J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Sheep with Lambs & Primestock - Tuesday 23rd April

Pig report

The special sale of prime pigs saw a strong entry of 44 forward with all pigs selling to a strong and competitive trade. Buyers were present for all classes and types but showing a preference towards well-finished pigs and cautious of lightweight, under finished pigs and boars. The sale topped at £112 (118p/kg) for white gilts from NJ Wilkinson, Barrow in Furness with other white gilts achieving £100 (114p/kg) from W Stamper, Chipping. Well finished cutter pigs generally 90p/kg – 100p/kg with porkers 80p/kg – 96p/kg. All prime pigs averaged 88p/kg (£82).

Vendors are encouraged to pre-enter stock for the next sale on Tuesday 13th May to assist with contacting buyers. All classes of pigs will be sold this sale.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

There was an entry of 150 sheep with lambs at foot which saw young quality outfits in strong demand at J36. Leading the way today was Mule shearlings with twin lambs selling to £218 from WI & A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale with G & KM Atkinson, Colby selling to £218 and £212. This was closely followed by JA Chapman, Kendal selling to £210. All Mule shearlings with twin lambs at foot averaged £213.10. Texel shearlings topped at £215 from JA Chapman, Kendal with others to £210 from the same home. Texel Shearlings with twin lambs averaged £205.45. Suffolk shearlings with Suffolk twin lambs sold to £210 with Suffolk shearlings with singles from TH Gibson & Son, Kendal selling to £170. Mule ewes with twin lambs sold to a top of £175 from WI & A Atkinson & Son, with Continental Sheep with twins selling to £172 from R Colbear, Appleby. The first Herdwicks of the year were on the market today selling with Texel twin lambs selling to £90 from DR Harrison, Selside.

Spring Lambs

A smaller entry of spring lambs forward this week sold to another strong trade at J36 with an overall market average of 247p/kg. Leading the way at 273p/kg was FE & CM Robinson, Milnthorpe with a Texel Lamb whose consignment sold to £108, £106 and £104. The consignment of Hampshires from J & O Galbraith, Endmoor sold to £104 or 251p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

A few more Prime Hoggs on the market this week which sold to a sharper trade. There was an overall market average of 200p/kg with an SQQ of 207p/kg. Topping the market today at £107 was Charollais hoggs from JG Harryman, Hawkshead. Texels sold to £104 from AR & C Fawcett, Seascale with others to £102 from GR Wilson, Natland and MW & MR Black, Staveley. Suffolks topped at £100 from DM & D Cook, Ulverston. Beltex hoggs topped at £100 from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston with Scotch Blackface Hoggs from the same home selling to £99. Beltex hoggs sold to a top of 250p/kg from GM & A Jackson with other Beltex selling to 246p/kg, 240p/kg and 237p/kg from JG Harryman. There was plenty of Continental and Cheviot hoggs selling around the 220p/kg. Handy weight hoggs were in the strongest demand today.

Cast Sheep

There was more cast sheep on the market today selling to a stronger trade. Leading the way this week in the ewe section was Texel ewes from PK & R Woof, Stainton selling to £128 and £121. Charollais ewes sold to a top of £121 from TW Gorst, Crook with Leicesters selling to £119 from JH Pedley, Barbon. Suffolk ewes topped at £115 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston. Numerous more pens of Continental and Suffolk ewes sold in excess of the £100 mark. Cheviot Mule ewes topped at £95 from PK & R Woof with others selling to £94 from KR & CA Williamson, Barbon. Mule ewes topped at £92 from TW Gorst with others selling to £89 from DJ Casson & Son, Slyne. Numerous other pens of Mule ewes easily sold into the eighties. Horned ewes sold to a top of £78 for Rough Fells from JH Atkinson & Partners, Selside with other horned sheep selling to £77 from GJ Ibbotson, Lancaster. Swaledale ewes topped at £74 from R & EA Gardner, Brigsteer. All cast ewes forward this week averaged £69.75 including a larger proportion of hill bred ewes this week.

J36 continues to enjoy a strong trade for tups with Beltex x tup twice topping at £125 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Natland and from KR & CA Williamson. Leicester tups sold to a top of £122 from TE, JS & SA Carruthers, Underbarrrow with Continental tups selling to £120 from CC & HM Roberts, Tebay and Suffolks to £118 from A Barnes, Heversham. Hill bred tups saw Swaledales sell to £88 from J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg. All tups forward today averaged £101.53.

