Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 25th September

Store Cattle

There was another strong show of store cattle forward at Lancaster which saw heavy and well-fleshed steers sell to a top of £1370 for a British Blue from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, with others selling to £1350 from T & M Halhead, Priest Hutton. Native sired steers sold to £1340 for Aberdeen Angus’ from T & M Halhead with others at £1310 from R Townsend, Preston and Beef Shorthorns to £1210 from R & EA Gardner, Brigsteer. Dairy bred steers sold to £1200 for Holstein Freisians from S Kellett & Sons, Pilling with others at £1090 from GE & AP Hewitt, Cockerham. All steers forward today averaged £999.

Heifers today sold to £1280 for British Blue from M Southern, West Houghton who sold others to £1240 and Limousins sold to £1190 from WS Burrow & Sons, Carnforth. Native sired heifers sold to £1190 for Angus’ from T & M Halhead, with others achieving £1150 from T Robson & Son, Singleton and Herefords to £1040 from R Oldfield, Yealand. All heifers forward averaged £1020.

A small entry of feeding bulls sold to £1090 for Limousins from FI & ME Little, Kendal.

Cast Cows

The weekly sale of cast cows saw a entry of 141 forward with a top price of 169.5p/kg achieved for a Limousin cow from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof with other Limousins achieving 161.5p/kg from JG & PH Thompson, Selside. Heavy well-fleshed beef cows regularly sold 135-150p/kg. Dairy bred cows sold to 139.5p/kg from RG & B Lewis, Middleton and J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. Heavy and well-fleshed dairy cows were in short supply with an entry predominately medium and parlour type cows today selling to an overall average of 122p/kg.

Top grossing beef cow today achieved £1169 from TR Prickett for a Limousin closely followed by the top grossing dairy cow form J Bargh & Son, Morecambe achieving £1160.

OTM Heifers sold to a top price of 179.5p/kg for a Stabilier from J & H Bland & Son, Ninezergh with OTM dairy heifers selling to 161.5p/kg for a Hosltein Friesian from MJ & H Atkinson, Quernmore. Top grossing OTM Heifer was a Holstein Friesian achieving £1033 from TA & RM Dawson, Quenmore.

OTM Steers sold to 179.5p/kg for a Montbeliarde from J & H Bland & Son Ltd, Ninezergh with WS Burrow & Sons, Silverdale selling a British Blue x at £1266.

Several stock bulls forward today sold to 171.5p/kg for a Limousin from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man and £1359 for a Charolais from MJ & LC Lund, Quernmore.

Calves & Stirks

The weekly sale of calves saw 90 forward selling to a fast and competitive trade with bull calves selling to £450 for a Charolais from WG Farms, Cockerham with others to £410 from JE & S Seedall, Mellor. British Blue bull calves sold to £400 from G & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel with Angus’ to £380 from JE & S Seedall. Limousins sold to £310 from DJ Clarke Farming Ltd, Barnacre. Heifer calves sold to £350 for a British Blue from EW & RM Towers, Hornby who sold others to £350 and £330. Aberdeen Angus x heifers sold to £330 from A H S & HJ Raby, Preesall. Todays sale included a Wagyu selling to £100.

Dairy bulls sold to £160 for a Holstein Friesian from RT Halhead, Cockerham with others selling to £130 from T & CM Kelsall & Son, Chipping. Several steer calves forward today sold to £390 for a British Blue x from EW & RM Towers, Hornby, who also sold Fleckviehs at £330.

The monthly sale of stirks saw a top price of £890 achieved for an Aberdeen Angus from S Moore, Pilling with other Angus steers selling to £780, £770 from WR Clarke & Partners, Yealand Redmayne with Herefords selling to £750 from GR & B Mason, Warton. British Blue steers from MD Close & Son, Arkholme sold to £730 with others at £720. Dairy bred steers sold to £640 for Montbeliardes from GR & B Mason. Heifer stirks sold to £610 for British Blues from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel, MD Close & Son and T Rigby, Claughton on Brock. Native sired heifers sold to £560 for Angus’ from FW Rhodes & Son, with other Angus’ also achieving £560 from WJ & E Woodhouse, Nateby.

Bull stirks sold to £500 for Angus’ from GR & A Foy, Conder Green with Hosltein Friesian bulls also achieving £500 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale.

As buyers look to now house cattle for winter well-grown stirks continue to sell to a premium with the younger stirks a more selective trade as we head into autumn and winter.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

British Blue £1370 Bensons Farm, £1350 Upp Hall, £1300 Ninezergh, £1280 Gibraltar Farm, Ninezergh. Aberdeen Angus £1340 Upp Hall, £1310 Kirkham Road, £1280 Well House Farm, £1260 Godson House Farm, Fairfield. Limousin £1340 Upp Hall, £1290 Gibraltar Farm, £1260 Dunningwell, £1200 Endmoor Farm, £1160 Dunningwell Farm. Simmental £1280, £1260 Greenlands Farm, £1120 Thornton Barn Farm, £1100 Old Glasson Farm, £1080 Intack Farm. Shorthorn £1210, £1200 Barrowfield. Friesian £1200 Pilling Hall, £1090 Grizedale, £1080, £1070 Bensons Farm, £1050 Boarsden Farm. Charolais £1190 Mount Murray, £1100 Gunnerthwaite, £1090 Little Crimbles, £1070 Mount Murray, £1050 Mount Murray. Herefords £1130 Long Streets Farm, £1100 Old Glasson Farm, £1090 Thornton Barn Farm, £1040 Long Steers Farm, £960 Mount Murray. Welsh Black £1120 Barrowfield. Stabiliser £1080 Ninezergh. Fleckvieh £930 Corney Hill Farm.

