J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Store Cattle & Beef Breeding - Thursday 9th July

Beef Breeding

The July Fair of beef breeding cattle attracted another quality entry with buyers in attendance from throughout the Northern counties, all keen to secure additional and replacement stock.

A new sale record was achieved today being £2850 achieved for a home bred 3rd calved British Blue cow with Limousin x calf at foot from the part dispersal on behalf of Mr D J Clark who sold other cows at £2650 with a heifer calf at foot. A third calved Limousin x cow with twin bull calves at foot caught the eye of several admirers selling at £1950.

First time vendors AT Rogerson, Chipping sold a second calved British Blue cow with British Blue x calf at foot at for £2650 with others at £2500 and £2100. A Cottam achieved £2000 for a British Blue x heifer with Limousin x calf at foot, with this price also achieved for a Simmental x second calved cow with Simmental x calf at foot from E Rossall. A consignment of British Blue heifers with Limousin calves from TLB & J Knowles sold to £1800 with others at £1750. Older cows with calves generally selling at £1400 - £1600 with all classes and types experiencing competitive bidding from purchasers.

NWA J36 has once again held a highly successful beef breeding sale with the next sale of beef breeding cattle on Thursday 6th August being the August Fair. Entries to date already include 20 cows and heifers with calves at foot from various local farms.

Please contact Matthew Probert on 07540446667 to discuss entries for this sale.

Cast Cows

An increased entry of cull cows sold to a competitive trade with 9 active buyers ringside, competing for all classes and types. Beef bred cows sold to a top price of 159.5p/kg for a Limousin x from RJ Stalker, Blawith, with others at 157.5p from AM Jennings & Son and A Dixon & Son. Other well finished beef cows regularly selling at 140p/kg – 150p/kg with keen interest in cows for further finishing. Top grossing beef cow today was £1255 for an Aberdeen Angus x from RJ & J Gardener. With a further 12 cows selling in excess of £1000.

Dairy cows sold to a 141.5p/kg from CM & CS Chapplehow with Montbeliarde to 134.5p from JJ & MA Park & Son. Medium dairy cows generally 118p/kg – 128p/kg with parlour types 105p/kg – 115p/kg. Top grossing dairy cow today was £949 from CM & CS Chapplehow. All cull cows today averaged a 124p/kg.

OTM Heifers sold to 151p/kg and £971 for BrB x from JG & BJ Escolme with diary heifers selling to 131.5p/kg and £727 for a Holstein Friesian from A & ED Booth. A single cull bull today sold at 139.5p/kg and £1191 for a Blonde Aquataine from SJ & M Richardson and Son.

All classes of cows continue to be a strong trade with another large entry required next fortnight to fulfil buyers demand.

Store Cattle

The fortnightly sale of store cattle saw a fast trade for all cattle with vendors leaving pleased with prices achieved. Steers sold to a top price of £1150 for Aberdeen Angus x from G Cuthbertson with MJ Waller selling British Blue x at £1130 and a trio of Aberdeen Angus x at £1090 from J Walling & Son. Other strong steers regularly selling to £1000 - £1100.

Suckler bred yearlings sold to £970 for Limousin x from N Cooper & Sons with R & BJ Cleasby selling British blue x at £930. Younger steers sold to £800 for Aberdeen Angus x from S & M Carter with others also achieving £800 from R J Lowery. Younger Hereford x steers sold to £770 with others at £760 from PD & P Mason.

A fast trade was seen for heifers selling to a top price of £1080 for Hereford x from TW Nelson & Son with Aberdeen Angus x achieving £1070 from S & M Cooper and Shorthorns £1030 from Messrs Robinson. Suckler bred heifers sold to £950 from B & M Slater with others £850 from G & ID Postlethwaite. Younger heifers sold to £720 for Aberdeen Angus x from RJ Lowery with 7-month-old Limousin x achieving £640 from J R Park.

Several young bulls forward selling to £680 from GM Redmayne with dairy bred bulls selling to £540 from JH Barker & Son.

Top Prices

Cow & Calf

British Blue £2850 Tullithwaite Hall, £2650, £2500, £2100 Handlesteads Farm, £1950 Tullithwaite Hall. Limousin £2650, £1580 Tullithwaite, £1500 Ashfield Farm, £1450, £1420 Tullithwaite Hall. Simmental £2000 Sykes Fold Farm. Charolais £1600 Tullithwaite Hall. Belgium Blue £1550, £1450, £1250 Tullithwaite Hall. Aberdeen Angus £1400, £1380 Tullithwaite Hall, £1100, £980 Kingsland. Shorthorn £1400 Abbots Reading Farm, £1250 Gordale, £1200 Tullithwaite Hall. Saler £1300 Tullithwaite Hall. Blonde £1220 Gordale. Belted Galloway £1180 Tullithwaite Hall.