Top Prices

Shearling & Lamb:

Mule - £218 Holme House Farm, £218, £212 Green Farm, £210 North Lodge, £195 Holme House Farm. Texel - £215, £210, £200 North Lodge. Suffolk - £210, £170 Toadpool Farm. Continental - £170 Wilson Wood, £105 white Cross Bay.

Ewe & Lamb:

Mule - £175 Holme House Farm, £158, £125 Aisgill Farm, £100 Marsh House Farm. Texel - £172 Heights Farm, £170 Aisgill Farm, £165 Wilson Wood, £162 The Borrans, £160 Heights Farm. Continental - £160, £112 Gilpin Farm, £95 White Cross Bay. Cheviot - £98 High House Farm. Herdwick - £90 The Plough Inn. Cheviot Mule - £78 High House Farm.

Prime Lamb:

Texel - £108, £104 Warth Sutton Farm. Continental - £106 Warth Sutton Farm. Hampshire - £104, £101, £98 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hogg:

Charollais - £107 The Galleon, £96 Smithy Green Farm, £76.5 Wall End Farm. Texel - £104 Silverhow Farm, £102 Larkrigg, £102 Scroggs Farm, £99 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £99 Larkrigg. Beltex - £100 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £99 The Galleon, £97.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £96 The Galleon. Suffolk - £100 Smithy Green Farm, £97 Great House Farm, £92 West Plain Farm, £92 Smithy Green Farm. Scotch - £99, £89.5 Little Eccleston Hall Office. Continental - £98 West Plain Farm, £96 Smithy green Farm, £88 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £84 Templand Farm, £79.5 Moss House Farm. Mule - £89 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £88 Strickland Hill, £85 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £79 Hartrigg, £77.5 Whinfield Farm. Hampshire - £88 Moss House Farm. Swaledale - £87 Holme House Farm, £82.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £79 Cinderbarrow Farm, £74 Eskew Beck, £72 Rydal Farm. Cheviot - £85 Moss House Farm, £82, £77 Hartrigg, £74 Whinfield Farm. Herdwick - £82, £80 Middle Fell, £79 Wall End Farm, £76 Rydal Farm, £76 Charley Crag Farmhouse. Horned - £81 Higher Salter, £76 Leapers View.

Cast Ewe:

Texel - £128, £121 Storth End Farm, £109 The Park, £102 Western Houses. Charollais - £121, £110 Gilpin Farm, £109 Cinderbarrow Farm, £95 Mansrigg Hall, £83 Beaumont Gate. Leicester - £119 Ellerbeck, £103 Holme House Farm. Suffolk - £115 Mansrigg Hall, £107 Ashstead, £99 Smithy Green Farm, £98 Great House Farm. Hampshire - £97 Endmoor Farm. Cheviot Mule - £95 Storth End Farm, £94, £91 Underley Estate Office, £91 Broad Oak. Mule - £92 Gilpin Farm, £89 Beaumont Gate, £88 Smithy Green Farm, £87 Low Groves Farm, £86 Mint Close. Cheviot - £89, £87 Silverhow Farm, £76 Mansrigg Hall, £72 Lower Hawthwaite, £62 The Plough Inn. Dorset - £83 Great House Farm. Continental - £82 Great House Farm, £70 Higher Salter, £48 The Plough Inn. Rough Fell - £78 Mosergh Farm, £65 Moss Howe Farm. Horned - £77 Higher Slater. Swaledale - £74 Barrowfield, £69 Gilpin Farm, £68 Red Scar, £67 Eskew Beck, £63 Low Newton Farm. Scotch - £55 Moss Howe Farm. Herdwick - £54 Gilpin Farm, £47 Kendal House Farm. Dales Bred - £50 Mosergh Farm.

Cast Ram:

Beltex - £125 High House, £84 The Plough Inn. Texel - £125, £113, £96 Underley Estate Office, £92 Mint Close. Leicester - £122 Red Scar, £100 Holme House Farm, £86 Cinderbarrow Farm. Continental - £120, £77 Bybeck. Suffolk - £118 Moss Side, £112 Moss Howe Farm, £100 Tarnside Farm. Charollais - £100 Brow Head. Swaledale - £88 Thursgill, £79 Holme House Farm.

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