J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 17th March 2022

Cast Cattle
North West Auctions saw a fast and competitive trade for all classes and types of cull cows and OTM cattle at NWA J36, with eight active buyers all keen to fill orders. An overall market average today of 165p/kg was achieved with over half the entry being dairy cows.
Cull cows sold to a top price of 219.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus x from MJ&J Handley, Sedbergh. Closely followed by HE&M Henderson, Dent selling a Limousin x at 209.5p/kg. Other heavy and well finished cows regularly selling at 172 p/kg – 185p/kg, with keen interest in cows suitable for further finishing.
Dairy cows sold to a top price of 179p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from S&M Cooper, Leece with others at 174.5p/kg from Lawkland Hall Farm Partnership, Lawkland. Medium fleshed dairy cows regularly sold at 140p/kg – 155p/kg, with leaner ex parlour cows 120p/pk – 134p/kg.
Top grossing cull cow today achieving £1466 was a Holstein Friesian from S&M Cooper, Leece with other dairy cows selling to £1314 from RJ&ML Lowrey, Cark Cartmel.
Beef cows sold to a top of £1292 for a Limousin x from HE&M Henderson, Dent.
OTM heifers sold to a top price of 244p/kg and £1102 for a Limousin x from MW&MR Black, Staveley with dairy heifers selling to 174.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from B&MJ Nelson &Son, Milnthorpe and £1087 for a Dairy Shorthorn from JR Handley, Whinfell.
OTM Steers sold to 229p/kg for a Limousin x from T&SB Procter, Kirkby Stephen with a British Blue x from RW Robinson & Son, Farleton selling at £1454.
The next sale of OTM cattle is on Thursday 31st March, vendors are encouraged to present cattle with confidence to take advantage of this strong trade.

Calves & Stirks
A nice entry of 90 calves were forward with a two-tier trade seen today, the best well reared continental calves sold an impressive trade with younger calves being harder placed with the ever-increasing costs involved with rearing.
Once again British Blue bulls led the way with a top of £400 twice, firstly from A Pickthall, New Hutton and then by CM & CS Chappelhow, Clifton Dykes. Other noted prices were £395 from A Pickthall, New Hutton and £390 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth. An impressive average of £320 for British Blue bulls today for 20 sold. Limousin bulls sold to £365 from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Levens. Native bred calves had more demand from buyers with Aberdeen Angus bulls selling to a top of £355 from Wannop Farms, Morecambe.
The heifer calf trade saw a younger show forward, with British Blues peaking at £300 from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Leavens. Other British Blues sold to £290 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth. Limousin heifer calves sold to £295 from JS&IS Wilson, Whitbeck.
Dairy bred bull calves saw more demand with Montbeliardes selling to £205 from JS&IM Wilson, Whitbeck, with others from the same home selling to £200.
A young show of Black and Whites were forward with a top of £80 from W Garnett& Son, Milnthorpe with others too £72 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth.
A bumper entry of 85 stirks were forward with well reared stirks selling to a premium. A cracking run of suckler bred bulls from S Whitehead, Middleton sold to £990 & £970. A Blonde bullock from B&HM Wilson, Selside sold too £910. Aberdeen Angus steers sold to £820 from BJ&M Tomlinson, Preston. A lovely run of nice reared stirks from R Greenwood, Skipton saw British Blue bullocks selling to £715 and a pen full of 5-month-old British Blue bulls to £605. Friesian stirks were keenly bid for peaking at £555 from R Greenwood, Skipton with other pens of Friesian bullocks selling to £510 from PD&PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal.
Many buyers are showing keen interest for all types of stirks here at J36, please enter cattle with confidence.

Store Cattle
The sale of store cattle today saw a top price of £1295 achieved for a Lim X Steer from T&SB Proctor, Kirkby Stephen closely followed by TW Nelson & Son, Stainton selling Lim X Steers at £1290 and RJ&R Holden, Millom achieving £1260. Well grown steers regularly selling at £1100-£1200 with yearlings £960-£1080. Native sired steers sold to a top price of £1165 for a South Devon X from AT Threlkeld, Satterthwaite with Aberdeen Angus X achieving £1050 from IR Cooper, Penrith. Younger suckler bred steers sold to £900 for 6 months old Charolais X from IR Cooper, Penrith with Hereford X also achieving £900 from D&E Whittaker, Quernmore. Dairy bred steers sold to £945 for a Dairy Shorthorn from M Bateman & Son, Sedbergh with NRW X selling to £900 from JE Wightman, Lupton and Holstien Friesians £795 from RM Mason & Sons, Levens.

Heifers sold to £1245 from T&SB Proctor, Kirkby Stephen who also sold heifers for £1205. The stronger end of heifers £1000-£1050 with Native sires selling to £1175 for South Devon X from AT Threlkeld and Hereford X £1085 from M&S Blease, Carnforth. Yearlings sold to £900 for a Simmental X from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell with Lim X selling to £890 from MW&MR Black, Staveley. Younger heifers 8-10 months old finding keen interest as buyers look towards turn out.