Heifer & Calf

British Blue £2000 Fox Howe. Limousin £1500 Sykes Fold Farm, £1200 Cheadle Wood Farm. Saler £1080 Cheadle wood Farm.

Bull Calves

British Blue: £405 Flodder Hall, £380 Elm Tree Farm, Flodder Hall. Aberdeen Angus: £335, £300 Old Hall Farm. Limousin: £300, £220 Old Hall Farm. Continental: £270 Flodder Hall. Hereford: £260 Middle Birkby Farm, £190, £160 Wyke Farm. Fleckvieh: £250 Cracalt Farm. Holstein Friesian: £245 Middle Birkby Farm, £200 Rowe End Farm, Bambers Farm, £190 Old Hall Farm, £160 Middle Birkby Farm, £140 Bambers Farm.

Heifer Calves

British Blue: £405 Sowerby Hall Farm, £350 Elm Tree Farm, £345 Sowerby Hall Farm, £335 Ravens Lodge, £300 Whitbarrow Farm, £260 Hagg Farm. Charolais: £405 Hartrigg. Limousin: £330 Old Hall Farm, £325 Sowerby Hall Farm, £265 Old Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £215 Old Hall Farm. Hereford: £170, £150, £115, £90 Wyke Farm.

Steer Calf

British Blue: £415 Sowerby Hall Farm.

Bull Stirk

Holstein Friesian: £340 Flodder Hall.

Heifer Stirk

Aberdeen Angus: £615 Garden Terrace, £570 Sella Farm, £560 Garden Terrace, £400 Moss Side Farm. Limousin: £570 Sella Farm, £560 Hopestead, £500 Moss End Farm, £500, £460 Hopestead. British Blue: £540, £430 Moss End Farm. Hereford: £380 Moss Side Farm.

Steer Stirk

Aberdeen Angus: £790, £750, £400 Garden Terrace. Limousin: £770 Abbots Reading Farm, £665 Hopestead, £600 Sella Farm, £505 Moss End Farm. Shorthorn: £710, £700 Abbots Reading Farm. British Blue: £575, £505 Moss End Farm. Hosltein Friesian: £300 Garden Terrace.


Limousin 159.5 Houkler Hall, 157.5, 147.5 Must Hill, 144.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 134.5 Rydal Farm. Stabiliser 157.5, 154.5, 151.5, 121.5 Kit Cragg. Hereford 147.5 Lane Ends Farm. Aberdeen Angus 144.5 Kendal House Farm, 139.5, 137.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm, 137.5 Must Hill, 134.5 Mireside Farm. Friesian 141.5, 134.5 High Grounds Farm, 131.5 Lane Ends Farm, 127.5 Rakesmoor Farm, 121.5 Laithwaite Farm. Montbeliarde 134.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 101.5 Lawrence House. Blonde 134.5 Kendal House Farm. White Park 129.5, 114.5, 111.5 Crabtree Farm. Swedish Red & White 104.5 Low Sizergh Farm.

OTM Heifer

British Blue 151.5 Low Stanger Thwaite. Friesian 131.5 Lane Ends Farm, 124.5, 109.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Brown Swiss 124.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Norwegian Red 119.5 Low Sizergh Farm.

Cast Bull

Blonde 139.5 High Row.

Store Cattle

Aberdeen Angus £1150 Capplerigg, £1090 Mislet Farm, £900 Hawkrigg Farm. British Blue £1130 Carlingwha, £930 Lower Hawthwaite, £790 Lane End. Limousin £1060, £1020 Hullater Farm, £1000 Cockrigg Farm, £970 Troughton Hall. Fleckvieh £820 Hawrkrigg Farm. Hereford £770 Houkler Hall, £760 Coat Green Farm.

Store Heifer

British Blue £1100 Tarnside Farm. Hereford £1080 Cockrigg Farm, £660 Coat Green Farm, £640 Houkler Hall. Aberdeen Angus £1070 Tarnside Farm, £1010 Coat Green Farm, Cockrigg Farm, £990 Strickley. Shorthorn £1030 Strickley. Limousin £1020 Tarnside Farm, Cockrigg Farm, £970, £960 Carlingwha. Blonde £850 Riddings. Simmental £820 Black Bull Cottage.

Store Bull

Hereford £680 Gowan Bank Farm, £540 Stribers Farm.

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