J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly sale of Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 14th December 2021

Prime Lambs
The weekly sale of prime lambs saw a good entry of 1510 forward, selling to a slightly reduced trade from the highs of recent weeks but still in line with other nationwide centres, averaging 268p/kg. Well meated lambs of all weights continue to sell to a big premium at J36, with buyers cautious over under finished lambs.
Heavy lambs once again sold to a strong trade, with a top of £149.50 for 57kg Texel lambs from DW Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. Closely followed by other Texels selling to £149 from JB Airey, Kendal. Suffolks peaked at £147.50 from G Riley, Bolton le Sands. Heavy weight lambs were regularly selling into the £140 mark, with all heavy lambs forward averaging 271p/kg. Best quality bred lambs continue to sell to a sharp trade at junction 36 with a run of Beltex lambs from JG&PH Thompson, Selside selling to a top of 346p/kg or £138.50.
More hill lambs were forward today with all selling to a solid trade, Cheviots selling to a top of £130 from J Allonby & Son, Greyrigg with Mules selling to £125 from JS&S Atkinson, Scorton and Swaledales topping at £125 for a 51kg lamb from TM&WH Hodgson, Nibthwaite. Light hill lambs continue to sell to a strong trade with 31kg Swaledale lambs selling to £81.50 from Fishwick Bros, Longsleddale. Closely followed at £81 for the same weight from RM&D Dixon, Longsleddale.

Cast Sheep
More ewes on offer today with all selling at £5-£10 dearer on the week, with more ewes needed in the upcoming week for fulfil buyers demand. Charollais ewes led the way today selling to a top of £174 from J Stott, Stainton. Leicesters sold to £168 from WN&JE Shuttleworth, Barbon. Pure bred Suffolks sold to £152 from TA&JA Dixon, Selside. The best pure bred ewes regularly sold in the £145-£150 mark. Mule ewe would be the sharpest trade of the day, selling to £135 from J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor. The strongest Mules selling well over the £120 mark., with the next level down selling either side of the £100 mark and all Mule ewes forward selling to £104. Some impressive returns for hill ewes were seen today, with Cheviots selling to £137 from J Allonby & Son, Greyrigg with Rough Fells topping at £105 from T Ellis, Old Hutton and a full pen of Swaledale ewes selling to £104 from JF&AW Sutton, Longsleddale, with other Swaledale ewes selling to £99 from JS&J Atkinson, Scorton. An impressive entry of 52 rams were forward, with all selling to a flying trade. A Beltex ram led the way selling to £170 from DJ&A Freeman, Troutbeck. With all rams forward averaging £107.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Texel - £149.5 Swallowmire Farm, £149 Mint Close, £146 Guides Farm, £145.5 Alby Wood, £144.5 Red Scar Farm. Suffolk - £147.5 Maddison Avenue, £142 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £134.5 Maddison Avenue, £128 Low Shaw Farm. Beltex - £138.5 Poppy Farm, £125 Fell End Farm, £124 Low Hall Farm, £121 Raines Hall. Charollais - £132 Low Foulshaw Farm, £128.5 Hampsfield Hall, £121 High Underbrow Farm, £118.5 Myers Farm, £111.5 Far Orrest. Cheviot - £130, £120 Green Head, £109.5 Re Braida Garth, £109 Low Waterside. Mule - £125 Sykes Farm, £123.5 Low Longmire, £121 Holme Farm, £121 Rowe End Farm, £120.5 Holme Farm. Swaledale - £125 Arklid Farm, £112 Low Longmire, £110 Sykes Farm, £109.5, £105.5 Yoad Pot. Lleyn - £123.5, £123 Low Foulshaw Farm. Dales Bred - £117 Fell End Farm. Cheviot Mule - £115 Poppy farm, £111 High Borrowbridge, £109 Swallowmire Farm. Rough Fell - £110 High Borrowbridge, £110, £100.5 New House Farm. Hampshire - £106 Low Croft, £100 The Lodge, £95 Kate Farm. Continental - £102 Low Waterside, £90 Cinder Barrow. Herdwick - £95 Yoad Pot. Jacob - £85.5 Bank Ground.

Cast Ewe:

Charollais - £174 Kingsland. Leicester - £168 Barbon Fell, £138, £137 Higher Core Farm. Texel - £155 Headless Close, £148 Cumbrae, £141 Green Head, £126 Crosscrake Farm, £122 Endmoor Farm. Suffolk - £152 Yoad Pot, £135 Low Shaw Farm, £123 Maddison Avenue, £117 Smithy Green Farm, £115 Low Woodedge Farm. Dorset - £141 Warth Sutton Farm. Cheviot - £137 Green Head, £120 Poppy Farm, £117, £116 Bowers Farm, £108 Green Head. Mule - £135 Endmoor Farm, £126 Myers Farm, £124 Nether House Farm, £124 Smithy Green Farm, £120 Hartrigg. Cheviot Mule - £124 Low Mill House, £113 Low Tarn Green. Rough Fell - £105 Woodside, £99 Bowers Farm. Swaledale - £104 Nether House Farm, £99 Sykes Farm, £95 Arklid Farm, £80 Saddlers Croft. Herdwick - £78 High Birk Howe Farm, £67 Far Kiln Bank. Continental - £72 Woodside, £70 Brow Head.

Cast Ram:

Beltex - £170 Town End. Charollais - £160 High Greenside. Texel - £152 High Greenside, £120 Guides Farm, £116 Matson Farms. Leicester - £144 Sykes Farm, £140 Borrow Bridge House, £119 Barbon Fell House, £105 Town End. Dorset - £142 Brow Head. Rough Fell - £126 Blackmoss Farm. Dales Bred - £122 Re Braida Garth. Swaledale - £116, £114 Sykes Farm, £98 High Greenside, £98 Town End. Kerry Hill - £102 Woodside. Continental - £100 Croft Foot Farm. Zwartble - £100 Town End.

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