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J36 Thursday 27th August 2017

Posted Thursday, 27 July 2017, 4.55pm

Breeding Sheep

The early breeding sheep sale at J36 saw the largest entry of breeding sheep to date for this sale, which is in its second year, gaining more interest each year from buyers near and a far.

The trade topped at £180, twice, for Dorset gimmer shearlings, that had lambed, from Sophie Waller of Killington who also sold 1 and 2 crop Dorset ewes to £155. Continental shearlings sold to £170 and £140 from Stephen and Barbra Capstick of Old Hutton. Mule gimmer shearlings sold to £145, £142 from EI, EA & TW Wilson of Grange over Sands and all Mule gimmer shearlings forward sold to a market average of £138. Mule ewes sold to a top of £125 and Continentals to £122 both from MJ & K Ayrton of Cockerham with all Mule ewes forward selling to market average of £106.

Store Lambs

The second Store Lamb sale of the season saw an entry of over 800 forward once more, with more interest from buyers with a busier ring of purchasers and potential purchasers. As the prime lamb trade dipped at start of the week buyers were ever so slightly more cautious in purchasing sheep.

The trade topped twice at £80 for Texel lambs from RT & ME Sutton of Stainton and Suffolks from JA Chapman of Singleton Park. Best well finished short keep lambs continue to sell in excess of the £70 mark as medium keep lambs weighing in the early to mid thirties sold in to the mid-sixties. Mule wether lambs sold to £59 from RI Dixon of Low Newton and £58 from B & HM Wilson of selside.

Next sale of store lambs will take place on Thursday 10th August. Please advise the office of entries by Wednesday 2nd August.

Top Prices

Breeding Ewes: Dors £155 Beckside Barn. Tex £122, £118, £105, £92 Bambers Farm. Cont £102 Bambers Farm. Mule £125, £120, £118, £92, £90 Bambers Farm. Char £100, £90 Bambers Farm.

Gimmer Shearlings: Dors £180 Beckside Barn. Tex £170, £140 Low House, £112 Strickland Tenement. Mule £145, £142, £140, £138, £135 Guides Farm. RFMule £130 Borrow Bridge House. Suff £122 Strickland Tenement.

Store Lambs: Suff £80, £77 North Lodge, £68 Moss Side, £66 Long Green Head, £65 North Lodge. Tex £80 Crosscrake Farm, £75.50 Moss Side, £70 Bouthwaite Farm, £68 Ive Bank Farm, £66 Crosscrake Farm. Char £75 Moss Side, £73 Mouse Syke, £64 Burnt House, £59 School House. Chev £64.50 Low Newton Farm. Mule £59 Low Newton Farm, £58 Ashstead, £54.50 Marsh House Farm.

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