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J36 Thursday 3rd August 2017

Posted Thursday, 03 August 2017, 3.42pm


There was another good entry of 95 Calves forward today with all types sought after. Beef calves were in very good demand with many selling for in excess of £300. The trade topped at £415 for a British Blue bull calf from Gibson & Berry of Low Audlands. The top priced heifer beef calf sold for £370 for a British Blue from ML & SM Dobson of Crosthwaite. The top priced Limousin was a month old bull calf from B & MJ Nelson, Heversham selling for £400 and top priced Limousin heifer calf was sold for £365 from DR & C Galbraith of Grayrigg.

There was a young show of black and white calves today with many vendors having started calving. Best calves are still selling for over £100. Top price today was £195 for a Friesian bull calf from GJ & HB Fitzwilliam from Ulpha, near Broughton in Furness.

OTM Cattle

The fortnightly sale of Cast Cows saw good, meaty cows sell to a good trade again, but plainer types were not as easy to sell and an overall market average 118p/kg was achieved.

Beef cows topped the sale at £1360 for a Stabiliser cow from A Dixon & Son, Selside weighing in at 910kg. Dairy cattle topped at £1122 for a cow from AE & M Hayhurst of Natland. The TB Restricted section sold to a top of £1040 or 189.5p/kg for a Limousin from MW & M Hodgson of Cartmel Fell.

Beef Breeding Cattle

With grass disappearing and ground being extremely wet the edge was slightly off the trade today for Beef Breeding Cattle, but a small and quality entry today was topped by JS & KM Wilson of Helsington with a Charolais cow with a British Blue heifer calf at foot selling for £1420. This was closely followed by a Continental cow with a Simmental bull calf at foot selling for £1250 from RM & PM Simpson of Troutbeck. In-calf Heifers saw a British Blue in-calf to an Angus bull sell for £1020 from SJ & A Hargreaves.

Store Cattle

Store Cattle were a good trade today and in line with other markets. More could easily have been sold to a good ringside of buyers.

Topping the day’s trade was a 27 month old Blonde heifer from G Denny & Son, Johnscales selling for £1080. The same vendor also had a 27 month old Charolais heifer selling for £1060 and a 29 month Stabiliser heifer selling for £1000. A Limousin heifer sold for £920 from MW & MR Black, Scroggs Farm and the top priced Angus was £900 heifer from G Cutherbertson of New Hutton.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £415 Low Audlands, £405 Sowerby Lodge, £385 Espford Farm, £340 Whitestone Farm, £315 Espford. Lim £400 Halforth Farm, £390 Hawes Farm, £385, £370 Sunny Bank. Here £300, £290 Rakesmoor Farm, £250 Colby Farm, £230 Cotestone Farm, Rakesmoor Farm. Ang £285 Sowerby Lodge, Beck Side, £275 Colby Laithes, £270 Sowerby Lodge. Fri £195 Moorhouse Farm, £180 Middle Birkby Farm, £130, £120 Netherbeck Barn, £90 Elm Tree Farm.

Heifer Calf
: Brb £370 Espford Farm, £330 Beck Side, £320 Sowerby Lodge, £310 Espford Farm, Elm Tree Farm. Lim £365, £340 Sunny Bank. Char £300 Colby Laithes. Here £295 Moorhouse Farm, £265, £260 Rakesmoor Farm, £230 Cotestone Farm, Kitchlow Farm. Ang £200, £170 Colby Laithes.

OTM Cow: Stab 161.5 Park House Farm, 157.5, 154.5, 149.5, 147.5 Kit Cragg. Ang 139.4 Johnscales Farm, 127.5 Barkin House Barn, 114.5 Cooper House. Fri 134.5 Birkland Barrow, 131.5 Hawes Farm, 127.5 Ninezergh, 124.5, 121.5 High Foulshaw Farm. Mon 124.5 Green Lane End Farm. BSwiss 119.5 Birkland Barrow. Lim 114.5 Middle Sadghyll, 139.5 Low Longmire, 131.5 Cooper House, 119.5 Scroggs Farm, Chapel House. Ayr 111.5 Sunny Bank, 99.5 Natland Mill Beck, 91.5, 89.5 Sunny Bank. Con 104.5 Chapelfield.

OTM Heifer: Lim 189.5 Swallowmire. Fri 149.5 Natland Park Farm, 134.5 Netherbeck Barn, 109.5 Lowick Bridge Farm.

Cast Bull: Gal 99.5 Pant End.

Store Bullock: Ang £860 Bowston Hall. Lim £860 Bowston Hall, Scroggs Farm, £780 Garden Terrace.

Store Heifer: Char £1060 Johnscales Farm. Stab £1000 Johnscales Farm. Blo £1080 Johnscales Farm. Lim £920 Scroggs Farm, £710 Garden Terrace, £680 Bowston Hall, £650 Garden Terrace. Ang £900 Capplerigg, £680 Bowston Hall.
Store Bull: Sho £1020 Selsmire.

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