Sheep Tagging Guide

We are now designated also as a Central Point Recording Centre, and are happy to sell your prime Sheep with either electronic or non-electronic tags.


All lambs must be tagged within 6months or prior to leaving their birth holding.

If being kept for breeding they must be double tagged (1 must be an EID tag)

If going fat or store to be fattened must have 1 EID tag.

If a lamb is bought out of the store ring and purchaser decides to keep for breeding the single tag can be upgraded by purchaser with double red replacement tags.

Breeding Ewes/Tups

Must be double tagged (1 must be an EID tag).

If a sheep loses a tag, replacement tags can be ordered or the owner can use red replacement tags. This must be recorded in flock register (including any tags that are cut out).


All must have two ear tags which must match the passport.


The Auction Mart cannot and does not have to guarantee the full correct EID reads

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