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J36 Grass Day Thursday 27th April 2017

Posted Thursday, 27 April 2017, 5.35pm

Caption: Champion Heifer from JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm, Selside

Caption: Reserve Champion Bullock from N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall, Torver pictured with Mark Cooper, Judge James Crichton and sponsors JS Accountancy and Bluefin Insurance.

Store Cattle

The annual Grass Day show and sale of Store Cattle at J36 on Thursday 27th April had a catalogued entry of 571 cattle.
The Pre-sale show had over 40 cattle put forward before the Judge, Mr James Crichton who used his expertise to judge the six classes and having the difficult task to place the Championship Rosette. Mr Chichton awarded the Champion Rosette and the Roger Griffiths Memorial Rose Bowl to JG & PH Thompson of Selside with a very showy 10 month old Limousin Heifer selling for £1180. The Reserve Champion went to N Cooper & Son of Torver with a 10 month old Limousin Bullock selling to £1210.

There was some fantastic runs of cattle throughout the sale with buyers returning year after year knowing they will be able to purchase tremendous cattle ideal for turnout for summer grazing. Yearling Cattle were dearest on the day with best bullocks making the £1200 mark.

Today’s sale was topped by S Procter, High Biggarsbank, Selside with a Limousin Bullock making £1270 purchased by today’s judge. Bullocks averaged £985 with 90% of the cattle being under 12 months of age. The heifer trade topped at £1240 from TW Nelson & Son of Stainton for a British Blue.

Show Results


Mr J Crichton


Bluefin Insurance, JS Accountancy, British Blue Cattle Society

Class one: Limousin Heifer

1st Lot 282 JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm
2nd Lot 283 JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm
3rd Lot 462 JA & KJ Allen, St Anne’s Farm

Class two: Limousin Bullock
1st Lot 607 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall
2nd Lot 381 S Proctor, High Biggarsbank
3rd Lot 284 JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

Class three: British Blue Heifer
1st Lot 298 TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm
2nd Lot 375 S Proctor, High Biggarsbank
3rdLot 384 S Proctor, High Biggarsbank

Class four: British Blue Bullock
1st Lot 310 PW Clarke, Woodside
2nd Lot 481 SA Hill, Beaumont Grange Farm
3rd Lot 755 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall

Class Five: Any other Breed Heifer
1st Lot 554 SJ & NS Wood, Causeway
2nd Lot 484 SA Hill, Beaumont Grange Farm
3rd Lot 553 SJ & NS Wood, Causeway

Class Six: Any other Breed Bullock
1st Lot 545 SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm
2nd Lot 544 SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm
3rd Lot 543 SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm

Lot 282 JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

Reserve Champion
Lot 607 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall


Today saw a full ringside for buyers for Calves travelling far and wide, making a firm trade. Beef calves today topped at £415 for a stylish British Blue bull calf from Whitestone Farm with heifers from the same home topping at the £400, a strong show of Black and White Calves today at J36 saw the trade top at £140 for a Black and White Bull Calf from Strickland Hill.

A nice show of stirks this morning with 20 going through the ring topping £800 for a Hereford bullock for E & SM Halpin with heifers to the £600 mark from PW Clarke. Many more stirks could have been sold to the vendor’s advantage

OTM Cattle

North West auctions held their fortnightly sale of cast cows at J36 with a show made up of predominately black and whites cows were put to an increased ringside of buyers.

Beef bred cows were a sharp trade topping at 168p/kg for a British Blue cow from I & AJ Armer, Burnside. Black and white cows were a strong trade topping at 144p/kg from HW Robinson, Gatebeck with all black and whites averaging 111p/kg.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: BRB £415, £370 Whitestone Farm, £300 Wraysholme Tower. Lim £305 Halforth Farm, £300 Cinder Barrow, £255 High Foulshaw. Here £275 Wraysholme Tower, £240 Cinder Barrow. Fri £140 Strickland Hill, £120 Low Deepslack, £100, £88 Strickland Hill.

Heifer Calf: BRB £400, £300 Whitestone Farm, £200 Townhead Farm. Lim £310 Halforth Farm, £300 Strickley, £265, £195 Cinder Barrow. Stab £105 High Foulshaw.

Bull Stirk: Here £800, £720, £650 Rakesmoor Farm, £510 Middle Birkby Farm. Lim £595 Strickley. BRB £470, £360 Middle Birkby Farm. Fri £340, £320 Middle Birkby Farm.

Heifer Stirk: Sim £600 Woodside Farm. Here £550 Rakesmoor Farm. BRB £390 Middle Birkby Farm. Ang £360 Middle Birkby Farm.

OTM Cow: BRB 169.5 Bowston Hall, 137.5 Woodside Farm, 134.5 Cooper House. SLR 161.5 Fell House. Lim 154.5 Stubb Farm, 144.5 Singleton Park, 137.5 Stubb Farm, Dawson Fold. BB 149.5 Mislet Farm, 129.5 Rinkfield. Sho 147.5 Fell House, 117.5 Strickley. Fri 144.5 High Bracken Hall, 121.5 School Hill, 119.5 Far Audlands, Lupton Hall. Ang 144.5 Bowston Hall, 107.5 Cooper House.

OTM Heifer: Fri 157.5, 144.5 Lupton Hall, 114.5 Cotestone Farm.

Store Bullock: Lim £1270 High Biggarsbank, £1250 Stubb Farm, St Annes Farm, £1240, £1230 Stubb Farm. Brb £1210 Woodside Farm, £1170 Hawkrigg End, £1130 Troughton Hall, £1090 High Biggarsbank. Sim £1130 Brow Head, £1050 Barrowfield, £920 Brow Head. Blo £1110 Causeway Farm, £1020 High Underbrow Farm, £990 Garnett House, £960 Causeway Farm, £880 Beaumont Grange Farm. Char £1090 Dawson Fold, £1070 Low Moor Head Farm, £1040 Dawson Fold, £900 High Wray Farm, £880 Low Moor Head Farm. Par £1040, £1010, £970, £910 Killerwick. Ang £990 Forest Hall, £860 Low Stanger Thwaite, £750 Greenbank Farm. Sho £980 Adamthwaite, £970 Brow Head, £900 Adamthwaite. Here £960, £850, £800 West Palin Farm. Gal £770 Woodside.

Store Heifer: Brb £1240 Cockrigg Farm, £1140, £1070 High Biggarsbank, £1010 Cockrigg Farm, £1000 High Underbrow. Lim £1180 Poppy Farm, £1160, £1150 Stubb Farm, £1090 Hollowmire Farm, £1080 Brow Head. Par £1060, £980, £900, £850 Killerwick Grange. Ang £1040, £990 Patton Hall, £810 Low Stanger Thwaite, £710 The Barn. Blo £1030 Beaumont Grange Farm, £910 Causeway Farm, £900 Low Fold, £870 Causeway Farm, £830 Beaumont Grange Farm. Here £900 Town House, £880 West Plain Farm, £810 Lockbank Farm, £710 Troughton Hall, £680 Lundholme Farm. Char £880, £840 Low Moor Head Farm, £720, £700 High Wray Farm. Sho £700, £690 Adamthwaite.

Store Bull: Lim £1060 Poppy Farm, £980 High Borrans, £860 Low Newton Farm, £760 Topthorn Farm, £670 Sowermire. Brb £700 Low Newton Farm, £610 Oakdale. Here £680 West Plain Farm.

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