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Lancaster Monday 5th June 2017

Posted Monday, 05 June 2017, 3.52pm

Spring Lambs

There was a good entry of 586 Spring Lambs forward this morning at Lancaster selling to an overall market average of 244p/kg. An much improved trade on last week saw a 13p/kg rise on last week. The sale was topped by MJ & K Ayrton of Thurnham for a pen of 8 Texel Lambs selling to 278p/kg or £111. Lightweight Lambs topped at £103 from A & E Clarkson of Thurnham for a pen of 10 Texel Lambs. Heavy weight Suffolk Lambs sold to £110 from G Riley of Bolton Le Sands. Lambs weighing 32-39kg sold to a market average of 249p/kg, 39-45kg sold to a market average of 242p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

Very few Prime Hoggs due to end of season in this morning sold to a market average of 201p/kg
Hoggs sold to 215p/kg from M Carr of Preston for 5 Texel Hoggs. Top price per head was from RG & H Preece of Rouburndale selling to £111 for a Texel Hogg.

Cast Sheep

There was an overall Cast Sheep average of £62 acheived. Topping today’s trade was RD Lambert of Out Rawcliffe selling to £88. Mule Ewes sold to £76 from DM Eames of Abbeystead and all Mules averaged £63.
Breeding Sheep

A small entry of Mule Hoggs with Lambs at Foot topped at £170 from RG & H Preece of Roeburndale.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: TEX: £111 Bambers Farm, £106 Ripley ST. Thomas, £104 Cock Hall Farm. SUFF: £110 5 Maddison Avenue, £108 Park Farm, £107 Middle Lee Farm, £105 Post Office Farm, £102 Orchard House. CHAR: £109 Greenwoods, £99 Stirzakers Farm, £98 Springfield Farm. DORS: £100 Hallbeck, £99 Corney Hill Farm.

Prime Hoggs: TEX: £111 Thornbush Farm, £102 Lee End Farm, £94 Carrisholme Stables. SUFF: £105 Lyndale Farm, £84 Thornbush Farm. HERD: £79 Lee End Farm.

Cast Sheep: MULE: £76 Middle Lee Farm, £74 North Farm, Cantsfield Hall, £72 Middle Lee Farm, £71 Greenwoods. TEX: £66 Cantsfield Hall, £64 Farleton House.

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