J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock Tuesday 5 June

Spring Lambs

A larger entry were forward this week were met by a stronger trade with all buyers keen to purchase. There were 514 spring lambs that averaged 258p/kg with lambs 40kg plus easiest to sell. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £133.50 from Helen Newton of Low Levens closely followed by £132 from D Metcalfe of Dalton in Furness. Charolais lambs sold to a top of £132.50 from WS Burrow and Sons of Silverdale with Beltex lambs from the same good home selling to £129. Beltex lambs sold to a top of 286p/kg from WS Burrow and Sons of Silverdale, closely followed by AE Atkinson of Endmoor to 284p/kg with plenty of pens of good confirmation lambs in the region of 280p/kg. Lightweight lambs saw 35kg Beltex lambs from EM Standing of Witherslack with 35kg Texel lambs from WA Ward and Son of Slyne selling to £88.50.

Prime Hoggs

An entry of 150 hoggs in the Market saw a very mixed entry in terms of quality, as to be expected at this time of year. The trade topped at £116 for Texel hoggs from LC Cuthbertson of Windermere with decent Continental hoggs over £100. Better, well fleshed confirmation Continental hoggs sold over 200p/kg topping at 238p/kg from JG Harryman of Hawkshead. Hill hoggs sold to a top of 222p/kg for Herdwick from Messrs Edmondson of Great Langdale.

Cast Sheep

A larger entry of ewes sold to a very strong trade with all buyers keen to purchase ewes and rams. There was plenty of heavy weight Continental and Suffolk ewes selling in the £120’s selling to a top of £130 for Suffolk ewes from Liz Needham of Stainton with Texel ewes to £128 from E Dodgson, Kendal. All Suffolk ewes forward averaged £117 and Continental ewes averaged £106.33. There were many consignments of ewes averaging well over the £100 mark. Cheviot Mule ewes sold to a top of £110 from SP Pease of Underley with Mule ewes selling to £104 from JW & D Robinson and Son of Nook with plenty of good Mule ewes selling in the late nineties. Cast rams topped at £111 for Teeswaters from JA Bennett of Longsleddale, Rough Fell tups to £92 from BJ Bainbridge of Shap and Herdwick tups to £91 from JG Harryman of Hawkshead. Horned ewes topped at £85 for Scottish Blackface ewes from JW & TE Sharpe of Lyth closely followed by Swaledale ewes to £84 from TE, JA and SA Carruthers of Underbarrow.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

The smallest entry of the season as the end draws to a close, but still plenty of interest from buyers with vendors wishing to sell sheep or hoggs with lambs at foot encouraged to contact a member of staff for marketing advice. Mule hoggs with Texel single lambs at foot sold to £172 from RG & H Preece of Roeburndale. Mule shearlings and single Texel lambs sold to £160 from ED Robinson of Whinfell.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs:

Suffolk - £133 Low Levens, £132 6 Crooklands Brow, £126 High House Farm, £126 Low Barrows Green, £121 High House Farm. Charollais - £132.5, £120 Gibraltar Farm, £102.5 Hodgsons Green Farm, £102.5 Crook O Lune Farm, £100 Warth Sutton Farm. Beltex - £129 Gibraltar Farm, £112.5 Low Barrows Green, £111 Stubb Farm, £110 Poppy Farm, £108 Stubb Farm. Texel - £122 Spital Farm, £120 Gibraltar Farm, £117 Hill Park, £117 High Biggarsbank, £115 Mill Bank. Continental - £103 Green Lane End Farm, £76 Kendal House Farm. Hampshire - £101.5 Endmoor Farm. Dorset - £99.5, £96.5 Warth Sutton Farm.

Prime Hoggs:

Texel - £116 White Cross Bay, £115 The Galleon, £104 Spital Farm, £97, £95 The Galleon. Continental - £100 Bank End. Herdwick - £91 Wall End Farm, £78 Hodgsons Green Farm, £68 High House Farm, £60 Hodgsons Green Farm. Beltex - £68 The Galleon. Horned - £68 Higher Salter, £61 Low Haygarth Farm, £56, £55.5 Higher Salter. Cheviot - £63 Low Haygarth Farm, £55 Low Deepslack. Hampshire - £62 Bank End. Swaledale - £58.5 Holme House Farm, £55 Eskew Beck, £55 The Borrans, £50 High House Farm. Rough Fell - £55 Poppy Farm, £40 Steps Farm. Mule - £51 High Farm, £45 High House Farm. Jacob - £45 Moss House Farm. Dales Bred - £40 Holme House Farm.

Cast Ewes:

Suffolk - £130 Birkrigg Park Cottage, £126 6 Crooklands Brow, £109 Preston Patrick Hall, £106 Low Stanger Thwaite, £61 Lawsons Farm. Texel - £128 Spital Farm, £124 Birkrigg Park Cottage, £123 Spital Farm, £121 Underley Estate Office, £119 Hutton Roof Hall. Cheviot - £117 Poppy Farm, £105 Underley Estate Office, £100 Ghyll Farm, £92 Green Head, £87 Underley Estate Office. Cheviot Mule - £110, £98, £77 Underley Estate Office. Mule - £104 Hollins Farm, £100 Underley Estate Office, £97 Preston Patrick Hall, £96 Underley Estate Office, £95 Flodder Hall. Beltex - £93 Green Head. Scotch - £85 Flodder Hall, £57 High Farm. Swaledale - £84 Red Scar, £76 Thursgill, £75 Flodder Hall, £75 High Borrans, £74 High House Farm. Charollais - £81 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Rough Fell - £79 Millbeck, £77 Steps Farm, £69 High Farm, £53 Steps Farm. Leicester - £79, £63 Preston Patrick Hall. Zwartble - £79 Toadpool Farm. Masham - £77 High Farm. Horned - £67 Holme House Farm, £67 Higher Salter, £59 Holme House Farm. Dales Bred - £65 Middale Farm. Herdwick - £60 Wall End Farm, £51 High House Farm.

Cast Rams:

Texel - £121 Steps Farm. Teeswater - £111 Middale Farm. Hampshire - £109 Bank End, £70 Lower Highfield. Charollais - £94 Wall End Farm. Rough Fell - £92 Steps Farm, £76, £60 Millbeck. Herdwick - £91 The Galleon. Suffolk - £87 Toadpool Farm. Swaledale - £72 High Borrans Farm, £68 Eskew Beck, £52 Higher Salter.

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