J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, Suckler Calves, Store & OTM Cattle. Thursday 10th November 2022

Suckler Calves
The second show and sale of sucklers saw a strong entry of 450 sucklers forward which were met by a full ring side of buyers. A marvellous show of calves were put before our judge Mr Toppin, Penrith after much time and deliberation he awarded the Champion rosette for the first prize heifer to TW Gorst, Crook. Topping off a good day for Mr Gorst, he also received first prize bullock.
The suckler calf trade saw a two tiered day with well grown and fed suckler calves continued to be well bid for and sold at ease. The smaller and weathered calves were a little harder to place than at the first sale with buyers showing caution of the continued feed costs of a long winter ahead.
Topping the sucker trade was a showy Limousin heifer from M&D Hatton, Broughton Mills after much interest sold to £1360. British Blue heifer sold to £1140 from TW Gorst, Crook. The best end suckler heifers were a breeze to sell, regularly selling at £900 to £1000. The next level down heifers sold at £700 to £750 mark. Suckler bullocks were well sort after with the best end regularly getting over the £1000 mark. Top price was a British Blue bullocks from M&D Hatton selling to £1180. Other British Blue bullocks sold to £1010 from TW Gorst, Crook. Charollais sold to a top of £1000 from AG&ME Clarke, Cartmel Fell. Strong well grown bullocks were regularly selling at the £850 to £900 mark. An entry of 70 suckler bulls were forward with a top price of £1140 from D&P Johnston, Dalton for Limousins with the best end suckler bulls selling well over the £1000 mark.

Store Cattle
Steers sold to £1215 for a Simmental x from RJ&R Holden, Millom closely followed by JE Wightman, Lupton selling Limousin x at £1170. Native sired steers sold to £1090 for a Hereford x from JE Wightman with South Devon’s selling to £1085 from AT Threlkeld, Satterthwaite. Aberdeen Angus’s from DM Bargh sold at £1065. Heifers sold to £1250 for a British Blues from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Levens with Limousin to £1045 from B&R Barnes, Carnforth and Parthenaise x to £1030 from MA Barnes, Whinfell. Native sire heifers sold to £1135 for an Aberdeen Angus x from JE Wightman, Lupton who also sold Hereford x at £1030.

OTM Cattle
The largest entry of cull cows seen at NWA J36 with 105 forward at today’s sale. Well-bred heavy beef cows sold to 229.5p/kg for a Blonde from T Atkinson, Ulverston with another Blonde from MJ Whitworth selling at 217.5p/kg. Limousin x cows sold to 204.5p/kg from B Heys, Manchester, Stabilisers to 201.5p/kg from A Dixon & Son, Selside with a British Blue x to 199.5p/kg from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley. Dairy cows sold to 179.5p/kg from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal with British Friesians to 177.5p/kg from JW Hargreaves, Broughton in Furness and Montbeliarde to 177.5p/kg from JJ&MA Park & Son, Helsington. All cull cows averaged 156p/kg, top grossing cow was a Blonde x from T Atkinson, Ulverston achieving £1705 with dairy selling to £1523 for a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal.
OTM beef heifers sold to 219.5p/kg for a Limousin x from J Twigge, Lindale with diary heifers selling to 181.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesians from S&M Cooper, Leece. Top grossing heifer was a heifer x from RJ&J Gardner, Natland achieving £1548.
OTM steers sold to 214.5 and £1344 for a British Blue from JW Robinson & Son, Farlton. Cull bulls sold to 159.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesians from S&M Cooper, Leece with a Hereford to £1563 from Lawkland Hall Farm Partnership.


Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £400 Beck Side, £360, £340 Borrans Farm, £335 Bousfield Farm, £330 Borrans Farm. Angus: £345, £320, £250 Beck Side, £220, £205 Grace Mire Farm, £170 Lupton Hall. Hereford: £325, £250, £220, £210 Bousfield Farm, £175 Kitchlow Farm, £105 Wraysholme Tower. Montbeliarde: £250 Beck Side. Friesian: £200, £185, £170, £135 Kitchlow Farm.

Heifer Calf:

Limousin: £335 High Foulshaw Farm, £155 Low Stangerthwaite. British Blue: £300 Beck Side, £280 Kitchlow Farm, £265 Bousfield Farm, £260 Borrans Farm, £260 Bousfield Farm, £260 Beck Side. Angus: £160, £125 Beck Side, £120 Low Stangerthwaite, £100 Beck Side.

Bull Stirk:

British Blue: £560, £475 Moss House Farm. Limousin: £530, £460, £410 Moss House Farm. Angus: £430, £350, £190 Raw End Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue: £570, £500, £450, £440, £400 New Village. Limousin: £485 New Village. Angus: £390 Raw End Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Angus: £690, £600 Grace Mire Farm, £470 Moss End Farm.

