J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Largest Entry of Prime Pigs


There was the largest entry of prime pigs seen at J36 for some time with nearly seventy forward. Good confirmation and well fleshed gilts and hogs in strong demand with boars and leaner types harder to place. Vendors are urged to castrate their pigs where possible to achieve the premium prices. Pigs sold to a top of £135 or 142p/kg from EA Harrison of Scarside Farm for prime gilts.
Cast boars and sows sold to a strong trade with well meated pigs eagerly sought after, selling to £140 for a sow from James Andrew of Firtree Cottage.

A smaller show of store and weaner pigs in the market today, all being eagerly bid for. Stores sold to a good price throughout topping at £65 for Tamworths from CL&AM Mason & Son of Greenlands. Weaners saw real demand with plenty of people in the market for them and more could of easily been sold to the advantage of the sellers.

Cast Sheep

There was a better entry of cast sheep this week in terms of quality, reflecting in a far stronger trade than previous weeks. There was also a couple of fresh faces around the ring looking to purchase feeding ewes. Well meated ewes where easily sold to a very strong demand. Top price of the day from AE Atkinson & Son of Stubb Farm for a pen of Texel Ewes selling to £107.

Prime Lambs

A mixed entry of prime lambs in terms of quality, with trade reflecting this. Those lambs well finished and farm assured being sought after and eagerly bid for by the buyers, with leaner and small under finished lambs very hard to place. Buyers definitely looking to purchase lambs over 40kgs and those lambs under that weight paying the penalty today. Beltex and export type lambs met plenty of trade with good types selling around the 200p/kg mark or more. Top price of the day being £105 or 223p/kg from Alan Thompson of Southways. An overall market average of 166p/kg reflecting the mixed show and in line with other centres in the region.

Top Prices


TEX - £105.00, £95.00 Southways, £86.50 The Galleon, £85.00 Steps End, £82.50 Red Scar. CHAR - £84.50, £82.00 Gibaltar Farm, £82.00, £79.00 Myers Farm. BEL - £93.00, £88.00, £75.00 Holmelands, £78.00 Hill Park, £75.00 Stubb Farm. SUFF - £79.00 Boyren Hill, £78.00, £75.50 Mountain View, £78.00 Cracalt Farm, £76.00 Moorhouse. MULE - £76.50 Fell End Farm, £75.50 Low Longmire, £73.00 Middale Farm, £71.50 Low Hall Farm, £71.00 Brown Edge. MASH - £75.50 Middale Farm, £65.50 Gowan Bank Farm. CHXMU - £74.00 Seedhowe Cottages, £67.00 Green Lane End Farm. CONT - £69.00 Southways, £60.00, £53.50, £51.50 Gowan Bank Farm, £49.00 Woodyard. RGH - £63.50 High Swinklebank Farm. HRN - £60.00, £52.00 Low Haygarth Farm, £57.00 Crook Farm Hall. ZWART - £40.00 Crook Hall Farm.


TEX - £107.00 Stubb Farm, £103.00, £99.00 Capplerigg Farm, £96.00 Endmoor Farm, £95.00 Poppy Farm. BEL - £99.00, £56.00 Stubb Farm, £83.00 Moorland Cottage, £71.00 Poppy Farm. CHXMU - £92.00 Homelands, £69.00 Moorland Cottage. CHEV - £89.00 Poppy Farm, £80.00 Audlands Park, £60.00 The Galleon, £55.00 High Farm, £53.00 Howriggs. SUFF - £87.00 Moorland Cottage, £62.00 Lupton High Farm. MASH - £82.00 Patton Hall. MULE - £79.00 Low Woodegde Farm, £79.00 Capplerigg Farm, £79.00 Brown Edge, £75.00 Station Hotel, £75.00 Cockrigg Farm. CHAR - £78.00 Homelands. DORS - £73.00 Yealand Manor. RGH - £72.00 Tegill Cottage, £69.00 Millriggs, £65.00 Applegarth, £62.00 Intake Farm, £62.00 Low Haygarth Farm. LEI - £66.00 Low Longmire. DALES - £61.00, £11.00 Fell End Farm. SWAL - £53.00, £48.00 Bridge End Farm, £39.00, £32.00 Cotegill Cottage, £33.00 Gowan Bank Farm. HAMP - £48.00 Winterscales Farm. ZWART - £41.00, £25.00 Lupton High Farm. KH - £35.00 Lupton High Farm. SCO - £15.00 Audlands Park. GOAT - £10.00 Lupton High Farm.

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