, £120 Benson Hall. Horned: £124 Dove Nest. Dorset: £119 Hallbeck, £100.50 Yealand Manor. Zwartble: £115 Birks Farm. Leicester: £112.50 Yoat Pot. Charollais: £108 Fairbank Farm. Cheviot Mule: £106.50 Poppy Farm. Lleyn: £100.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Swaledale: £77 High Greenside, £74 Low Deepslack.

Cast Sheep
Suffolk: £146 Netherhouses Farm, £116 Bradlow Farm, £114 Dawson Fold, £102 Yew Tree House, £97 Ninezergh, £90 Yew Tree Farm. Beltex: £140 St Annes Farm, £134 St Annes Farm, £130 St Annes Farm, £112 St Annes Farm. Leicester: £140 Grayrigg Hall, £116 Grayrigg Hall, £110 Burnt House Farm. Texel: £132 Bradlow Farm, £128 Low Gregg Hall, £125 Candy slack, £120Burnt House Farm, £118 Low Gregg Hall, £118 Candy Slack. Mule: £116 Lane End Farm, £116 Eskew Beck, £115 Yealand Manor, £112 Guards Farm, £111 Mountbarrow Farm, £110 Mountbarrow Farm. Dorset: £114 Yealand Manor, £92 Yealand Manor. Teeswater: £112 Foulstones Farm. Cheviot: £93 Swallowmire, £90 Yealand Manor, £81 Heaton Hall Farm, £80 Rathvale Farm, £77 Lane End, £76Heaton Hall Farm. Rough Fell: £91 Ghyll Farm, £82 Ghyll Farm, £82 Ghyll Farm, £78 Low Deepslack. Swaledale: £90 Woodside Farm, £85 Eskew Beck, £85 Netherhouses Farm, £83 Grayrigg Hall, £74 High Tenement Farm, £67 Burnt House Farm. Continental: £90 Lyne Garth, £63 Little Guard, £55 Coat Green Farm. Zwartble: £74 Corner Cottage. Gritstone: £64 Yealand Manor. Herdwick: £64 Little Guards, £60 Coat Green Farm.

Cast Rams
Suffolk: £156 Yoad Pot. Texel: £140 Far Orrest, £134 Eskew Beck, £130 Bowers Farm, £128 Newton, £128 Bowers Farm. Leicester: £140 Overthwaite farm. Cheviot: £110 Ghyll Farm. Swaledale: £100 Little Gaurds, £85 £78 Overthwaite. Hampshire: £94 Yealand Hall. Rough Fell: £76 Woodside. Herdwick: £82 Little Guards. Horned: £66 Greenlands.

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