Store Heifer

British Blue £1280, £1240 Bugle Horn Farm, £1130 Cracalt Farm, £1070 Ellers Farm, Buck Bank Farm. Aberdeen Angus £1190 Upp Hall, £1150 Fairfield, £1080 Brow Foot Farm, Ellers Farm, £1070 Hill House Farm. Limousin £1190 Gibraltar Farm, Upp Hall, £1160 Botton Hall Farm, Station Hotel, £1120 Botton Hall. Charolais £1070 Mount Murray, £990 Corney Hill Farm, £980 Brow Foot Farm, £970 Corney Hill Farm. Hereford £1040 Brow Foot Farm, £710 Wyre View.

Store Bull

Limousin £1090 Helm Croft.


Limousin 169.5 Hutton Roof Hall, 161.5 Poppy Farm, 157.5 Farleton House, Hutton Roof Hall, 149.5 Poppy Farm. British Blue 151.5 Low Groves Farm. Simmental 139.5 Green Lane End Farm. Friesian 139.5 North Farm, Bowlands Gardens, 139.5 Bainsbank Farm, 137.5 Bank End Farm. Aberdeen Angus 139.5 Forgelands, 134.5 Leighton House, 129.4 Mount Murray. Ayrshire 129.5 Bolton Fold Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel 129.5, 124.5 Littlewood Hall Farm. Montbeliarde 121.5, 114.5 White Lund

OTM Heifer

Stabiliser 179.5 Ninezergh. Friesian 161.5 Westfield House Farm, 157.5 Lower Lingart Farm, 154.5 Lower Brow Top, 149.5 Lower Lingart Farm, 139.5 North Farm. Aberdeen Angus 134.5 Intack Farm. Montbeliarde 127.5 Lawrence House. Swedish Red & White 117.5 White Lund Farm. Blonde Swiss 109.5 Lawrence House.

Cast Steer

Montbeliarde 179.5 Ninezergh. British Blue 169.5 Gibraltar Farm, 159.5 Gibraltar Farm. Aberdeen Angus 169.5, 164.5 Ellers Farm. Limousin 139.5 Hill Park. Friesian 139.5 Intack Farm.

Cast Bull

Limousin 171.5, 164.5 Mount Murray. Charolais 129.5 Corney Hill Farm. Friesian 109.5 Fern Hill Farm.

Heifer Calf

British Blue £360, £350, £330 Holme Head, £325 Beesley Farm, £310 Lane Head Farm. Aberdeen Angus £330 Fern Hill Farm, £200 Forgelands, £145 Tills Farm, £140 Sweetings Farm, £135 Bolton Fold Farm. Wagyu £100 Blackleach House Farm.

Bull Calf

Charolais £450 Lathwaite Farm, £410 Bolton Fold Farm, £400, £395 Lathwaite Farm. British Blue £400 Boldens Farm, £355 Newhouse Farm, £350 Brown Brook, £350, £340 Beesley Farm. Aberdeen Angus £380 Bolton Fold Farm, £315 Newhouse Farm, £245 Sweetings Farm. Limousin £310, £290 Kellbrick Farm. Hereford £250 Quakers Farm. Welsh Black £230 Brown Brook. Friesian £160 Norbreck Farm, £130 Brown Brook, £120 Lane Head Farm, £115 Boldens Farm.

Steer Calf

British Blue £390, £330 Holme Head. Fleckvieh £330, £270, £210 Holme Head. Norwegian Red & White £230, £200 Holme Head.

Bull Stirk

Friesian £500 Catshaw Hall Farm, £400, £350 Sandvilla. Aberdeen Angus £500 Parkside Farm.

British Blue £610 Barrow Greaves Farm, £610 Claughton House Farm, Dockher Hall Farm, £480 Higher Hollinhead Farm. Heifer Stirk £560 Gibsons Farm, Barrow Greaves Farm, £550 Aughton House Farm, £540 Docker Hall Farm, Gibsons Farm. Hereford £550 Higher Hollinhead Farm, £520 Hillam Lane Farm. Limousin £510 Pilling Hall. Stabiliser £300 Beesleys Farm.

Steer Stirk

Aberdeen Angus £890 Longwood House, £780, £770 Cinderbarrow Farm, £660 Docker Hall Farm, £630 Crook Farm. Hereford £750 Nearer Hillock Farm, £710 Longwood House, £680 Nearer Hillock Farm. British Blue £730, £720 Docker Hall Farm, £660 Oak Avenue, £630 Crook Farm, Dockher Hall Farm. Stabiliser £660 Beesleys Farm. Montbeliarde £640 Nearer Hillock Farm. Fleckveih £560 Docker Hall Farm. Friesian £470 Docker Hall Farm,.

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