OTM Cow:

Blonde: 229.50 Newland View, 217.50 Mount Pleasant Farm, 197.50 Newland View, 179.50 Fairbank Farm, 169.50 Riddings, 134.50 Luneside. Limousin: 214.50 Newland, 204.50 Mossboroug, 194.50 Scroggs Farm, 191.50 Nun House, 189.50 Low Garths Farm, 179.50 High Wray Farm. Stabiliser: 201.50, 197.50, 189.50, 179.50 Kit Cragg, 139.50 Braida Garth. Hereford: 184.50 Riddings, 141.50, 114.50 Luneside. Saler: 184.50 Fairbank Farm. British Blue: 181.50, 161.50 High Biggarsbank. Friesian: 179.50 Jenkin Crag, 177.50 Bridge End Farm, 171.50 Lupton Hall, 169.50 Bridge End Farm, 167.50 Lupton Hall, 161.50 Bridge End Farm. Simmental: 179.50 High Underbrow Farm. Bazadaise: 177.50 Fairbank Farm. Montbeliarde: 174.50 Low Sizergh Farm. Angus: 159.50 High Wray Farm, 154.50, 134.50 Holmelands. Shorthorn: 139.50 Broad Oak, 121.50 Strickley, 119.50 Stirzaker House Farm, 109.50 Strickley. Dairy Shorthorn: 114.50 Strickley.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin: 219.50 Holmelands. Angus: 207.50 Tarnside Farm. British Blue: 199.50 Tarnside Farm, 189.50 Green Close. Hereford: 194.50 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Friesian: 181.50 Tarnside Farm, 177.50 Low Brundrigg, 174.50 Tarnside Farm, 169.50 Low Sizergh Farm, 169.50 Burnt House Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: 144.50, 139.50 Strickley.

Cast Steer:

British Blue: 214.50, 207.50 Green Close.

Cast Bull:

British Blue: 159.50 Tarnside Farm. Hereford: 154.50 The Cottages, 121.50 Yew Tree House.

Store Bullock:

Limousin: £1300 Old Croft, £1170 Crabtree Farm, £1150 Newcross House Farm, £1125 Crabtree Farm, £1115 Newcross House Farm. Simmental: £1215 Newcross House Farm, £1055 Crabtree Farm. Hereford: £1090 Crabtree Farm. Angus: £1065 Bradlow Farm. Montbeliarde: £1020 Crabtree Farm. Shorthorn: £840 Bridge Stone.

Store Heifer:

British Blue: £1250 High Foulshaw Farm. Angus: £1135, £1045 Crabtree Farm. Limousin: £1045 Gilsmere Farm, £865 Templand Farm, £820 Capplerigg Farm. Hereford: £1030 Crabtree Farm. Parthenaise: £1030 Top Thorn Farm. Charolais: £1005, £900 Braida Garth. Stabiliser: £940 Braida Garth.

Store Bull:

Limousin: £960 Thornfield Farm.

Suckler Calf Steer:

Blonde: £1200 Mount Pleasant Farm, £890 Nook Farm, £870 Mount Pleasant Farm, £800 Ashes. Limousin: £1140 Yates Farm, £1000 Dove Ford, £960 Scroggs Farm, £960 Fairbank Farm, £950 Scroggs Farm, £930 Mossboroug. Charolais: £1000, £930, £900 Ashes, £880 Lower Hawthwaite, £870 Ashes, £860 Lower Hawthwaite. South Devon: £870, £840 Bowkerstead Farm. Angus: £860, £815, £800 Mill Barn, £775 Parkside Farm, £750, £740 Mill Barn. Shorthorn: £830, £820, £800 Bridge Stone, £730 Parkside Farm. Saler: £790 Bank Farm. Simmental: £775 Sella Farm, £770 High Skelghyll, £670 Sella Farm, £660 High Skelghyll. Hereford: £770, £615 Cowran Estate.

Suckler Calf Heifer:

Limousin: £1360 Knott End Farm, £990 High Borrans Farm, £980, £955 Scholl Hill, £950 Swallowmire, £940 Moser Hill. British Blue: £1140 Gilpin Farm, £1080, £990 Holme Farm, £960 Knott End Farm, £950 Holme Farm, £940 Gilpin Farm. Charolais: £790 Broad Oak, £770 Lower Hawthwaite, £740 Aisgill Farm, £730 Ashes, £700 Middle Lee Farm, £650 Lower Hawthwaite. Simmental: £700 Aynsome Croft. South Devon: £700 Bowkerstead Farm. Angus: £630 Mill Barn.

Suckler Calf Bull:

Limousin: £1140 Crossgates Farm, £1060 Holme Farm, £1050 Crossgates Farm, £1000 Holme Farm, £935 Crossgates Farm, £920 Mount Pleasant Farm. British Blue: £1040 Mount Pleasant Farm, £980 Scholl Hill. Blonde: £1030 Mount Pleasant Farm, £900 Low Garths Farm. Charolais: £890 Low Garths Farm, £830, £720, £650 Lower Hawthwaite. Saler: £800 Bank Farm. Stabiliser: £750 Yealand Manor.

In Calf Heifer:

Angus: £1220, £1200, £1160 Higher Lees Farm. British Blue: £1220, £1150 Higher Lees Farm.

Cow and Calf:

British Blue: £1550 High Borrowbridge. Limousin: £1480 Lambrigg Head Farm. Hereford: £1100 Breedy Butts Farm.

In Calf Cow:

Limousin: £1480 Hall Farm, £1320 Thornfield Farm, £1260 Hall Farm.

More Info

NWA J36 Second Show of Suckled Calves, Thursday 10th November 2022
Judge- Mr Topping

Class 1- Best Continental Heifer

1st Lot 708 from TW Gorst selling for £1140
2nd Lot 720 from M & D Hatton selling for £1360
3rd Lot 544 from CD Slinger & LJ Eaton selling for £1080

Class 2- Best Continental Bullock

1st Lot 709 from TW Gorst selling for £1010
2nd Lot 721 from M & D Hatton selling for £1080
3rd Lot 707 TW Gorst selling for £910

Class 3- Best Continental Bull

1st Lot 542 from CD Slinger & LJ Eaton selling for £1060
2nd Lot 545 from CD Slinger & LJ Eaton selling for £950
3rd Lot 654 from Messrs Hodgson selling for £890

Champion- Lot 708 from TW Gorst selling for £1140

Reserve Champion- Lot 709 from TW Gorst selling for £1010

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