Store bulls sold to a top of £885 for Lim X from M Gibson, Garsdale with young sucker bred bulls selling to £800. A large entry of dairy bulls sold to £685 for Holstien Friesian from JH Barker & Son, Haverthwaite.

The next sale is Thursday 31st March, vendors are strongly encouraged to enter cattle with confidence to take advantage of the current strong trade. Please contact Bradley Thompson 07867000244 or Matthew Probert 07540446667.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £400 High Grounds Farm, £400, £395, £390 Borrans Farm, £390 Flodder Hall. Limousin - £365 High Foulshaw Farm, £220, £200 Monk Foss Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £355 Heaton Hall Farm, £275 Raisgill Hall, £220, £215, £210 Heaton Hall Farm. Montbeliard - £205, £160 Monk Foss Farm. Continental - £200, £160 Monk Foss Farm. Stabilizer - £200 Sunny Bank. Simmental - £165 Wyke Farm. Hereford - £155 Wyke Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue - £620 Grange Farm, £300 High Foulshaw Farm, £290, £280 Flodder Hall, £265 Borrans Farm. Limousin - £295 Monk Foss Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £165 Heaton Hall Farm. Stabilizer - £145 Sunny Bank. Hereford - £110 Wyke Farm.

Bull Stirk:

Limousin - £990 Low Waterside. British Blue - £970 Low Waterside, £625 Moss Side Farm, £605 Westwood, £605 Sella Farm. Hereford - £690 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £555 The Lodge, £530 Sella Farm, £405 Colby Laithes, £400 The Lodge, £310 Colby Laithes. Friesian - £440 Moss Side Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

Blonde - £725 Ashstead. Limousin - £615 Scar Sykes Farm, £440 Hill Crest Farm. British Blue - £610 Coat Green Farm, £510 Westwood, £480 Coat Green Farm. Hereford - £450 Coat Green Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £430 Colby Laithes, £420 Grange Farm, £395, £320 Hill Crest Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Blonde - £910 Ashstead. Aberdeen Angus - £820, £765 Grace More Farm. British Blue - £715 Westwood, £480 Coat Green Farm. Friesian - £555 Westwood, £510 Coat Green Farm. Hereford - £520 Coat Green Farm. Ayrton - £515 Westwood. Montbeliard - £515 Westwood.

OTM Cow:

Aberdeen Angus – 219.5 Catholes, 147.5 Skiddaw View, 139.5 Low Dubbs Farm. Limousin – 209.5 Nun House, 194.5 Scroggs Farm, 184.5, 179.5 Villa Farm, 179.5 Scar Sykes Farm. Friesian – 181.5 Shorthorn Farm, 179.5 Tarnside Farm, 174.5 Lawkland Hall Farm, 171.5 Tarnside Farm. Saler – 181.5 Matson Farms. Simmental – 179.5 Skiddaw View. British Blue – 174.5 High Borrowbridge, 171.5 Low Fold, 171.5 Swallowmire. Fleckvieh – 164.5 Far Audlands. Shorthorn – 154.5 Raw Head, 107.5 Strickley. Dairy Shorthorn – 137.5, 134.5 Strickley.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin – 244.5 Scroggs Farm. Friesian – 174.5 Halforth Farm. Dairy Shorthorn – 167.5 Craketrees.

Cast Steer:

Limousin – 229.5, 219.5 Villa Farm. British Blue – 224.5, 217.5 Green Close.

Store Bullock:

Limousin - £1295 Villa Farm, £1290 Cockrigg Farm, £1260 Newcross House Farm, £1195, £1140 Villa Farm. Blonde - £1225 Newcross House Farm, £1165 Villa Farm. Charolais - £1175 Newcross House Farm, £900, £895 Bank Farm. South Devon - £1165, £1040 Bowkerstead Farm. British Blue - £1155 Villa Farm, £1100 Newcross House Farm, £1090 Moors Farm, £1040, £1025 Greenside Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1050 Bank Farm. Shorthorn - £980, £890, £850 Bridge Stone. Dairy Shorthorn - £945 Moors Farm. Hereford - £900 Little Fell Farm, £880 Gowan Bank Farm. Norwegian Red - £900 Crabtree Farm. Friesian: £795 Heaves Farm. Belted Galloway - £740 Crosscrake Farm.

Store Heifer:

Charolais - £1245 Villa Farm, £1085, £1075, £1020 Bowfield Farm. Limousin - £1205 Villa Farm, £1150 Cockrigg Farm, £960 Villa Farm. South Devon - £1175 Bowkerstead Farm. Hereford - £1085 The Barn, £880 Crabtree Farm, £800 Stafford Street. British Blue - £990 Villa Farm, £985 Crabtree Farm, £925 Crosscrake Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £945, £880, £860 Crabtree Farm. Simmental - £900 Swallowmire, £760 Skiddaw View.

Store Bull:

Limousin - £885 Mouse Syke, £800 Bellart Howe, £760 Bank Farm. Hereford - £765 Bellart Howe, £730 Mouse Syke. Luing - £705, £675 Howe Farm.

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