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Lancaster Friday 2nd June 2017

Posted Friday, 02 June 2017, 12.34pm

Store Cattle

The Store Cattle ring saw a reduced entry of cattle forward with buyers still keen for cattle. More numbers are required to keep buyers orders full.

A leading price of £1530 was achieved for two Aberdeen Angus Bullocks from W & A Cardwell of Poulton le Fylde. Native Cattle were again good to sell at Lancaster with Aberdeen Angus Bullocks averaging £1227. Hereford Bullocks sold to £1240 from PA & D Slater of Garstang. Heifers today topped at £1250 from G Atkinson & Son of Quernmore.

Black and White Stores saw Bullocks top at £1260 from W & A Cardwell of Poulton Le Fylde.

Cast Cows

More Cast Cows forward this morning, which continue to be a fantastic trade with plainer types being even dearer than previous weeks.

The top price Cast Cow per kilo made 199.5p for a British Blue from EJ Ward & Sons of Nether Kellet and the top price per head was for a Limousin from JG & PH Thompson of Selside selling for £1215.94 . Cast Cows overall averaged 129p/kg.

Black and Whites sold to 159.5p/kg from G & ME Woodhouse & Sons of Ellel with all forward overall averaging 124p/kg.

Cast Heifers sold to 179.5p/kg for a Charolais from F & IM Potter of Grayrigg.

Cast Bulls sold to 169p/kg or £1296.68 from A Clark & Johnson of Windermere.


Only small entries of Calves forward this morning all selling to a good trade.

Heifer Calves sold to £400 from MJ Fell LTD of Newton for a British Blue. Native Bred Heifers sold to £240 for a Hereford from JR Newsham & Son of Conder Green and Aberdeen Angus selling to £180 from J & G Thornley of Preston.

Bull Calves sold to £370 again from MJ Fell LTD OF Newton for a British Blue. Native Bred Bulls sold to £330 from JR Newsham & Son of Conder Green

Black and White Bull Calves sold to £95 from J&A Sheerin of Quernmore.

Top Prices 

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1530 Well House Farm; £1310 Elm Bank Farm; £1260 Forton Bank Farm. LIM: £1360 Intack Farm; £1320 New Elmridge Farm; £1300 Lynwood. BRB: £1340 Windy Hill Farm; £1300 Gibraltar Farm; £1200 Lynwood. SIM: £1300 Lynwood; £1120 Gibraltar Farm. CHAR: £1130 Bradlow Farm; £1010 High Moorhead. SLR: £1280 Rowell Farm. FR: £1260 Well House Farm; £1100 Grizdale; £970 Sunderland Brows Farm. HERE: £1240 Slack Farm; £1020 Croppers Farm. MON: £1040 Sunderland Brows Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – HERE: £1250 Old Hall Farm; £1110 The Old Mistle; £970 Ivy Farm. BRB: £1190 Windy Hill Farm; £1170 New Elmridge Farm; £1160 Wood Nook. LIM: £1190 Slack Farm; £1110 Bouthwaite Farm; £1100 Intack Farm. SIM: £1170 Wood View; £1080 Intack Farm. AA: £1150 Forton Bank Farm; £1080 Brow Foot Farm; £1080 Little Town Farm.

CAST COWS – BRB: 199.5 Intack Farm. LIM: 171.5 Poppy Farm; 144.5 Low Stennerley; 124.5 Eskew Beck. FR: 159.5 Boldens Farm; 154.5 Holme Head; 154.5 Boldens Farm. MON: 134.5 Lane House. SR: 131.5 Manor House Farm. AA: 131.5 Manor House Farm; 129.5 Old Hall Farm.
CAST HEIFER – CHAR: 179.5 Lambrigg Park Farm.
CAST STEERS – LIM: 204.5 Intack Farm. FR: 164.5 Higher Hollinhead Farm. CHAR: 139.5 Lambrigg Head.
CAST BULL – LIM: 169.5 Far Orrest.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £400 Chapel House; £300 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £260 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £240 Sellerley Farm. AA: £180 Derby Lodge Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £370 Chapel House. HERE: £330 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £320 Sellerley Farm. LIM: £250 North Farm. FR: £95 Knotts Farm; £85 Snapewood Farm.

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